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How To Use Godaddy Domain On WordPress

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How To Point Your Domain To Flywheel From Godaddy

How To Setup Godaddy Domain Name & WordPress Account


Domains registered with GoDaddy can take advantage of Flywheels partnership with Domain Connect, which allows Flywheel to set up DNS records with GoDaddy on your behalf. If youd like to point your domain manually instead, you can follow the steps in this help article.

What Are The Benefits Of Managed Godaddy WordPress Hosting

  • Very high speed: Under an optimized server environment, faster load times and speed are the norm for your website.
  • Dedicated support: Among the most helpful benefits is access to a dedicated support team that specializes in WordPress to help resolve issues, technical matters, or simply answer questions.
  • Strong security: With built-in security features which include daily malware scanning and removal, you site is kept safe from security threats and attacks.
  • High percentage of uptime: With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, your sites uptime will be nearly perfect. No need to worry about server maintenance causing your site to be unavailable, ever.
  • Automatic updates: Always ensure your website is running on latest and most secure version of WordPress with automatic core updates. One more thing you can check off of your to-dos. Youll never be left wondering if youre running on an outdated version.

For small businesses without an IT team, managed hosting is a very good option because it eliminates the need to hire IT staff or an outside third party to manage your server. With this option, you dont have to concern yourself with any of that work. Its all taken care of for you.

How To Migrate From Godaddy To WordPress

GoDaddy has a good website builder, but its limited when compared to the power of WordPress. Because of the nature of WordPress, its far more flexible and easier to customize overall than many other platforms. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people move from GoDaddy to WordPress.

So, what can be done if you started a site on GoDaddy but want to benefit from the power of the number one content management system on the Internet?

In this tutorial, Im going to demonstrate how to move from GoDaddy to WordPress without losing your data. Keep in mind this is often a lengthy process.

NOTE: This tutorial is for moving websites created with GoDaddys Website Builder application. If you want to move a WordPress site stored at GoDaddy, you will need to transfer your WordPress content from one site to another.

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How To Install WordPress On Godaddy In 2021

The new year 2021 demands a new guide on installing WordPress on GoDaddy from scratch, doesnt it?

We have written the best guide each step has a screenshot to make it incredibly easy to understand the whole process.

And the best part?

Ill also explain how to install SSL on your GoDaddy WordPress hosting for FREE, saving you $40.

First, we talk about the basics. Skip the part if you already know.

Use Plugins And Tools To Enhance Your Website

2MHost: Updating DNS at GoDaddy.com

Use plugins and tools to make your website look nicer and work better. Here is a short list of WordPress plugins that can make your life easier:

  • HubSpots free WordPress Plugin can help you centralize marketing for your WordPress website. With HubSpot, you can add free forms, live chat, email marketing, analytics, and more to your site.
  • Sucuri Security Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening plugin can complement your existing security posture by offering additional auditing, monitoring and scanning functionalities, as well as recommendations and notifications.
  • Yoast SEO plugin helps millions of websites worldwide improve their search results. It offers SEO analysis, readability analysis and bulk editors.
  • W3 Total Cache plugin reduces page load time and improve user experience by saving up to 80% of bandwidth via minify and HTTP compression of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and feeds.
  • Smush Image Compression and Optimization plugin optimizes performance in terms of both speed and quality, by compressing media uploads and stored images.

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Godaddy Dedicated Server Hosting

Okay, if you want the absolute best performance possible, its time to look at dedicated hosting. So youll lease the entire server, and will get complete control over the data, security and configuration.


GoDaddy Dedicated Server Hosting notes:

  • You can boost your storage to use SSD NVMe on all plans, which is meant to be up to 25 faster. The prices go up to $139.99, $179.99, $319.99 and $419.99. However, storage is reduced to 2 x 500 GB on DS -32 and 64, and to 2 x 1TB on DS-128 and 256.
  • The prices above are all for servers with no control panels. Its also possible to pay around $20-30 extra a month for a cPanel or Plesk Web Host Edition with CentOS 7 and preinstalled software like Apache Web Server, MySQL, PHP and more.
  • You also get discounts for 24-month plans, and the discount gets reapplied at renewal.

At this stage, its all about tailoring the plan to your technical requirements, so its very hard to recommend a plan. But GoDaddy does have hosting specialists available, so its definitely worth calling them to ask about precise needs.

Plan Flexibility And Developer Tools

Another factor you will want to take into consideration is how flexible your WordPress hosting service is. Meaning, is it easy and painless to make changes to your plan when you need to? Often when signing up for a hosting plan, people find that they need to make some changes every now and then. This may include simple changes such as adding more resources to your plan to handle more visitor traffic, or upgrading or downgrading a plan altogether. Above all, your hosting provider should make this an easy process without much effort required at all.

In addition, for more advanced users, access to developer tools can also be advantageous. This is particularity helpful for users who need more control from their hosting and the ability to implement site administration tasks or easily integrate local environments when testing or working on a site.

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Does WordPress Work With Godaddy

Configuring a custom domain on WordPress.com

First, visit the WordPress.com domain page, select the site that you want to name, and click the Add Domain button. If you have a free account, youll be asked to upgrade to one of the paid plans. Next, enter the domain name that you want, and make it your Primary Domain.

Can I Use My Own Domain With WordPress Free

How To Link A Godaddy Domain To A Free WordPress Site.

We tested WordPress & GoDaddy The winner is WordPress! WordPress and GoDaddy are the two most recognizable names on the internet. One is a completely free content management system used by more than a quarter of all websites, while the other leads the world in domain registrations and shared hosting services.

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What Is Domain Mapping

Domain mapping is the process of pointing a registered domain name to a blog or media gallery. Domain mapping is not the same as domain forwarding or domain masking. Everytime someone visits your site they will see your domain for all the blogs content in lieu of example.wordpress.com. As we mentioned before another good thing about domain mapping is that search engines will index your site at the mapped domain. Once you finished mapping your host to your wordpress blog, users can still access your site through the wordpress.com url, but they will see the new URL in the browser bar. All the links you have on your site will still be intact as well.

Point Godaddy Dns To Wp Engine

If you are using GoDaddy as your DNS provider, this article will help you in finding and configuring your DNS records to point to WP Engine. This step is required in order to go live with your website on the WP Engine platform.

Check out the video below, or continue reading for steps.

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WordPress Vs Godaddy: Which Is The Better Host

Its hard to create an online business without considering two major names in the industry: GoDaddy and WordPress.

But, you might not know that these companies offer web hosting services that are well-suited for beginner site owners looking to launch an online business, blog, or personal website. Though similar in their target audiences, these providers differ in price, features, and site-building capabilities.

A strong online presence needs a suitable host. So, in this guide, we’ll examine the differences between WordPress.com and GoDaddy hosting. By the end, youll be able to choose which option works better for your sites needs.

How To Install WordPress

2MHost: Updating DNS at GoDaddy.com

There are a few different ways to install WordPress well show you the easiest way!

Step 1: Log in to your CPanel account. Scroll to the bottom. Look for Softaculous Apps box. Click WordPress.

Step 2: Your screen should look like this:

Follow below step-by-step:

  • Choose Protocol: Choose the sub-domain you want to use
  • Choose Domain: If you have multiple domains on this CPanel you will need to choose the one you want to use.
  • In Directory: The field should be blank. If you have wp here then your site will be at example.com/wp instead of example.com.
  • Database Name: Leave this field as-is .
  • Table Prefix: Leave this field as-is .
  • Site Name: This is the title of your website. Whatever you enter here will be shown in the browser tab to visitors. This can be altered easily at a later time.
  • Site Description: This is the description of your site. We recommend a one-sentence description. Again, this can be altered easily at a later time.
  • Enable Multisite : Leave this blank, unless you have a reason to change it.
  • Admin Username: This will be your login id. Make sure you use something different than admin for security purposes. Also, store this information somewhere safe.
  • Admin Password: This is your login password.
  • Admin Email: This is the e-mail tied to your login account. It will be used if you need to reset your password.

Once you click Install, you should see a screen like this:

Once it completes you will see a success message like this:

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Importing Content From Website Builder To WordPress

Here comes the most time exhaustive part of migrating from GoDaddys Website Builder to WordPress. Because there is no direct import ability to make this easier, you will need to copy and paste content from your current Website Builder site to WordPress posts and pages.

This process is actually very easy to do. It just takes a bit of time, especially if you have an exceptionally large website.

Essentially, youll copy content from your current website and paste it directly into a WordPress post or page. However, its a good idea to learn the difference between posts and pages as it will effect how your content is laid out.

Posts are most commonly used for regular content entries, such as blogs or articles.

Pages are geared for static content that doesnt change, such as Contact Us and About webpages.

Purchase Your Domain Name

Youll need to have your domain name registered already. This is not something you will do through WordPress but though your domain registrar. Its recommended to use a different domain provider vs. host, to lessen your risk if theres an issue.

As I mentioned, I use GoDaddy for my domain purchases, and would recommend them for their affordable prices and fast US-based customer service. Plenty of other good registrars are available.

Choosing your domain name is a whole other topic, but youll need to have this before we dive in to setting up your hosting.

Select any options for domain privacy which youll see under WhoIs. This means that when someone looks at your site in the WhoIs directory, they wont find your real name and contact info, theyll see this:

Notice the registrant is private, and there are no publicly-available email addresses or phone numbers associated with this registration. The above is one of my other sites, and Im happy because no personal information is exposed.

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Can You Transfer Godaddy Website To WordPress

If you transfer your domain registration to WordPress, you will be transferring your domain registration from your current domain provider or registrar . com. It can take up to seven days for domain transfers to be completed. Domain registration is not allowed to be transferred until 60 days after the domain has been registered.

Point To The New Domain

How to Link Your GoDaddy Domain to a WordPress Blog

Heres where it might get a bit confusing. The Domain Nameserver needs to point at your new host. If youre simply moving the domain and website data from GoDaddy to a new host, then a simple domain transfer is all you need.

However, what happens if you keep GoDaddy as your registrar but move the website to a new host, like GreenGeeks?

Changing the DNS on GoDaddy

Log into GoDaddy. By default, youll see a list of your domains as soon as you log in. Click the DNS button above the domain you wish to change.

Scroll down to the Nameservers section and click, Change.

Select Custom from the drop down list.

Input your new nameservers from the new host. These will be provided to you once you sign up for a new account.

Now, changing the nameserver can take up to 24 hours to complete. However, I dont think Ive ever seen it take longer than 10 minutes. Just be aware that you may not see any changes until the next day.

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Moving From Godaddy To WordPress

The first thing youll need is a WordPress hosting provider. You can install WordPress on virtually any web server on the Internet. However, some systems like ours makes the process so much easier.

Unfortunately, you wont be able to use the Import function of WordPress when transferring data from Website Builder. This is partially why it will take a bit of time to move your site.

Luckily, its not impossible.

Locate Dns Values And Log In To Godaddy

  • Login to the User Portal
  • Click on the environment name you wish to point DNS for
  • Click Domains
  • Locate the section DNS Details
  • Take note of the CNAME Record and A Record values
  • The CNAME Record is unique and formatted: environmentname.wpengine.com
  • Leave this tab open for easy access. You will need this information in the next step!
  • Open a new tab, so you can easily copy and paste information.

  • Login to GoDaddy
  • Click My Products to see a list of your purchased domains
  • Select DNS next to the domain you wish to point to WP Engine
  • From here there are 2 options:

    Option 1 : Point your nameservers to Cloudflare, and point Cloudflare to WP Engine.

    • If your site is migrated internally with WP Engine, DNS changes wont be needed.
    • Cloudflare will manage your DNS records and GoDaddy will remain as your domain name registrar.

    Option 2 : Point your A record to WP Engine, directly from GoDaddy.

    • Keeps your Domain and DNS management at GoDaddy.
    • You will need to manually update your DNS records if your website is ever migrated to a new server within WP Engine.

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