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How To Transfer Domain From Godaddy To Google

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Check Your Transfer Status

Transfer Domain from GoDaddy to Google Domains

Domain transfers will be initiated only after payment has been made. Once the transfer has initialized, be sure to watch for an incoming confirmation letter to the email address listed on the domain WHOIS. The domain transfer should be decided within 7 days from the date listed in the confirmation letter. If the transfer was successful, then the domains new information should appear when using a public WHOIS lookup tool.

If your domain is not available to be managed at after successfully being transferred, or if you would like a more detailed information regarding your transfer status, please contact us via phone or Live Chat for assistance.

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Change Domain Privacy Information

If you bought domain privacy when you originally purchased your domain on Google, you will need to disable it before you start the transfer process. To prevent any other roadblocks, its probably also a good idea to select the option to Publish your info in the WHOIS directory.

So, simply go to the section that says Privacy Protection and select the radio button next to Privacy Protection Off and then the one to publish your info in the WHOIS directory. Heres a screenshot of what it looks like:

Step 3: Generate an authorization code Next, you need to click on the two arrows in going in a circular motion logo at the top right of the page. This will take you to the registration and transfer out section.

Scroll down to the middle section titled Transfer out. Simply click the button that says Get Authorization Code and a window will pop up like so

Be sure to copy and save this authorization code separately so you dont lose it. Make a text file on your computer or email it to yourself. If you are selling a domain name, you will need to give this authorization code to the buyer.

Check Your Domain’s Eligibility For Transfer

You can check whether your domain is eligible for transfer from your Shopify admin. Some domains, such as .ca and domains, aren’t eligible for transfer.


  • From your Shopify admin, click Settings> Domains.
  • Click Connect existing domain.
  • On the Connect existing domain page, click transfer in your domain.
  • In the Transfer domain dialog box, enter the domain that you want to transfer to Shopify. Don’t include www. at the beginning of the domain.
  • Click Next.
  • If the domain isn’t eligible for transfer, then a banner states that your domain extension isn’t currently supported. Instead, you can connect your third-party domain to Shopify.

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    How Did You Buy Your Domain

    Already owned your domain when you signed up for Google Workspace?

    After you complete the transfer of your domain, update your new domain host records to work with Google Workspace.

  • Visit the support centers of your current and new domain hosts for transfer instructions.
  • Connect Google Workspace with your new domain host.
  • If you purchased your domain during sign-up, your domain is hosted by a Google Workspace partner host.

    To transfer your domain from your Google Workspace partner host:

  • Get transfer instructions from your new host.

    Visit the support center of your new domain host for specific transfer instructions.

  • Identify your Google Workspace partner host.

  • Sign in using your administrator account .

  • From the Admin console Home page, go to Domains.
  • Click Manage Domains.
  • Next to the domain you want to transfer, click View Details.

    A window opens and shows your partner host and domain registration information.

  • Click Advanced DNS Settings to view your domain username and password and sign in to the DNS console where you can unlock your domain and copy your transfer authorization code.
  • From the Advanced DNS settings, note your Sign-in name, Password, and Customer service PIN.
  • Click Sign in to DNS console.
  • Enter your Sign-in name and Password and click Sign In.

    The Domains page opens in a new tab.

  • Next to the domain you want to transfer, click More Domain Settings.

    The Domain Settings page opens in a new tab.

  • Click Remove Domains by Proxy.
  • Click Save.
  • Transfer Domain Host From Godaddy To Google Domains

    Transfer Domain from GoDaddy to Google Domains

    This article is a detailed step-by-step guidance to transfer the domain host from GoDaddy to Google Domains. There might be multiple reasons for transferring the domains from one registrar to another. This may include pricing, security, privacy features, flexibility, special offers, hosting options etc.

    Some of the benefits of the Google Hosting over the GoDaddy hosting are:

    • Free privacy protection for the host
    • E-mail encryption for the free e-mail forwarding service

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    Disable Godaddy Whois Privacy Protection

    If Whois Privacy Protection service for the domain is enabled, you will also need to disable it. When GoDaddy privacy protection is enabled, it is against their policy to allow domain transfers. Any GoDaddy Domain transfer requests submitted while DomainsByProxy is active, will be declined.

    NOTE: Private Registration cancellations are irreversible. This means that once canceled, it can’t be enabled back and, if you decide to stay with GoDaddy, the private registration needs to be purchased again.

    Manual Solution To Migrate Godaddy Email To G Suite

    The support team of Google says that if you wish to migrate to G Suite from GoDaddy account, use data migration service. Also, this service essentially demands for super administrator rights to accomplish the task. Following technical prerequisites need to be checked before beginning the task.

    Check whether your G Suite version is supported in data migration service. Prepare a legacy environment for GoDaddy to G Suite migration procedure.

    If you are unable to fulfill both the above prerequisites, it is of no worth to proceed with further steps. Also, ensure that proper knowledge of each and every step should be there to accomplish the task manually. Well after fulfilling the requirements, start with execution of following steps.

    Step by Step Process

    1. Set up a proper data migration service with all migration permission at administrator level.

    2. Once done with the creation of data migration service, click on Add button. Now select User.

    3. Now, mention the legacy email id of user in Migrate From field.

    4. After that, continue with the procedure to migrate GoDaddy email to G Suite by entering G Suite email id. This needs to be done in Migrate To field.

    5. Lastly, click on Start button to initiate the procedure.

    At The End, Its Completely Your Decision

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    How Do I Transfer My Godaddy Domain To Another Owner

    Move my domain to another GoDaddy accountLog in to your GoDaddy Domain Control Center. Check the box next to the domain you want to move to another account. From the menu above your domain list, select Ownership, then Move to other GoDaddy Account.Enter the new account owners email address.Confirm the new account owners email address.More items

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    How To Transfer A Domain Name To Google Domains

    How to transfer domains from GoDaddy to Google Domains in about 5 minutes

    Also, before we begin the process to transfer a domain, we will have to do somethings on current registrar which our domain name is managed on, which is GoDaddy for our case.

    1: Unlock the domain name

    GoDaddy normally locks domain names by default, so that nobody can transfer the domains out. If we want to transfer the domain to another domain registrar, we have to unlock the domain manually first.

    We can set the domain lock to off for free on GoDaddy website.

    2: Cancel Protected Registration or DBP Private Registration:

    If you have the Protected Registration on a domain which you want to transfer from GoDaddy to another registrar, you need to cancel it. You might not have protected registration for you domain, but you might have Private Registration service for your domains. If you want to transfer a domain, you must cancel the service first.

    t usually indicates that domain management system has detected privacy on the domain if you received domain transfer denied email which include information like Express written objection to the transfer from the Transfer Contact. .

    3: Get Authorization Code for the Domain name:

    If transferring a domain name to Google Domains, Google Domains needs an authorization code which is released by current domain management registrar, this can verify that you own the domain name.

    On GoDaddy, click the domain name to get the domain management page, we can see the menu item Get authorization code on the bottom of the page.

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    Move My Domain To Another Godaddy Account

    You can transfer a domain name from your GoDaddy account into another GoDaddy account with a domain account change. Your domain is not eligible for an account change if its pending a contact update approval, within one day of expiration, expired or already undergoing an account change.

  • Log in to your GoDaddy Domain Control Center.
  • Check the box next to the domain you want to move to another account. Or, click the check mark icon and Select All.
  • Select Ownership> Move to other GoDaddy Account.
  • Enter the new account owners email address.
  • Confirm the new account owners email address.
  • Enter the new account owners shopper ID. If you enter a shopper ID, the email address you entered must match the email address on the account youre moving the domain to.
  • Choose if you want to copy current contact info to the new account. If you decide not to copy the contact information, you and the new domain owner will need to approve the changes.
  • Select Transfer Domain.

    Note: Youll need to verify your identity if you have domain protection on your domain. Well send a verification code automatically if youve had 2-step verification enabled in your account for more than 72 hours. Otherwise, select Send Password and well send a one-time password to your registrant email address.

  • Youll receive a confirmation notice stating Your transfer is in progress.


    How To Buy A Domain Name: Domain Registration Guide

    What you need to know about domain names, how to choose the right one, and the steps to take to check if a domain name is available and to register your domain.

    If you want to start a blog or a new online business, youll need to register a domain name, the name for your website. Getting the right domain for your needs might sound technical at first, but the process is pretty simple.

    This domain registration guide will tell you what you need to know about domain name extensions, how to choose the right one for your needs, and the steps youll need to take to check if a domain name is available and to register your domain.

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    Why We Transfer Domain Name From Godaddy To Google

    At present we only have a simple reason why we transfer domain name from GoDaddy to Google Domains: the Price.

    We will not transfer all of our domains from GoDaddy to Google. Because we still need something which GoDaddy can bring to us but Google Domains can not. For example: There are more domain name players use GoDaddy, so we can easily trade domain names with them though GoDaddy’s platform..

    For us, although Google Domains are still very young, some of the services and features that we need are basically the same as GoDaddy. But for some domains and domain name services Google Domains are cheaper. For example: Domain Privacy, which can keep a domain’s details private, is included at the domain name purchasing or transferring without additional cost on Google Domains, but GoDaddy charges at least an additional $14.99 CAD each year. This is an important reason why we want to transfer some domain names from GoDaddy to Google Domains.

    Transfer Requirements For Top

    How to Transfer a Domain Name FROM Google Domains to ...

    Most domain registrars enforce requirements on transferring a domain to another registrar. The primary purpose of these requirements is to prevent the owners of fraudulent domains from repeatedly transferring the domains to different registrars. Requirements vary, but the following requirements are typical:

    • You must have either registered the domain with the current registrar or transferred registration for the domain to the current registrar at least 60 days ago.

    • If the registration for a domain name expired and had to be restored, it must have been restored at least 60 days ago.

    • The domain cannot have any of the following domain name status codes:

    • clientTransferProhibited

    • redemptionPeriod

    • serverTransferProhibited

  • The registries for some top-level domains don’t allow transfers until changes are complete, such as changes to the domain owner.

  • For a current list of domain name status codes and an explanation of what each code means, go to the website for ICANN, and search for “EPP status codes”.

    ICANN is the organization that establishes policies governing registration and transfer of domain names.

    You can also search for your domain name in website for Whois to see status codes and other information for your domain.

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    How To Choose A Domain Name

    Since your domain name can have a major impact on your online presence, what you choose is a vital first step in building your brand. Finding the perfect domain name, however, can be challenging.

    While its true that there are millions of domain names available, many of the popular domain names that are easy to remember are taken. Fortunately, you can still get what you need if you go through a simple process and use a bit of imagination.

    Confirm That Amazon Route 53 Supports The Top

    See . If the top-level domain for the domain that you want to transfer is on the list, you can transfer the domain to Amazon Route 53.

    If a TLD is not on the list, you can’t currently transfer the domain registration to Route 53. We occasionally add more TLDs to the list, so check back to see if we’ve added support for your domain. You can also submit a request for support for your TLD on the Route 53 Domain Registration forum.

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    Verifying Your Domain Name For Google Workspace

    To sign up for Google Workspace and start using its services, you must first own a verified domain. This ensures that no one is using your domain name for Google services without your permission. Note that, if you bought your domain name from a Google partner when signing up for Google Workspace, its already verified.

    If you have no clue about the verification process, do not worry. Google Workspace has a setup wizard with instruction on how to verify your domain name based on your domain host.

    Specialized Solution To Migrate Godaddy Email To G Suite

    How to Transfer Domain from GoDaddy to Google Domains (One Domain Registrar to other) [Hindi]

    There is an effective and efficient solution named as GoDaddy to G Suite migration tool. This Email Backup Wizard makes it possible to move email from GoDaddy to Google Suite without any complications. No chances of data breach are there and this particular point is ensured by a team of global experts. The intuitive interface of the program makes it simpler to transfer emails from GoDaddy to G Suite.

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