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How To Cancel A Domain

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How To Cancel A Cpanel Hosting Account Or Domain

How to cancel & delete domain name & Web Hosting

Domain renewals are independent of your cPanel and must be cancelled separately if you do not want them to renew.

To cancel your cPanel hosting service, you will need to be logged in to your Krystal Client Area.

  • Click on My Services to view your cPanel hosting packages.
  • Click Manage Product on the package you would like to cancel.
  • Scroll down to the Billing Information section. Click the Request Cancellation button.
  • Complete the required details:- Enter your Krystal client area password- We’d appreciate it if you’d let us know why you are cancelling your hosting- Select when you’d like the cancellation to be completed, either immediately or at the end of the billing period.Tick the confirmation checkbox and click the Submit cancellation request button to complete your request.
  • Domain renewals are independent of your cPanel account. If you want to cancel your domains too please follow our separate guide on managing domain renewal.
  • Cancel Or Transfer Your Domain Name

    We mentioned above that canceling HostGator hosting and domain name registration are two separate processes. While canceling your hosting is the most common need people have, we wanted to address how to cancel your domain name registration services as well.

    HostGator does not automatically cancel your domain name when you cancel your hosting plan. This is because the two services exist separately, and you might not want to cancel both.

    If you do want to cancel your domain name registration, then youll need to contact HostGator via phone or Live Chat with the name of the domain that you no longer want to renew. Someone from customer support will follow up with you and help you complete the process.

    Note that when you do cancel a domain name registration, youll still retain ownership of the domain through the scheduled renewal date. That is, the cancellation wont become effective until the next renewal date has passed.

    For instance, lets say its September 1, 2018, and youre canceling a domain set to renew on December 1, 2018. In this case, youll still retain ownership of the domain for two more months even after you cancel.

    This is especially important to know if you plan to transfer registration of the domain to another company. Make sure to cancel far enough in advance to allow yourself sufficient time to set up the domain with its new registrar.

    Here are guides on how to transfer domain registration from HostGator to some other popular domain name registrars:

    How To Cancel Your Domain Registration And Get Refund On Godaddy

    Updated: By Aidi

    Hello friends, yesterday I made spelling mistake while purchasing a domain from GoDaddy for one of my Chinese clients. This actually led me to reserving the wrong domain to my client who had no option but to accept it.However, I had to get down and start to look for ways on how I can cancel the registration and get a refund of that domain on behalf of my client.

    It was very unfortunate that after spending so many hours on the internet searching for information regarding cancellation of the recent orders on both Godaddy and other sites I came out with nothing.

    However, today in the morning as I was playing with the domain manager area I found something that attracted my attention. It was the solution to what I had spent many hours searching for on the internet.

    On GoDadday you are allowed to cancel your domain orders within the first 5 days of your purchase and after that you are guaranteed to receive to receive all your money back.

    In order to cancel your recent orders, please follow the following steps

    Step 1: Log in to your GoDaddy account and go straight to your Domain manager and select my products.

    Step 2: Evaluate the domain from the domain list which you are planning to cancel.

    Step 3: Go and click the Delete button found on top of the menu bar.

    Step 4: Check the box located next to the Please Cancel Domain to confirm that you actually want to cancel this domain.

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    Is WordPress Hosting Free

    WordPress is free, as are many of its add-ons. Still, at the very least youll need to spend money on both hosting and a domain. Fortunately, entry-level hosting services are common and priced very affordably. Some of the top WordPress hosting services offer shared plans starting at less than $5 per month.

    Why Am I Still Being Charged After I Canceled

    How to cancel your hosting but keep the domain

    If youre still receiving invoices, then it means that the cancellation of your hosting account or domain registration services wasnt successful. Usually, the cause of this is that HostGator hasnt received a formal written request via the online cancellation form. Again, this is for security reasons.

    To see if your cancellation request was successfully received, check your email and look for a confirmation from HostGator. If you havent received this email within one hour of submitting the form, then HostGator has not received your request. Be sure to look in your Spam or Junk folder to make sure the email didnt end up there by mistake.

    Once you have received the confirmation email, youll need to give HostGator 72 hours to verify your identity and completely close your account. Once theyve done this, theyll send you a follow-up email. Be sure to keep a copy of this email for your records in case there are any billing discrepancies.

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    How To Cancel Hostgator Domain

    In 2002, HostGator was founded by Brent Oxley in his dormitory at Florida Atlantic University. The firm has grown immensely since then and continues to do so, every year. Their logo is We consume the competition.How To Cancel Hostgator Domain

    Today, HostGator has head office in both Austin as well as Houston, Texas, after outgrowing several other websites. In 2007, their Brazil workplace was opened. HostGator has won lots of honors for assistance and also organizing solutions.

    An EIG Owned Eco-friendly Host In June 2012 HostGator was gotten by the Endurance International Team . Nonetheless, it continues to trade under the HostGator name.

    HostGator is a green power firm. The firm purchases Green-e licensed Renewable resource Credit scores from a wind farm in Texas. 130% green power cools and also powers all shared as well as reseller web servers.

    We may gain a payment at no added cost to you if you make a decision to get any of the items, software application or services we describe as well as promote on our internet site. The viewpoints revealed are of our own independent customers & creating team, appointed to provide practical testimonials & their objective viewpoint.

    You need to presume that every outside link that you click on our website is an associate link that causes us being paid by a partner of ours.

    Decide Which Services You Want To Cancel

    When we talk about canceling HostGator, we need to be clear what we mean. This is because HostGator offers a variety of different services, and you need to know which you want to cancel so that you dont run into any rude surprises or unexpected bills. For most people reading this article, there are two services HostGator offers that you may want to cancel.

    The first service is web hosting. This is what allows your site to exist on the internet. Its the repository for all the files that make up and display your site. If you cancel this service, you need to make sure that you have a backup of the data and a plan to transfer the data to a new host . Well discuss more on how to do this in step 2.

    The second service you might be trying to cancel is your domain name registration. HostGator offers this as a separate service from its hosting packages, though many people end up buying both when they first sign up with HostGator.

    Depending on your situation, you may or may not want to cancel your domain registration services. If youre fine with the price you pay to HostGator for your registration , then you can just keep your domain registered with HostGator.

    If you want to transfer your domain name to a different registrar , then youll need to take some additional steps, which well also address below. Finally, if you want to cancel the registration of your domain completely, theres another set of steps to take.

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    Reasons To Cancel Hostgator

    What would compel you to cancel your HostGator subscription to begin with? There are a few possible reasons.

    To start, you might be looking for features that HostGator doesnt offer. These days, most web hosting companies offer the same features, particularly at the introductory price points.

    If youve reached a more advanced level, however, you might be looking to move to a company with managed hosting capable of handling large volumes of traffic . This is a case in which canceling HostGator makes sense, as youve simply outgrown what the company offers.

    Another potential reason to cancel is pricing. Once youre past the introductory offer that HostGator provides and your hosting services are up for renewal at the regular price, you might be looking to save money by moving to a different host. Canceling HostGator could thus be a prudent financial decision for your blog and business.

    Finally, you might want to cancel HostGator because youve decided that paid website hosting doesnt make sense for you anymore. Perhaps you found you werent using all the paid features and have decided that a free blogging site is sufficient for your needs.

    It doesnt make sense to pay for something youre not using, so this is yet another case where canceling HostGator is sensible.

    Cancelling A Single Domain

    How to Cancel GoDaddy Domain Renewal

    To cancel a domain or prevent it from being automatically extended at the end of the term, disable automatic renewal. The domain term then automatically ends on the date specified. You can disable the renewal option up to 72 hours before the end of the current term.

    Please Note: Once the end of your domain term is reached, all connected services and applications, such as mailboxes, are disconnected and are no longer available. Back up your data before this point.

    You can use the button below to disable automatic renewal. You are offered the corresponding option directly after selecting a domain.

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    How To Cancel A Hostpapa Service

    HostPapa offers an easy-to-use, automated cancellation process so you can cancel any of your services, hassle-free.

    Before following the automated cancellation process, please read our Refund and Cancellation Policy.

    Once every aspect is clarified, please follow these steps:

  • Log in to your HostPapa dashboard.
  • Click on My Services.
  • Click on + to expand the service category.

    4. Click Details. In this tutorial, we will show an example of a domain service cancellation:

    5. Click Request Cancellationto open the cancellation form.

    6. Fill out the form and check boxes for the services you would like to cancel. By default, the initial selected services box is checked.

    7. Please provide us with the reason for the cancellation request. Your feedback is very important for us as it helps us improve our services.

    8. Choose when you are cancelling the services between one of these two options:

    • Immediately
    • At the end of the term

    9. If you wish to transfer your domain to a different provider, please choose Yes. If you no longer need the domain name, please choose No and your domain will be left to expire.

    Note: When cancellation is requested for a hosting service, there is a third option regarding domain names: Yes, I would like my domain name to remain registered with HostPapa.

    10. Click Continue.

    11. Review the cancellation form, enter your Dashboard access password, and click on Confirm Cancellation.

    12. Once you see the confirmation message, the cancellation is complete.

    How Can I Cancel My Web Hosting Domain Or Service

    To cancel active services or domains, simple submit a cancellation request from your secure Client Area. As a security precaution, we cannot accept cancellation requests made by email or phone.

    Before cancelling, please let us know if we can help! We can be reached 24/7 by live chat on or by phone at 1-888-545-3942.

    To Cancel a Service :

  • Log in to the Client Area at
  • In the menu, click on My Services
  • If you have more than one service, click on the one you wish to cancel
  • In the left menu, click on Request Cancellation. For Managed WordPress, expand the top menu to the right of the WP Admin button, then click on Billing Overview to find the Request Cancellation option.
  • Select or describe your cancellation reason. If you also manage a domain name with us, you will be asked if you wish to also cancel that domain’s renewal.
  • You will have the option to cancel immediately or automatically at the end of your contract. If you opt to cancel immediately, the request will be processed within 24 hours and your account will be deleted.
  • Once the cancellation request has been received, you will receive an email confirmation. If you change your mind, please get in touch with us immediately to avoid service interruption or data loss.

    To Cancel a Domain NameDomain names can not actively be cancelled. Instead, they can be set to not renew automatically at their expiry date.

  • Log in to the Client Area at
  • Click on Disable Auto Renew
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    What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hostgator

    So, is HostGator the ideal webhosting for you?

    Well, given the fact that HostGator offers you a basic way to construct as well as handle your website, gives you with all the resources youll require to deliver high-level services on your website, provides several feature-packed organizing plans, and brings a lots of experience to the table, it can be a perfect webhosting for anyone with a website.

    How To Cancel Your Domain Registration

    How to cancel your hosting but keep the domain

    55 Seconds to Read

    Domain names are automatically renewed after registering them through us. However, you may find a time when you no longer need one and want to cancel it. You may be changing names or building a new site altogether. In this guide we will show you how to cancel a domain registration from your AMP.


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    Cancel G Suite Subscription

    After you’ve moved all of your data to Microsoft 365 Business Standard, it’s safe to cancel your G Suite account. Because you have the same domain name you did at G Suite, make sure you continue to pay for your domain registration as shown below keep your domain registration active.

  • Sign in to and go to Billing.

  • In the Subscriptions list, in your G Suite account choose Cancel subscription from the Actions menu. and then choose Continue.

    Note that your subscription will be cancelled immediately and you cannot undo this action.

  • Note that you might not see Domain Registration in your Subscriptions list if your DNS host provider isn’t Google domains.

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