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When Does A Domain Expire

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My Domain Has Expired What Should I Do

What If My Domain Expires?

When your domain name expires it enters a three-stage Redemption Grace Period . During RGP you are able to renew the domain before it is deleted and re-enters the market.

Auto-Renew Grace PeriodFor about 29 days* after the expiration date, your domain name can be renewed at standard rates. In order to renew your domain during this period, call or open a ticket with our billing department. Once the renewal payment is processed, your domain name will be reactivated. You may experience a period of 1-48 hours for DNS propagation.

Redemption Grace Period29 days* after the expiration date, your domain will enter the Redemption Grace Period, which typically lasts 30 days*. When a domain enters the Redemption Grace Period it is being managed by ICANN/Enom and it is removed from the zone file, so the website and email will stop working. GreenGeeks no longer has control of a domain in the Redemption Grace Period. In order to renew the domain during this period, the fees are $80 plus the cost of the domain renewal.

When a domain name expires, the website may display an advertising page set by ICANN/Enom. GreenGeeks does not control and cannot change that page. The domains expiration date may also be extended. That does not mean the domain is active. The name servers may also change to,, etc.

Is There A Waiting List For Expiring Domains

If someone inquired about a domain name while active, chances are there is a waiting list.

You can consider lining up, but that does not guarantee you will get the domain name.

If the demand is high for a domain name, it is possible that it would be placed up for auction.

Domain registrars, as businesses, have the prerogative to auction domain names that are in demand. They need to make money, after all.

Da/pa Checking By Moz Pro Seo Tool

Moz is a very large company that provides a variety of tools for SEO, in which is one of DA/PA Checker tool.

The DA /PA matrix was officially introduced by MOZ. So this is a best SEO Tools for checking website DA/PA.

So one of the things that we needs to be check before buying an expired domain is to check website DA/PA. We already check DA/PA of our selected domain with DA/PA checker tool, but in most cases free tools do not provide accurate information.

So we are using MOZ PRO SEO Tool for checking our selected domain DA/PA and you know DA/PA metrics introduce by MOZ, So we will use MOZ PRO to get the accurate result.

When we type âTechnologyHandyman.netâ in MOZ PRO, We get these result where you can see this domain authority is 12 and page authority 19, this result is same with the Expired Domain tool showed us and the free tool that we used to check DA/PA also showed the same result.

Therefore, it has been confirmed that this domain has 12 DA score and 19 PA score.

Finally the last thing that we need to check and that is spam score. So to do this go over the left navigation menu of MOZ PRO domain overview and click on Spam Score and you will get the result.

For our selected domain result spam score not showing over there, that means this domain has no spam score.

So after all the inspection our selected domain âTechnologyHandyman.netâ meets all requirements and there is nothing doubt left that we should not buy this domain.

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Typical Symptoms Of Expired Domain

An expired site name is a big problem if you have not had time to renew it. Lets take a look at what exactly is the threat of losing an expired address.

  • If your domain has expired, there is information that there could be a leak of your personal information. The new owner gets access to the domain name and all the personal information that was used within that domain.
  • You can lose everything you have been working on for a long time.
  • Your site name can be bought out by cybercriminals who want to destroy your brand or business by framing you as a scam.
  • A hostname can be bought out by your competitors, which will also be bad for your market opportunities.

Buying An Expired Domain Name


The business can buy an expired domain name without worrying about any past strings attached to it. It is completely safe and legal to do this. To buy a domain name, the following key terms need to be remembered:

  • Registry It is the organization name that is the bookkeeper of domain name records for a particular top-level domain. For example .com, .in, .org, etc.
  • Registrar It is the main organization that catalogs the domain names.
  • Reseller This is a person of the organization that deals in selling the domain names. A reseller works on behalf of the registrar.
  • Registrant It is a company or an individual who buys and owns the domain name.

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How To Find High

There are lots of domain registrar on the internet where you can easily find Expired Domain, But in this article, I will teach you how to find a high-quality domain name with my favorite tool â ExpiredDomain.Net

So and open the ExpiredDomain Search Tool and create a free account. So that we can easily find our relevant domain name by using its filter tool. If you do not create an account you will not be able to use its filter tool which will make it difficult to find the right domain name.

To create a new account, click the signup button and create a free account by filling out a simple form.

After successful signup, you will receive a confirmation E-Mail from Simply click on activation and activate your free account.

After activating your account. There are three methods to find a domain name.

  • Deleted Domain
  • Google Search Console Ban Checking

    There is a very rare chance that Google will ban a website in the search console but itâs not impossible. Any website that violates Google Search Console policies Google will ban such websites.

    When you search on Google.Com âGoogle Ban Checker Toolsâ. There are several tools available on the internet but all of these tools provide the same result and that is âBanned or not indexed by Google.

    Because we are working on an expired domain and after the domain expires, Google deletes the domain data after a certain period of time and when we search domain data on google we will get the âNo Search Resultâ or âNot Indexed By Googleâ messages.

    The 2nd method to check domain data from Google directly searches domain name in Google Search Engine like âtechnologyhandyman.netâ and this will definitely show you some data from Google.

    If you get domain data from Google Search that means your selected domain is not banned in Google Search because this search result shows us relevant domain backlinks and related searches.

    The final method to check domain data from Google Search Engine is that open Google.Com and type and see whatâs the result you get.

    According to our respective domains, no data is available on Google because we are working on an expired domain and Google has removed that domain data after a certain time.

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    Vet An Expired Domain Name

    It is evident from the above discussion that even if the domain has expired, it does leave some footprints behind that show the history related to that domain name. It is always good to give some time and effort to know more about the expired domain before finally purchasing it. Here are the factors that must be taken care of:

    • First of all, the reputation of the previous brand associated with this domain name must be checked. Search on Google to see what kind of business or brand was previously related to this expired domain name you are about to purchase.
    • Use the tools to crosscheck the backlinks. There should be no spam related to it.
    • The expired domain must be clean, so check for any malicious malware or codes. Also, look for any blacklisting of this domain name server.

    Quick Links

    What A Dead Domain Leaves Behind

    How to find Expired Domains with Backlinks from Authority Websites using Ahrefs & ScrapeBox

    Its sometimes hard to appreciate the myriad ways in which a domain names shadow stretches across the net until the domain itself is gone and only the shade is left.

    When a domain name dies, it is survived not only by its former owner, but by links and browser bookmarks, websites and email accounts, software and spam filters. These, in turn, send traffic to dead domains that despite never returning any signs of life, can linger on for quite some time.

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    Is It Possible To Buy An Expired Domain Name

    First of all, the domain name is registered, which means it is not owned by anyone yet but rented out for a specific period. This leasing time can range from one to ten years. Many businesses put their domains on auto-renew so that they do not have to worry about its expiration and can keep using the domain till they want.

    Without renewal, that domain name can be taken on rent by someone else. When a business buys a new domain the process is different from buying an expired domain. You need to follow a certain set of rules before buying an expired domain name, as per the type of the domain name.

    • Every domain name has a grace or redemption period, i.e. 30 days. This implies the domain name can be reclaimed by the recent domain Registrant. The fee for this domain name will be higher than the fee if the domain name was reclaimed initially.
    • If the domain is not renewed after 30 days by the earlier Registrant, the domain is lost. If someone has already registered or shown interest n buying that domain will be notified that it is ready for sale.
    • If the domain has not previous orders on it, or if the person who booked it earlier refuses to buy it now, the domain is auctioned off to the one who bids the highest. The domain remains in the auction for seven days.

    A lot of businesses prefer buying the domain name from a reseller.

    How To Find A Domain With Specific Keyword

    The first two methods we discussed were usually for those people who do domains sell & purchase a business or buy a domain for business purposes and purchase a domain at high price. On the other side, almost every newcomer or normal user needs a cheap domain name to start a new website.

    So In this method, we will find the cheap domain name by targeting any specific keyword like I want to build a website related to âTechnologyâ ideas/news and I will recommend you always buy domain related to your niche.

    So I will search my keyword âTechnologyâ on the search bar.

    As soon as I clicked on the search button I found 203,745 results related to my keyword but these results include all domain extensions , include numbers, hyphens, characters ETC.

    Now we will use the Filters tool to remove all unnecessary domain names and only find the domains that we need. So click on Show Filter Text as you can see below image.

    The first filter we will use is marked âAvailable Domains onlyâ at the common tab. The advantage of this filter is that we will see only available domains and Registered, make an offer or bid domains will not appear.

    Now goto additional filter tab and select domain extensions. I highly recommend you always select .com, .net and .org extensions because these extensions are popular and valuable. You can freely choose other extensions but not recommended by me because always choose the one that is most in use.

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    Domain Email Used In Account Information

    Its exciting to start using your new custom domain email address as your primary email, and we think thats awesome except in one very specific case. If you use your domain email to manage the domain name its associated with, things will get very tricky if you ever forget your password, since you wont be able to access your email in order to retrieve your lost password. Plus, if you miss the expiry date, you wont have access to your email during the renewal grace period.

    In other words, you wont be able to access your email address because theres no email address to access!

    What Is The Grace Period And How Does It Last

    What Happens When A Domain Expires?

    The grace period for a domain name begins on the first day a domain name is considered expired.

    The grace period is divided into two phases: the renewal period, and the redemption period.

    The renewal period runs for 45 days. No penalties will be imposed on the owner of the domain name, and upon payment of renewal, the domain registrar has an obligation to make your domain name online again.

    The redemption period runs for 30 days. The domain registrar is most likely to impose penalties to put back your domain name. The penalty fee varies from one domain registrar to another.

    After the grace period lapses, the domain name is immediately placed on deletion status, which will take effect within five days from the lapsing of the grace period.

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    Check The Websites Archives:

    Go to and check how the website was used before.

    This should give you an idea of how the website associated with the domain name was used, especially if the domain name has been blacklisted.

    If you see a lot of red flags based on the quality you see on these review sites, consider getting another domain name.

    How To Claim An Expired Domain Name

    Now that you have a fair amount of information about what happens when domain names expire and how long the process can take, you’re ready to claim one or more expired domain names of your own.

    But you may be like other people who ask us, “How long after domain expires does it become available? Can I automatically buy domain when it expires? How do I reserve expiring domain name?”

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    Recovering An Expired Domain

    You can recover an expired GoDaddy domain up to 25 days after it has expired. Log into your Account Manager from the main GoDaddy site and click Launch under Domains. Select Expired Domains from the Domains menu. Select the domains you wish to recover and click Recover. Go though the GoDaddy checkout process to reclaim the domain.


    What Are Deleted Domains

    How to Find Expired Domains With Backlinks from Authority Websites for Free

    Deleted Domain list combines all deleted domain TLDS into one list. It contains the same domains with the same information as the âdeleted .TLD listsâ, However it only keeps these domains for 7 days .

    So if you want to monitor current dropped domains from multiple TLDS, This is the right list for you.

    A deleted domain name is an expired domain name that has not been renewed during the grace period, and is now available immediately, for anyone to buy with in 7 days.

    An expired domain is a domain name that has not been renewed at the deadline day , but is still in the âgrace periodâ . So that the owner has the option to pay an extra fee, and keep ownership of the domain.

    You can buy a deleted domain name, but you can only put a bid on an expired domain name and hope that you will be one bidder to get it.

    I do not recommend putting a bid on a domain name if you could lose all or part of the money that you pay in advance. But if you can bid without paying first, then that is usually OK with me.

    But check for any hidden fees. Because many people confuse these two terms, you should always ask âCan I buy this domain name right now?â

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