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How To Change Your Wix Domain Name

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Loss Of Search Traffic And Rankings

How to Change Domain Name in Wix (Free Wix URL)

Losing traffic or your search rankings are the biggest risks youll face when changing your domain name. However, theres no guarantee that will happen and there are ways to mitigate these risks which were going to share with you.

When you update your domain name for your website, search engines will need to rescan your site to learn about it and re-index it. Theres no exact time frame for how long that will take, so your search traffic may be down for a while. One thing that can help in this scenario is keeping your domain name age in mind.

Domain age is an SEO ranking factor and older domain names tend to be given more credence by search engines, . Consider purchasing your desired domain name and holding on to it for a while before using it. Doing this doesnt guarantee that you wont see any drop in search traffic, but it does help to mitigate that risk.

Another option is to purchase a premium domain name when changing your domain name. Premium domains are shorter, more memorable, and keyword-rich. Additionally, since theyve been previously registered, they often have a history of web and search traffic, and so theyre already familiar to search engines. If you decide to go that route, look into the history of the premium name. There are domain history tools you can find with a quick online search, and theyll help you determine if the premium name you want has ever had issues with spammy site traffic or black hat SEO practices, neither of which will help with SEO.

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How Do You Get A Custom Domain Address With Wix

Like WordPress, Wix lets you search for and register domains within their own platform. As of right now, though, they dont let you purchase or transfer in a .CA domain.

So, what if you really want your domain name to be Canadian? Not to worry – you can still purchase a .CA domain from another registrar and connect it to your Wix site in just a few quick steps. Psst – by the way: we can help you get started searching and registering your perfect .CA domain!

Time:0.5 hours

Cost: As little as $5 USD/month, plus the cost of a domain registration. Youll have to upgrade to any one of the paid premium Wix accounts to gain the ability to change your domain name on Wix to one of your choosing.


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Connecting The Domain Name To WordPress

The procedure of connecting your Wix domain to any hosting that supports WordPress is very easy: youre just have to set your domain name, enter a secret code and wait for 5-10 days. The procedure is more or less similar for all hosting providers. But if you decide to move your domain to the WordPress self-hosted platform, it cold be more time-taking and complicated. This is what you are expected to do to successfully complete the task:

  • Register for one of the WordPress paid plans
  • Make sure youve received the EPP code from Wix, which will allow transferring the domain name to WordPress.
  • Create a WordPress website. If you have the one already, go to the My Sites page, then reach he Manage section and find the Domains page.
  • Click the Add Domain button found in the upper right corner of the domains list.
  • Pick the Use a Domain I Own options and proceed to the next page
  • Select the Transfer to WordPress button there
  • Provide the domain name youd like to transfer and click the corresponding button. Mind that if you are just on the stage of website creation, youll be redirected to the checkout procedure. Right after that, youll be offered to continue the transfer procedure. However, you will start with the Domains selection stage as mentioned above. Pick the domain you intend to transfer and then choose the Start Transfer section
  • Specify the EPP|authorization code youve got from Wixand then activate the Check My Authorization Code button
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    What Is Editor X

    How To Change Your Free Domain Name On Wix

    Editor X was originally called Corvid until Wix wisely did a brand pivot during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Its a completely separate tool from the Wix website builder. Its more of a front-end design tool, similar to Webflow. It has a steeper learning curve but allows for much more design flexibility.

    It has its own pricing plans that are divided into Website Plans and Business & Ecommerce plans.

    Editor X pricing.

    Does Wix have student pricing?

    Wix offers a 50% discount on annual plans for students. See Wix for Students.

    Is Wix more expensive than WordPress?

    It’s hard to say because they are priced much differently. Wix is an all-in-one package. WordPress is free but you pay for hosting, themes and plugins so each WordPress website costs differently.

    Is Wix’s ecommerce plans more expensive than Shopify?

    On a monthly term, Wix’s Business Basic plan is just slightly cheaper than Shopify’s Basic Shopify plan

    How to cancel a Wix account?

    This support doc explains it but I can confirm I bought and cancelled a Wix account with my own credit card and cancellation was easy and transparent!

    Do freelancers use Wix?

    Many freelancers use Wix for website building. These partners can get 20% off of their websites.

    Does Wix charge transaction fees?

    Wix does not charge transaction fees on any ecommerce plans. There is of course still a credit card fee that is paid to a 3rd-party payment provider such as Stripe or Paypal.

    Can you pay with a credit card?

    Can you pay with Paypal?

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    Edit Your Header & Footer

    Once your pages are set up, customize the header and footer to fit in with your branding. Wix Editor is a true drag-and-drop, so to edit your header, footer, and any other content, all you need to do is to click on the element and customize it. On your header, for example, click and change the layout, type in your business name, and upload your logo.

    To update your footer, scroll down to the very bottom of your page and change the text. Commonly placed on the footer are business addresses, contact information, social media accounts, and search bars.

    The ADI isnt much different in this regard. Simply click on your header or footer, and type in your text and upload your logo. However, the ADI doesnt let you edit on the screen itself. Instead, youll need to add, delete, and edit your sections on the editor to the left of your screen.

    Keep in mind that your header and footer are unchangeable between pages, and any change made on any of your sites pages to these two areas will reflect on the entire website.

    Upgrading Your Wix Site To Premium

    To add a domain to your WIX site you first need to upgrade your subscription plan to premium. Without a premium site you wont be able to add a personal domain.

    Upgrading your site is very easy. All you need to do is exit whichever editor you are within and head back to the dashboard of the site. Here in the dashboard you will see the likes of site actions, plans and other features and elements of your site.

    You will also see a pink banner saying Upgrade to Premium with an Upgrade Now button.

    Once you have clicked on the Upgrade Now button you will be brought to a new window. In this window, you will need to choose a premium upgrade plan for your site. Every plan can be paid monthly and you can choose between a range of plans.

    The cheapest plan is £3 a month. All it allows you to add a domain to your site. If your site has an online shop, the cheapest plan you can use costs £13 a month. This plan gives access to 100% commission-free online payments.

    Select the right plan for you and enter your details. You can choose a monthly plan, an annual plan or a two-year plan. The longer the plan, the cheaper the actual cost will be. Once you have entered the right details, select Purchase.

    Depending on your plan, you may get a free option to add a domain to your WIX site for a year. WIX allows you to search for a domain or connect your very own domain.

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    Connecting An Email To Your Custom WordPress Domain Via Email Forwarding

    If the name servers of your domain are not yet pointed to WordPress, you can make the required settings and then add DNS records to connect the email account to your WordPress domain. Mind, however, that WordPress does not provide email hosting by default. Only those users, who have custom WordPress domains, are allowed to connect the emails.

    The first option you can go for here is email forwarding, which makes it possible to use your custom domain name in the email address. This means that all your mail will further be automatically forwarded to this email. The replies, however, will still be sent from your personal email address. Here are the steps youll need to complete:

  • Reach the My Sites page and then go to the Domains section. Pick the domain you wish to use for email forwarding to get access to its settings page. Choose the Email section.
  • Choose Email Forwarding section, then provide the new email address filling out your custom domain name in the Emails Sent To area and then choose the destination email marked as Will Be Forwarded To field. Then click the Add New Email Forward button and youll get the activation email to the specified email address. Youll have an opportunity to check the number of email forwards you have already set up and you can also make the edits, if needed.
  • How To Change Domain Name On Bluehost

    How to Change Website Name in Wix! (Full Guide 2021)

    Changing a domain name when using Bluehost is not as easy as one would hope. The best thing anyone who is not technically inclined can get in touch with Bluehost support for assistance.

    If one is feeling courageous, one could attempt to change the primary domain of oneself. Although it is worth mentioning that even if one were to try this process themselves, the person will likely end up on the phone or chat with support either way.

    Contacting Bluehost support is encouraged, but it is also actually a requirement for part of the process.

    Due to the difficulty in the process, it is almost better to migrate a site from one domain to another and not attempt to change the primary domain.

    THE easiest, fastest and cheapest way to start your business!$0 Plus State Filing Fees with!

    To change a site to a new domain, simply register the new domain with Bluehost and contact support to request migrating a website.

    Remember that any links out in the world and point to the old site domain will need to be updated. If not, a redirect will need to be created from the early domain and pointed at the new domain. But well get into that later in this article.

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    Add The Dns Records To Your Domain Name Registrar Dns

    If you own a domain, youll need to add the DNS records to your registrars DNS.

    • To set up the main domain :

    Many registrars dont allow you to add a CNAME record for the main domain. We offer a free redirection service to bypass this limitation. On your domain name registrations DNS management page, go to the DNS records section, create a new A record for that points to . Next, create a CNAME record for www, point it to your firms TaxDome URL , then save the changes.

    • To set up a subdomain :

    On your domain name registrations DNS management page, go to the DNS records section, create a CNAME record for your subdomain, point it to your firms TaxDome URL , then save the changes.

    Domain name registrars have different interfaces for setting this up. Below, we show you how with some frequently used ones:

    It can take up to 48 hours for a CNAME record to get updated, but its usually about an hour.

    Transferring Your Active Domain Away From Wix

    The very first step you should undertake is to transfer your domain name away from Wix. Prior to launching the process, though, it is crucial to define the destination you intend to move your website to. The thing is that right after the domain transfer is completed, your previous Wix website will be deactivated. Thus, you have to be sure that both the domain name and other website entities are successfully transferred to the new platform.

    • Individual Approach.
    Hire a PROto Move Your Website!

    If you are not confident that youll cope with the task on your own, it will be reasonable to contact the industry experts. This is where professional assistance of will come in handy to you. The service sees its mission in helping their clients switch from Wix to WordPress in the most convenient and reliable way. By using individual approach to each project, they identify your special needs and requirements to come up with the best migration strategy. They thoroughly study the nuances of each project to take care of all the details and nuances in advance.This is right what you need to professionally move your Wix project to WordPress CMS.

    Do you have an idea to transfer your domain from Wix on your own? Then here are the steps to complete to transfer your Wix domain away from the system:

  • Sign in with your Wix account and reach the My Domains page
  • If you own several Wix domains, pick and tick the one you wish to move
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