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Does Shopify Provide Domain Name

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Why Are Shopify Ecommerce Online Store Domain Names Important

Tutorial: How to Connect a Namecheap Domain Name to Shopify – Fast and Easy for beginners!

A brand or store name offers storeowners a benefit when they are starting their e-commerce stores. Choosing the right name becomes the most strong asset of any business. It helps to differentiate a brand from the others as well as allows online stores to establish their unique identity. A wrong name can be bad for a business in many ways. It can cost several hundred thousand or even millions.

Finding the right name when performing Shopify Domain Search by any Shopify design company so it is necessary when you are setting up your online e-commerce store. It not only helps your brand to stand out of the crowd but also drives speedy acceptance among customers.

How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Shopify Store

We live in crazy times! Who would have thought a pandemic will shut the whole world in and cause an economic turmoil within just a few months.

While we all hope this is a temporary phase and itll all be back to normal before we know it, its a good opportunity to learn some new skills such as building a Shopify store.

Please note: This blog post was originally written to share tips on how to pick a domain name for Shopify stores. But we have updated it with information on how to build a Shopify store in an hour so you can get started with right away.

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Provide Shipping Options And Shipping Costs

Visit your shipping settings in the admin panel, and choose the shipping options you want to provide the customer. Ensure that you give enough options to your users concerning shipping.

Shopify calculates the shipping costs for customers based on the rules that you define on your shipping page.

You may choose a free shipping option for all your orders initially and adjust it later to include more options such as weight-based shipping rates.

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How To Set Your Primary Domain

In Shopify, a primary domain is known as the domain name that visitors or customers can see in the search bar when they browse your web store. You can employ your root domain or a subdomain as the primary domain, but its a must that there is no more than a single domain. You can assign your primary domain from the Domains page in your Shopify admin panel.

Hold on! Before setting a primary domain, make sure that you:

  • did buy a domain
  • did add your domain and all the subdomains you need to use with that website
  • did set up your root domain
  • did set up your subdomains.

Note that: If you have just made changes to your domain, please wait for it for around 4 hours to fully take effect.

Now lets move to your primary domain setting:

Which Languages Does Shopify Support

Does Shopify Give You A Domain? [How Does A Free Domain Work?]

The customer-facing parts of your Shopify store, includingecommerce website, blog, checkout, and emails can be in anylanguage if the theme supports it. Learn more andexplore our themes.

The admin of your Shopify store is currently available in English,Chinese , Chinese , Czech, Danish, Dutch,Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian,Polish, Portuguese , Portuguese , Spanish, Swedish,Thai, and Turkish.

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View Your Online Store And Dive Into Other Features

Remember, you must choose a pricing plan and actually publish the store for it to be considered live.

In the meantime, look at the many other menu items to see what else you can set up for your store. It’s possible to run email and social marketing campaigns from the dashboard, while also configuring automated sales receipts for your customers.

You can link Apps, create discounts, and manage your orders, all from the same dashboard.

To view the ecommerce store at any point, click on the eye icon next to the Online Store Sales Channel.

This brings up the current version of your website at the URL you have specified. That may end up being your temporary Shopify URL or a domain you created.

Try clicking around on the website to ensure everything looks great and the links work right.

Check out your products to understand what the customer sees when shopping from the store. You can click on the Add To Cart or Buy It Now button to proceed into the shopping cart area.

As you can see from the screenshot, the Shopify shopping cart compiles all products from the cart and specifies information like the pricing, quantity, and total in the cart.

That’s all there is to it! Just remember that a Shopify ecommerce shop isn’t active until you sign up for a payment plan, turn on a domain name, and publish the site to that domain.

From Domain Names To Order Delivery Shopify Makes Ecommerce Easy

Shopify offers a variety of tools you can use to manage your domain name, from shopping for a new domain altogether to moving a domain from another platform to Shopify. The less time you focus on troubleshooting, the more you can spend on marketing strategy and selling products to grow your brand. For more on the available features and costs of running a Shopify site, be sure to read our guide to Shopify Plans, Themes, Apps & Experts.

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Initial Prices And Renewal Pricing

Most domain registrars require you to pay one year at a time, or you can choose to pay for multiple years to get a discount. The price for your first year of registration is often lower than the rate for subsequent years. So, while a low year one rate might catch your eye, youll want to make sure that the subsequent renewal prices are both affordable and in line with those of other registrars.

Try our free domain name generator

Use Shopify’s domain name generator to search for business names and check domain availability instantly.

How To Buy A Domain Name Through Shopify

How To Buy A Domain Name For Shopify From Namecheap And How To Connect Your Domain To Shopify

After signing up for an account on Shopify, you will be taken to a page in which you can purchase a custom domain. Through their smart API with multiple domain registrars, you would be able to see whether the domain is available or not without ever leaving the Shopify platform.

After finding the domain you desire, you can pay its fee and just let Shopify do its work! Shopifys automated setup makes it easy for you to integrate your domain without any configuration, if and only if you purchase the domain from within Shopify.

How much Does It Cost To Buy A Domain On Shopify?

Buying a domain on Shopify costs around $15 a year. Its a bit higher than what domain registrars like GoDaddy or NameCheap usually charge, but Shopify will just allow you to integrate your domain with your store without a hassle and they will handle the techy configuration on your behalf.

Should I Buy My Domain Through Shopify?

If you want to avoid any headaches integrating your domain name with your store, and willing to pay a bit more, then it could be a viable option and allows you to focus on other stuff that matter while having them handle this for you.

If, on the other hand, youre a techy person or dont mind learning a new skill in business, you can purchase a domain name externally and integrate it manually on your Shopify store. On NameCheap, you can sometimes find domain names from as low as a dollar, and the average price of ordinary domains is $8/year!

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It Adds Mobility To Your Internet Presence

When you own a domain name, you are making a possibility for yourself. What we mean to say is that you can easily transfer web hosts. Also, you can switch to your in-house server. Not owning a domain will require you to have a new web address that will affect the branding you have built via your first URL.

Search Your Store Domain Now

Search for your business name or category. or

However, finding the name of your choice on traditional domain extensions may seem challenging due to the unavailability of names and high costs.

This is why you should explore your options on new domain extensions such as .store.

As a domain that is meaningful and definitive of what you do, the .store domain makes for a relevant choice for your Shopify Store.

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Tld: Top Level Domains

A top level domain is exactly what it sounds like: a type of domain name which is at the top level of the internets domain name system. There are over a thousand TLDs available but the most common include .com, .org, .net, and .edu.

The official list of TLDs is maintained by an organization called the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority and can be viewed here. IANA notes that the list of TLDs also includes ccTLDs and gTLDs, which well talk about next.

Use The Shopify Customizer

Shopify Vs Etsy

The Shopify Customizer offers a visual preview of the website and a drag-and-drop module on the left side to change the order of the sections.

It’s not a true drag-and-drop webpage builder, but it does a wonderful job of providing the right settings for each section, while also giving a real-time view of the changes on the right side.

Each theme comes with default sections, in this case, options like Header, Sidebar, and Slideshow sections. You can click on any of the sections to open the full settings panel for each one. For instance, the Header section has different settings than the Sidebar or Slideshow section. There’s also the option to add a completely new section and start from scratch.

As an example, you can select the Header section to upload a logo for your brand and adjust settings like the Custom Logo Width, Announcement bar, and more.

The Slide section also offers an area to upload an image. Shopify provides a connection to free images to use, or you have the option to upload photos from your computer.

It took no more than a minute for me to insert a relevant image in the slider, change the overlay opacity, type in some overlaying text, and include a button to my shop.

In addition, this is an outstanding example of why you’ll want to add some products to your Homepage collection. There’s a Featured Collection section in Shopify that pulls the products you have in that Homepage collection.

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Buying A Domain Through Shopify

You can buy a domain through Shopify to help you set up your domain and manage all of your domain settings from your Shopify admin. When you buy a domain through Shopify, your domain is automatically configured to be the web address thats displayed to customers. After you buy your domain through Shopify, you can do the following tasks on the Domains page of your Shopify admin:

  • editing your domain settings
  • setting up forwarding email addresses
  • paying for your domain
  • renewing your domain

Domains purchased through Shopify are registered for one year, and can be renewed annually. After you buy a domain, you cant change the URL that you chose during purchase. Domain purchases are non-refundable.


To see more videos, visit our YouTube channel.

How To Find A Shopify Store Address

Your storefront address for Shopify is the default address that Shopify gives you when you first open your shop. It will be in the format:

If you cant recall your shop address, you can seek it by logging into your Shopify admin. You can find your shop name in two ways:

The first way is to find your store address by going to the Store name field on your General Settings page. Your shop name should be visible there:

The second way you can find your Shopify address is to look at the URL after logging into your Shopify admin. Your store name will be included in that URL:

If you have a custom domain name connected to your Shopify shop, you still need to improve your original storefront address, which given by Shopify for Craftybase connection.

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Set Up A Domain Name For Your Store

Finally, you need to select a domain name for your online store. This will be your stores online identity and its crucial you get it right.

For this, Shopify gives three options:

  • Connecting an existing domain,
  • Transfer a domain to Shopify, or
  • Buy a new domain.

Shopify domain names, by default, have the URL.

You can convert this into a proper URL by purchasing a domain from Shopify for a fee. If you have already purchased a domain from an external web hosting company like Godaddy, all you need to do is connect it with Shopify to use it as your online stores address.

You can also transfer your domain to Shopify if you want to pay a single provider rather than paying your domain host and Shopify separately.

Search for your business name or category. or

Buy A Shopify Domain Using The Shopify Mobile App

Connecting Your Domain Name to Shopify (DNS Records)

1. Open the Shopify App on your mobile device and press the Store icon in the bottom right corner.

2. In the Sales channels section press Online Store.

3. Press Domains

4. Press the BUY NEW DOMAIN button at the top.

5. Type the domain you want to buy into the domain search box and see the domains available.

6. Choose the domain you want and press the Buy button next to it.

7. Add your payment details and complete your purchase.

8. Return to the Domains screen. If your new domain is ready it will be listed here. Press the Change primary domain link.

9. Select your new domain from the list and press Save.

Congratulations! Your new Shopify domain is ready to go.

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Change Domain Via Website Admin

  • Open your Shopify admin.
  • 2. On the left side, you will see the Online Store section. Click on it.

    3. In the opened menu click on Domains.

    4. On the top of the page, you will see different buttons. You should click on the Change primary domain.

    5. Now select the domain from the list and click Save.

    Your primary domain will be changed immediately. If someday you want to change it again, just repeat the steps described above.

    How To Have A New Domain Buying From Shopify

    As aforementioned, having a custom domain name is nowadays very popular because of its benefits. Therefore, mostly all merchants want to own a custom domain name for their websites. One of the ways to have a custom name is to pay for one in Shopify. In fact, custom domains purchased through Shopify start at 11 USD per year. Once paid, your domain will be automatically set up for you. Even if you leave Shopify, you still keep its ownership.

    Please kindly note that domains purchased through Shopify are registered for 1 year. You can renew it after you cancel your domain or Shopify store. Also, keep in mind that Shopify does not come with unrestricted email forwarding accounts for your domain name and domain purchases are unable to be refunded.

    To buy a domain from Shopify, please follow these steps listed below:

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