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How To Transfer Wix Domain To Shopify

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The Shopify Signup And Site Setup Process

How to transfer your website from Wix to Shopify | Super Easy | Takes 5 Mins

Step one: we have to make a Shopify site so you can copy your content into it. Just hit one of the green buttons on the Shopify home page:

Youll be prompted to fill in some information if you dont already have a Shopify account. Besides the usual email and password combo, youll also need to enter your stores name.

Keep in mind that the name of your store will also be its subdomain. That is, if you name your store Huge Cakes and Tiny Buckets of Ice Cream, your store will be reachable at Though Id recommend something shorter.

You can always replace the myshopify domain later, though and yes, you can transfer a domain from Wix to Shopify. In fact, the Wix knowledgebase has a whole tutorial on that.

Youll get a short loading screen while Shopify generates your site, and then youll need to fill in some more information. Just answer the questions, and be ready to put in an address for your store. Even if the only address you have is your home address, you need one. Otherwise you wont get paid.

Clicking on that Customize Theme button will take you to a screen with yet more options. You can alter your sites existing theme by changing the colors and branding, or you can choose a different theme entirely.

Transfer Domain Away From Shopify

As mentioned earlier in this article, transferring your domain is a relatively straightforward process. You need to unlock the domain from the current host and authorize the transfer to the new one. The article covers the process in greater detail for some of the most common hosting services.

However, there is an additional aspect of transferring domains most overlook. Are you going to shift your website and all associated data as well? In this case, migrating a website can lead to complications like lost data and design incompatibility. To mitigate these problems, consider hiring the services of a Shopify web development specialist like Folio3. These companies offer complete Shopify migration services, including design and after-sales support.

Re: Transfer Domain Name To Shopify From Wix

Thanks for your reply Julie. I’ve only been using Wix since late March. I just want to make sure that the migration of the domain name over to Shopify will not cause any downtime to the website. I’m planning to get the site ready in Shopify, and once ready I’ll just connect the domain over.

Is it also possible to connect the DNS first, and maybe eventually host it with Shopify once my Wix plan espires? But for now if just to connect DNS, I’ll still have to pay for Shopify’s plan correct?

This is an accepted solution.

No problem!

You can connect your domain to Shopify at any time by editing your DNS settings in Wix so that they point to your Shopify store. This means that customers will no longer be able to access your Wix store using your URL and will instead see your Shopify store. When you do this, the connection should go through immediately, without any downtime. Whenever you’re ready, you can then transfer it away from Wix and over to Shopify, where it can be managed through your Shopify admin.

While you don’t need to be on a paid plan to connect your domain, you will need to be on a paid plan in order to remove your storefront password. Until you select a plan, customers will see an “Opening Soon” page when they try to visit your store. That being said, if you while you are still on your free trial, you won’t be charged any subscription fees until your free trial expires.

I hope this clears things up!

Hey, !

Looking forward to your response!


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Faq : Can I Migrate Categories And Subcategories From Wix To Shopify

Sure. Cart2Cartstore migration app supports automated categories and subcategories import when migrating from Wix to Shopify. However, because of the Shopifys specific system, you will need to consider selecting the extra Migrate Source Store categories into the Shopify Automated Collections option to preserve the relations among the entities. More info.

The Prices Of The Domain Names: Godaddy Vs Wixcom Which One Is Cheaper

Connect or transfer your Namecheap domain to your Weebly site

The first year of your domain name with a Combo, Unlimited or eCommerce is free. However, domain names renew at about $15 per year. Prices will differ depending on the domain name type.

GoDaddy is a little bit cheaper. A .com domain name will cost you about $13 per year. Big discounts may be available for the first year.

You only need a domain name. You dont need to purchase any other products such as web hosting or website creation platforms from GoDaddy.

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Overview: How To Transfer Domain To Shopify

Transferring domains is more straightforward than it sounds. You need to disconnect it from the original provider and then connect it to the new one. However, to avoid migrating the website with complications, consider acquiring a specialists Shopify web development services.

This article covers the transfer process for some of the most popular web hosting services available.

Transfer Your Domain To Shopify

After you prepare your domain for transfer, then you can start the domain transfer process from your Shopify admin.


  • If DOMAIN LOCKED is displayed, then make sure that you’ve prepared your domain for transfer.
  • In the Verification code dialog box, enter the authorization code, or EPP code, given by your domain provider.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Buy and transfer.
  • Check the email account associated with your domain. Depending on your domain provider, you might have an email asking you to confirm these changes. The email message varies, but you need to approve the domain transfer by clicking a link such as Confirm Transfer or Approve Transfer.
  • It can take up to 20 days for your domain to be transferred. After it’s transferred, you receive a confirmation email from Shopify, and you can access your domain settings on the Domains page in your Shopify admin. If the domain transfer isn’t successful, then you’re refunded the 1-year renewal charge.

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    Can I Also Purchase Email Accounts Through Wix

    Wix provides email accounts through Google Apps, which is a really professional solution. However, you will be paying $4 per month and usernot the cheapest of all available solutions.

    Sadly, GoDaddy is not a cheap alternative either. Their professional email plans start at $3.99 and they renew at $4.99 per user per month.

    If you would like to have professional email accounts, you can check Namecheap out. Namecheap is a much cheaper alternative.

    Can I Move My Domain From Godaddy And Then Can I Connect My Gmail A/c To My Domain

    How to Migrate from Wix to Shopify in 5 Minutes (2021 | Non-Techie Friendly)
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    Hi there,

    Prior to joining Shopify and creating my store, I first brought my domain from Godaddy.

    I saw a few YouTube videos on how to do this but in each case it look like Godaddy needs to be hosting your domain. You can then use their Cpanel to set everything up.

    My problem is Godaddy only sold me the domain but is not hosting so there is no Cpanel to access. So I then thought I had to buy an email address from Godaddy to go with my domain. This costs $5USD per month. This then takes me to Office 365 .and then I am totally lost. I have been using Cpanel for years but this connection to Office 365 is a pain and I regret choosing to let Godaddy handle my email.

    So my question are:

    1. Can I move my domain over to Shopify. Even if I have to sell/cancel/rebuy it from Godaddy so that Shopify can use it?

    I want to stick with the gmail front end as its nice and easy to use.

    Don here from Shopify.

    While it is possible to transfer a domain to Shopify, as with all domains it is only possible to do so 60 days after it has been registered.

    It would also be necessary to purchase a years subscription to this domain but this would be added to your existing registration time for this domain so you have the same cumulative total time to use that domain.

    For domains hosted via Shopify, in order to add a custom domain email service, it would still be necessary to add a third-party email service.

    Hi David,

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    Whats Required To Transfer Domain To Shopify

    Before you transfer your existing domain to Shopify, there are a few things to consider. According to Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers rules, you cannot transfer a domain thats been purchased within the last 60 days. If you purchased it recently, you must wait for the full 60 days to pass before you can start the transfer.

    You must also be ready to pay to register your domain on Shopify for the next 12 months before you can switch.

    To transfer the domain, you need access to the domain provider account and the email address associated with it. Check your domain providers transfer policy to make sure you can transfer it.

    How Do You Own Your Website

    You will usually never own the web server that hosts your website. You are be granted a license to use the Intellectual Property of the website creator and/or the web platform used to build it. Only if you program the website yourself or have a work for hire agreement, you will own the website source code.

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    Wix To Shopify Migration Overview

    Both Wix and Shopify are two of the most powerful giants in the eCommerce industry, both are hosted platforms and friendly start-to-be. Currently, according to BuiltWith, the usage distribution of Wix and Shopify account for 13% and 18% on the Entire Internet respectively, which proves their popularity.

    To clearly understand the differences between Wix and Shopify, you should take a look at our comprehensive comparison of Wix vs Shopify.

    Generally, regarding small enterprises, Wix is great whereas Shopify has much bigger sales to deal with. The reason is that Shopify is designed specifically for establishing online shops, thus it is a definite leader among store owners with over 3 million websites worldwide.

    Furthermore, Shopify is considered as one of the best Wixs alternatives by offering fully responsive designs, support for mobile pages, product pages, multi-currency selling functionality, and tons of integrations with other key apps.

    As a result, more and more Wix users are leaning towards moving to Shopify. Specifically, the figure on indicates that merchants are paying more attention to the keyword Wix to Shopify in the last 12 months.

    So, now you know its worth it to transfer from Wix to Shopify to develop your business. Lets delve into the detailed steps!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Migrating From Wix To Shopify

    How to Migrate Your Website from Wix to Shopify [2021]

    Is it easy to move from Wix to Shopify?

    To migrate data from Wix to Shopify can take some time, you can either use an automated service for the migration or reach out to Shopify experts like XgenTech. Choosing the latter ensures you don’t lose any date while making the move on both the product and the customer fronts.

    Can I transfer domain from Wix?

    If you have purchased a domain from Wix, you can later transfer it to another domain host – in this case, Shopify. If you need any help, please reach out to Shopify experts like XgenTech.

    Is there a Wix to Shopify migration service?

    Yes, there is. Shopify expert agencies like XgenTech help businesses set up their brand online. This also includes offering services like Wix to Shopify migration to get them on eCommerce platforms that help them grow. You can reach out to us here.

    Should I switch from Wix to Shopify?

    If you’re starting an online store for the first time or venturing into eCommerce, you need solutions that are easy to manage, have a short learning curve and let you grow without any limitations. This is where Shopify wins, with its ease of use and an extensive list of Shopify apps that you can plug and play to offer your buyers a seamless shopping experience.

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    Choose Entities You Want To Migrate

    Now, you can either tick all types of data or only tick the necessary categories you want during the migration from Wix to Shopify. This depends on your purpose so make sure to read and select it accordingly.

    Plus, LitExtension provides various Additional Options to extend your data import functionality. In other words, these features help you solve serious problems normally occurring after a migration.

    For example, you can choose Create the 301 redirects after migration to avoid 404 error when customers access the old URLs. This helps you maintain customer experience and also SEO ranking.

    Also, you can map your order status or language right on this step so that they will be displayed correspondingly on the Shopify site. You can select Order status on Shopify to fit your needs either exactly the same or in a different way as in Wixs store. Whatever variant you choose, you can control how your orders will be migrated to avoid any confusion after the migration.

    How To Link Your Godaddy Domain To Shopify


    When you sell your products in the Shopify platform, the thought of How to link your Godaddy domain to Shopify will, for sure, come to your mind occasionally. Since every business starts with an idea, every website starts with a domain, it is crucial to know how to do that effectively.

    The process will not be challenging if you follow our step-by-step instructions. Hopefully, you will be able to link your Godaddy domain to Shopify smoothly and create a successful store. Now, let’s get started!

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    Transfer Shopify Domain To Godaddy

    GoDaddy is one of the worlds largest platforms for website hosting used by entrepreneurs worldwide. With a customer base of 20 million strong and growing, GoDaddy offers a host of professional tools and designs.

    To transfer your Shopify domain to GoDaddy, do the following:

  • After taking care of the preparatory steps, search for the desired domain on the GoDaddy website
  • If you were successful in unlocking your domain, a green checkmark would appear next to the words Unlock the domain
  • Then enter the authorization code you received from your current registrar and click Continue
  • Select the appropriate privacy options and then click Continue
  • Choose the suitable payment method, and then click Complete Purchase to complete the process.
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