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What Is The Cheapest Domain Name Registrar

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Network Solutions The Best Way To Register Your Domain For A Century

The Best Cheap Domain Name Registrar Review 2021 ð¥

A big consideration in choosing domain registrars is the length of your initial registration. Youll see most offer up to five or 10 years, some even go up to 20.

Network Solutions offers you a way to get the domain youre looking for and keep it for 100 years.

Thats right thats not a typo. You can buy your dream domain name and keep it for the next century.

Now, we get itwho knows if the internet as we know it is going to exist in the same way 100 years from now, let alone your business or personal venture. Regardless of practicality, this is a clear signal that Network Solutions goes above and beyond to help you lock down your online real estate for the long haul.

So, maybe registering for the next century is overkill. And, to be fair, you have to pay the 100-year cost upfront with no pro-rated refund . But Network Solutions domain search and checkout process is one of the best in the category.

Search for one or up to 20 domains at once. And, youll also get special access to pre-registration for new extensions. After selecting the ones you want to purchase, Network Solutions offers services terms ranging as follows:

Some specific domain extensions, like .online, max out at five years. But the greatest hitslike .com, .us, .org, and .netcan be registered for any of the above term lengths.

Make It Easy To Remember

Domain names are meant to be memorable. Steer clear of hyphens or random numbers. The fewer the characters, the better. You dont want to confuse your visitors or make them accidentally visit a site thats not yours. Try saying your domain name out loud. If its easy to pronounce, its easier to remember.

How Much Do Domains Typically Cost

The price of a domain is influenced by many different factors. The biggest is the popularity of the domain extension and overall availability. For a cheap domain, you can expect to pay around $10.00 a year.

During your first year, prices can be as low as $0.99. Many registrars and hosting companies offer attractive introductory fees to get new customers in the door.

After your first year, you will have to renew your domain on a yearly basis to keep it active. At this point, you will be paying the normal price, which is usually between $10.00 and $20.00 for cheap domains.

Some registrars also allow you to register the domain for many years at once, which is a great option if you dont want to worry about forgetting to pay renewal fees.

Now, those prices reflect the average cost of cheap domain names. If youre looking to invest in a popular domain, you might have to spend a pretty penny.

Popular extensions can cost hundreds of dollars a year. If you want to buy an existing domain, the price goes even higher. Some .com domains have sold for several million dollars. In our digital world, domains are a hot commodity, so some of the best and most recognizable have a significant price tag.

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Do You Need A Web Host And A Domain

Its common for domain registrars to offer web hosting services. Its also common for web hosting providers to offer domain registration.

These bundles might seem tempting, but in most cases you should keep each service separate. Why? Separation gives you a lot more flexibility if you want to change web hosts and/or domain registrars in the future. It also improves the quality of service on both.

Id only recommend registering a domain and getting hosting with the same company if youre not planning to buy more domains in the future. Companies that offer domains and hosting together will tout the ability to save money by doing both together. However, when you are purchasing a large number of domains, you often can receive a better deal by shopping around and separating the two services.

If you are doing something simple, like starting a blog or personal website, using the same company for both web hosting and for purchasing a domain can work well. When you have a simple website in your plans, you can save some money by using the same company.

If you do decide to bundle your domain registrar and web host in one provider, you should use Bluehost. It is the best service when it comes to delivering both of these services at an extremely high level, while offering both of them a great price.

How To Choose A Domain Name Registrar

Top Cheapest Domain Registration Sites

Before choosing a domain name registrar, youll need to look into a few basic things, like top level domains . The top level domains are a part of the domain name system and not all the registrars offer all TLDs. Lets see an example of the domain structure for better understanding.

For example:

In this domain structure, www is the protocol, mywebsite is your business name or second level domain , and .com is the top level domain . You can choose any TLD that you need though youll need to check whether your domain registrar is selling it or not.

Easy, right?

The domain name search should be simple and intuitive. Sometimes you know what domain name you need to register. But, if youre confused about it, then the smart search system should also give suggestions in the search results to help you select your business name.

Therere many other aspects well be discussing below to help you choose the best domain name registrar for your domain name.

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What Are Some Different Types Of Business Names

Not sure which approach to take when choosing a brandable business name? Consider these familiar business naming formulas to inspire your own ideas:

  • Descriptive: A literal name that indicates what your company does.
  • Examples: Dollar Shave Club, Toys R Us, The Container Store
  • Origin: A nod to the founder or where the company was established.
  • Examples: Ben & Jerrys, Hilton, New York Life, Floridas Natural
  • Evocative: An emotion, experience, or value associated with your brand.
  • Examples: Uber, Apple, Greyhound, Target, Nike
  • Wordplay: Puns, misspellings, alliteration, portmanteaus, and more.
  • Invented: A completely unique word or phrase created for the brand.
  • Examples: Google, Pixar, Verizon, Xerox, Nintendo Wii
  • Acronym: A combination of letters to stand in for the full business name.
  • Examples: UPS, IBM, H& M, KFC, H& R Block
  • How To Use Seekahost To Buy The Cheapest Tech Domains

    Begin by visiting SeekaHost.

    When you see the above screen, all you have to do is enter the domain name you want in the search bar.

    Once you find the right domain name, you can buy it with a .tech extension for the lowest rates. SeekaHosts rates for .tech domain registration and renewal are:

    You can also buy a .tech domain name using SeekaPanel. The process is explained as follows:

    So what are you waiting for now? Get your .tech domain before someone else grabs it at the lowest prices from SeekaHost.

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    Domain Name Vs Ip Address: What’s The Difference

    With a domain, you dont have to enter a long set of numbers in the address bar. Instead, you only need to type an easy-to-remember domain name and it will get you to your desired location.

    To better understand how this works, take a look at this brief explanation of the entire process:

  • When a user enters a domain name in their web browser, it first sends a request to a global network of servers that form the Domain Name System .
  • The servers then search for the name servers that are related to the domain and forward the request to them.
  • Next, a hosting company forwards the request to the computer where the website is stored, which is called a web server and it has special software installed that helps it act as a server.
  • The server then fetches the web page and information related to it and sends the data back to the browser .
  • Domain names and information are registered and maintained by domain registries. They work with domain registrars in order to provide registration services to users. The end-users select the registrars that provide the registration service and that way registrars become designated for the domain chosen by the user.

    Finally, only the designated registrar is able to modify or delete information about domain names in a central registry database, and that is the reason why users sometimes switch registrars. This is called a domain transfer process between registrars and it is governed by specific domain name transfer policies.

    With contributions from

    The Cheapest Domain Name Registration Companies

    How To Register A Domain Name (Cheapest Option!) In 2021
  • Namecheap

    Namecheap is a cheap domain registrar that offers web hosting services. The company was founded by Richard Kirkendall in 2000, and is guided by a vision to provide cheap domains and stellar services.

    They have over 5 million domains, and 2 million customers. Services include secure SSL certificates, full hosting packages, WHOisGuard privacy protection, and more.

    Customers state that their 24/7 customer support is one of the best youll find anywhere. Domains start from $10.69 a year for .com domains, and $12.48 for .org domains. You will also enjoy one free integrated email account, and free WHOIS protection for the first year.

  • GoDaddy

    GoDaddy claims to be the largest domain name registrar in the world, with other 14 facilities and 6,000 employees spread across the US, Asia, India, England, and Europe.

    They have 17 million customers and seem to have it all figured out when it comes to delivering cheap domain names.

    GoDaddy advertises that their domains cost $1.99 a year, but a closer look reveals that it actually costs $10 for the first year and $15 in subsequent payment, and .com domains start from $9.99 a year.

    There are also cheaper options such as .mobi, .in, The company was founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons, who came out of retirement to launch Jomax Technologies .

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    Trusted The World Over

    • Namecheap has been a trusted partner for our critical domain names. As we continue to grow, we know we can always count on them.

      Dylan Field, Co-founder and CEO, Figma

    • We’ve been using Namecheap for all our domains for years, and have always been able to count on them. Their technology just works, and their support is phenomenal. Highly recommended!

      Alan Schaaf, founder and CEO, Imgur

    • With a high value domain name like, it’s important to use a registrar that you trust. We can sleep at night knowing that Namecheap is keeping our asset secure.

      Bo Jiang, CEO,

    • Namecheap has quickly become our default registrar for the various domain names we use as part of our Buffer offering. A clear and intuitive dashboard combined with wide support across a number of top-level domains and a responsive team add up to an unbeatable experience.

      Colin Ross, Engineering Manager, Buffer

    Frequently asked questions

    Above all else, we strive to deliver outstanding customer experiences. When you buy a domain name from Namecheap, we guarantee it will be handed over to you with superior standards of service and support. Our primary goal is to build a customer-focused atmosphere filled with the happiest customers in the galaxy. The Namecheap guarantee is our mark of excellence.

    Products might be the same, but every customer is different. Thats why we tailor our deals to suit as many people as possible. So you get exactly what you need, for less.

    Still have questions?

    How We Chose The Best Domain Registrars

    In addition to the authors own personal experience with the companies listed above, our selection and ranking methodology took the following criteria into account:


    This is arguably the most crucial aspect of any domain registering company. Account hacking and unauthorized domain transfers happen time and again, and you definitely dont want to be the next victim.

    Registrars that respect and value their customers domains should have different layers of security in place in order to detect and prevent any unauthorized access or changes. Standard security measures include domain lock, account lock, two-factor authentication, and additional verification steps for processing critical changes, such as transferring a domain out to another registrar.

    Whois Privacy

    Almost all domain owners nowadays prefer to keep their personal contact details private and hidden from the public, and they have every right and reason to do that. Having your personal details publicly displayed in the Whois database can bring about many needless risks. If youre not getting free Whois privacy, you better move on to the next registrar.

    Company Reputation

    We only chose registrars that are accredited by ICANN . But that alone is not enough to establish trustworthiness, so we also looked at each companys history in the industry and narrowed down the selection to the ones that have a proven track record of reliability.



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    What Does The Domain Price Include

    The price that you pay for a domain should include all of the basic services that the registrar has to do. This includes registering your new domain and assigning it to the IP address.

    The registration and renewal price should also include the ICANN fee. ICANN charges a very small annual fee for every domain on the web. Its also charged for transfers. Currently, the ICANN fee is only $0.18.

    Some registrars also offer additional services. The most popular is domain privacy, which helps to keep some of your personal information on the WHOIS database private.

    This comes with an additional cost. You may also encounter hidden fees. Make sure that you read the fine print to ensure that the registrar you choose doesnt have unnecessary fees tacked on.

    What Do The Different Domain Extensions Stand For

    10 Best Cheap Domain Registrars of 2021 &  How to Choose One

    The most popular domain extension, .com, stands for commerce. Other commonly seen ones include .net for network, .org for organization, .edu for education, .gov for government, .info for information, .biz, for business, . mil for military and .pro for professional. Many countries also have domain names that end in letters related to them, such as .uk for the United Kingdom, .ru for Russia and .cn for China. Some less-common domain extensions include .aero for the air transport industry, .museum for museums, .name for individuals, .coop for cooperatives and .travel for businesses in the travel industry.

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    Best Cheap Domain Registrars Of 2022

    Looking for the best domain registrar? Every website needs a memorable domain name.

    If you want to jump straight to the answer, we can tell you that is for sure the best domain registrar and Bluehost is the best choice if you want to build a new website because you’ll get instantly a free domain name.

    Domain registrars are defined as the companies which offer management and registration of domain names for worldwide websites. Selection of the right domain is of utmost importance as it can trick a user in several ways. It also allows you to register and purchase a domain name. All these registrars have the accreditation of ICANN which is accountable for domain name management. It works as a non-profit organization.

    These domain names facilitate internet use for all users. Also, if there is no domain name, one will have to look for the exact IP address out of an extremely long list of numbers. Thus, this problem is easily solved by domain names which allow the websites to consider addresses that comprise words such as or

    All the domain names are responsible for recording the data which is stored in a centralized database. This domain name should be added to the database which recognizes the relevant information. ICANN permits a registrar to modify the information in the domain name. Moreover, a registrar also allows access to tools that help make changes in the web browser.

    What We Consider To Be Cheap Domain Registration

    Its all well and good to find a web hosting company that offers you the best deal ever on your first-year costs of a domain name. Heck, many web hosting services even offer a free domain name!

    But we always like to consider if theres a catch.

    For instance, the cheapest offers on domain registration often come with strings attached. Whether thats a locked-in renewal period, more expensive renewals, and/or the condition that you buy other services as well.

    You have to look beyond the initial prices advertised to know if youre getting a good long-term deal.

    Thats why we considered the best deals for first-year domain registration as well as the best companies to stick with over the long run.

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    Wenn Ich Die Domain Gnstig Erwerbe Wird Die Verlngerung Hnlich Gnstig Sein

    Wahrscheinlich nicht. Viele Domains sind aufgrund von Sonderangeboten oder speziellen Angeboten zur Registrierung im ersten Jahr günstig zu haben. Aber es gibt weitere Möglichkeiten, bei GoDaddy günstige Domain-Namen zu erwerben und den Preis künftig erschwinglich zu halten. Hier sind einige interessante Optionen für die Verlängerung:

    • Nutze die Vorteile der mehrjährigen Registrierung. Im Vergleich zur Verlängerung deiner Domain für jeweils ein Jahr sparst du Geld.
    • Erwirbst du viele Domain-Namen? Zieh unsere Domain-Sammelregistrierung in Betracht oder werde Mitglied im Discount Domain Club, um einige der niedrigsten Domainpreise und Verlängerungstarife zu erhalten.

    How To Choose Best Domain Name Registrar

    Best Domain Name Registrars For Websites 2021ð¥

    We can call any domain company the best domain registrar if it provides top-level domains at a minimum price ensuring the best security. Also, a simple user interface is a must.

    Additionally, here are some other factors to consider when selecting the best domain registration service.

    • ICANN-accredited: ICANN is a non-profit organization that maintains domain name registration standards. So, make sure to purchase a domain name from ICANN-accredited domain registrars only.
    • Domain Transfer: Sometimes, you may want to transfer your domain to another company despite choosing it carefully. So, check the domain transfer policy before making a purchase.
    • Customer Support: Good customer support is absolutely important. Hence, check the support policies, support reviews from the previous customers to know how supportive they are to their customers.
    • Pricing: Check into the pricing plans for the top-level domains along with contract years, compare, and pick the cheap one. Also check the cost of renewal, domain transfer fee, email accounts, WHOIS registration, privacy protection, and other additional fees.

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