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How To Transfer Domain From Bluehost To Godaddy

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A : Create Email Account

How to Transfer Domain to Bluehost from Godaddy in 5 minutes

First, create a new email account on Bluehost.

Just make sure that you create the same email ID as you created in Godaddy.

For example if your email id in Godaddy is: , you need to create the same email id in Bluehost.

Ensure that there is no spelling or capitalization change.

Also give the same password in the new account that you gave in the old one. You can change this once migration is complete.

How Do I Register My Domain

Domain registration is quick and easy. You just have to choose the best domain name, preferably something that would attract visitors.

However, millions of registered domains are around, so you have to check if your top pick is available online through domain availability checker tools.

Once your domain name is available, and up for use, the next step will be a breeze. The registration process consists of choosing the best domain registrar, purchasing your domain, completing registration, and verifying ownership of your domain name.

Keep in mind that the nature of the entire process varies depending on your choice of domain registration provider.

What Should I Do To Transfer A Domain From Namecheap

Does the sixty day rule apply if all Id like to do is host with bluehost, but keep my domain registrar with namecheap? Evgenia S. 5 years ago. You do not need to

Dec 20, 2020 First, log in to your Bluehost Account · Go to the domain section · Click transfer domain · Enter domain to transfer · Type EPP Authorization Code

Aug 9, 2020 As I was about to transfer domain from Bluehost to registrar and Interserver hosting in order to end my contract with Bluehost, it

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How Do You Transfer Your Site To Godaddy

These instructions are made assuming that your current hosting account and the new one with GoDaddy are both Linux-based options with cPanel available. This is by far the most common setup, especially for individuals and small business websites. If youre using a Windows-based hosting solution, the specific steps will be slightly different, so keep that in mind.

A Transfer Your Domain

How to Transfer the Domain Name from Hostinger to Bluehost ...

Step 1: Open Domain Settings

Login to GoDaddy and click on the domain that you want to migrate.

Step 2: Disable Domain Lock

When domain lock is on, make sure to turn it off.

Step 3: Get the approval code

In order to complete the domain transfer, you will need an authorization code from your existing registrar.

Before you click Get Authorization Code, please confirm the correct email address you updated with GoDaddy.

If the email is going to , this means that your email is not properly configured in the Goddess to get the authorization code. So, please contact Godaddy well and correct it.

GoDaddy lets you click on the Get Authorization Code to match the authorization code and domain information.

  • The email looks similar:

Step 4: Login to Bluehost and enter your authorization code.

Domain options are available under cPanel settings. Click the transfer domain.

Enter your domain name.

Then, enter the approval code received via email.

You will now receive another email containing a second verification code. Enter the second verification code.

Step 5: Change the name server.

Choose the option to update the Bluehost name server.

  • BlueHosts name server is and .

Additionally, select a renewal option, update your contact information and agree to the terms of service.

Finish the checkout process.

Step 6: Take a pending transfer on GoDaddy

GoDaddy to go back to the transfer and take the transfer pending.

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Export Your Godaddy Database

  • Go back to your cPanel and scroll down to the Databases section. Click phpMyAdmin.
  • On the left-hand side, you will see your databases. Click on your blogs database. The database will expand to the right, and you will see various tables appearing, like comments, posts, etc.
  • Go to the top menu and click Export.
  • Choose Export method> > Quick and Format> > SQL. Hit Go. The database will be saved to your computer.
  • Update Your Name Servers

    Name Servers direct the traffic for your domain to the host server. If you’ve already moved the website to your Bluehost account, you’ll want to update your nameservers now to minimize downtime during the transfer otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the transfer is complete. You cannot make DNS changes while the transfer is in progress, so it is important that you do it now.

    Our nameservers are:


    Your new DNS settings will begin to propagate as soon as you save your changes. Each ISP updates at a different rate, usually taking 24 – 72 hours to complete worldwide. During this time, your emails will be down, and your web traffic will be directed to either the old or new host, depending on the visitor’s ISP.

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    Change Nameservers In Godaddy

    Login to your GoDaddy account and launch Domains Settings panel of your registered domain which you want to point to Bluehost.

    Go to Nameservers option available under Settings tab. You will see GoDaddy nameservers are assigned by default and click on Manage link.

    GoDaddy nameservers will be like NSxx.DOMAINCONTROL.COM where xx represents two digits like 01, 02, etc.

    Enter Bluehost nameservers in the popup screen and save your changes. Default Bluehost nameservers are NS1.BLUEHOST.COM and NS2.BLUEHOST.COM or you can use direct IP addresses of the servers.

    You can get the nameservers in your Bluehost hosting account under Domains > Domain List > Choose Your Domain > Name Servers.

    Once you changed nameservers, it may take sometime for the changes to propagate. Click on the DNS Zone File tab to see the below message showing that your DNS zone file is not available with GoDaddy.

    Sign Up For Services On Godaddy

    How to Point a Domain From GoDaddy to Bluehost in 2019 – Updated Step by Step Tutorial

    The first thing you want to do is choose which GoDaddy hosting package is right for you. It has several different options, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. Once you pick out which hosting works best for you, sign up for the service.

    Depending on which hosting type you choose, it may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours for you to get all the details of your hosting account. It will send you key pieces of information like your temporary domain, the link to your cPanel account, and your login information. You have to have all of this ready to go to complete the transfer, which is why you must complete this step first.

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    How To Transfer Hosting And Domain From Godaddy To Bluehost

    Jun 1, 2021 Step-1: Get Hosted with Bluehost · Step-2: Download Your WordPress Files · Step-3: Export Your GoDaddy Database · Step-4: Change Domain

    How to transfer to step by step. From Unlock your domain: Log in to your GoDaddy Account Manager In the My Products section, click

    Bluehost gives all of its users the freedom to switch to a different hosting plan at any Both Bluehost and GoDaddy come with a free domain on all annual plans.

    How do I transfer my domain ownership to Hostinger? check our articles on how to get the EPP code while transferring from GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator.

    This article will explain how to transfer your domain name to Faithlife so that Faithlife See how to disable domain privacy with: Bluehost · GoDaddy · InMotion.

    Preparing for transfer. We recommend looking at your current registrars transfer away instructions as well as ours before getting started. GoDaddy · Enom · 1& 1

    Learn how to transfer your domain to Shopify. When you transfer a domain to Shopify, you manage all of your domain settings directly in your Shopify admin. You can adjust your Bluehost · Godaddy · Google Domains · Namecheap

    Get your domains EPP code from the current registrar, and enter it to authorize the transfer process. Youll also want to decide where to connect the domain name

    5 days ago Heres domain transfer documentation from popular providers: 1& 1 · GoDaddy · Hover. Confirm the transfer . After completing the steps

    Your Dsn Needs To Be Updated

    Your domains visitors are routed to the host server through the name servers. Changing your nameservers will allow you to avoid having to wait until the transfer is complete if youve already transferred your website to your Bluehost account. While the transfer is in process, you cannot make Domain Name System modifications, therefore you must do it immediately.

    Once you save your changes, your new Domain Name System settings will take effect. It might take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours for each Internet Service Provider to perform a global update. In this period, your email and web traffic will be sent to either the old or new host, depending on the visitors Internet Service Provider.

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    How To Choose A Domain Name

    Since your domain name can have a major impact on your online presence, what you choose is a vital first step in building your brand. Finding the perfect domain name, however, can be challenging.

    While its true that there are millions of domain names available, many of the popular domain names that are easy to remember are taken. Fortunately, you can still get what you need if you go through a simple process and use a bit of imagination.

    How To Connect Your Domain Name From Godaddy To Bluehost

    How to Transfer Domain from GoDaddy to Bluehost

    If you want to transfer the domain name just from the GoDaddy to the Bluehost, make sure not to skip this post. Well, it sounds pretty awful, but let me tell you that its kind of easiest method, all you need to follow a few things that are essential for you to know about.

    In this detailed post, I will be sharing the steps that will help you to merge your domain name from GoDaddy to the Bluehost.

    When I firstly have done quite a research on this post, I come to know that a lot of things are missing on the web and thats the reason why most people still look upon it as rocket science stuff which is not. Most of the posts are either outdated or consists of half-knowledge which doesnt make any sense.

    Well, let me can we use that when it comes to the Godaddy and Bluehost both provide you the best and most valuable hostings that will serve you a great feature along with some of the additional aspects like higher bandwidth and storage which means you get full control over your website.

    NOTE:- first thing you need to do is purchasing hosting from the Bluehost so that to host your domain to acquire the services offered by it. Just visit the official website of the Bluehost and select the required WordPress hosting.

    So before I just dive into the step-by-step process that we can you few more things about Godaddy and Bluehost.

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    Transfer Your Domain To Cloudflare

    Transferring your domain to Cloudflare tells your registry that a different registrar can now set those authoritative records for you. The relationship is based on trust. Registries only trust one registrar at any given time to make changes on your behalf.

    Transferring a domain to a new registrar informs the registry that they should instead trust that new registrar to modify information. The process requires some action steps at your new and previous registrar. Each registrar handles transfers a bit differently, but in general, they follow a pattern based on rules set by ICANN, the organization responsible for regulating domain registration.

    This section contains generic instructions on how to transfer your domain to Cloudflare from most registrars.

    Transfer Domain From Godaddy To Bluehost In 5 Minutes

    Jun 3, 2018 Read this ultimate, step-by-step comprehensive guide on how to transfer domain from Godaddy to Bluehost in 5

    Nov 2, 2019 If you have your domain registered with GoDaddy and a hosting account with BlueHost, you do not need to transfer domain ownership to

    Nov 14, 2013 November 14, 2013 releases the process of transferring a domain name from its registrar to BlueHost in an easy

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    How To Transfer A Domain Name To A New Registrar

    This article explains how to prepare your domain to be transferred from Bluehost to a new registrar. You will initiate the transfer itself with the gaining registrar, but you can do a few things to ensure the process goes smoothly.This process includes transfers to/from our MX partners.


    • To avoid any delays, please complete all four steps before initiating the transfer.
    • Avoid transferring your domain within 45 days after its renewal, or you could lose that renewal year.
    • Updating the registrant contact information for a general top-level domain will initiate a Change of Registrant process, which requires additional verification before the new information is saved.

    Are you transferring the ownership of your domain to another person? Read about Transferring Domain Ownership.

    Note: Legacy accounts will feature a horizontal navigation bar at the top of the screen, while Bluerock account users will see a vertical navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen. If you are still unsure, what interface your account uses, please see Bluerock vs. Legacy to determine which step to follow.

    How To Move A Site From Godaddy To Bluehost

    How to Transfer Domain from GoDaddy to Bluehost

    The process of transferring a site from GoDaddy to BlueHost involves moving the domain name and site files. Depending on your site’s configuration, it may also involve moving a database. Moving a database will be necessary if you use a content management system like Drupal, Joomla or WordPress, or any other system that uses a database. With basic static sites, however, moving the site’s files is enough to get you up and running when making the switch.

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    Backup Your Cpanel Account At Your Current Host

    The next step is to access your cPanel account on your current host and make a backup of all your files. This is a simple process that will usually only take a few minutes to complete, although it could take a little longer if your site has a large amount of data.

    To complete this step, simply follow these instructions:

  • Access the backup wizard: The step is to go to the Files section of cPanel and click on the backup wizard. This brings you to the area where you can perform full backups of your site.
  • On this page, select the option to create a backup and then pick what you need to be backed up. Typically, you want your home directory, which includes all files under that directory and all your MySQL databases used for your site.
  • Add email information if needed: If you have created email accounts and forwarders for your site, you can add them into the backed-up data as well if you want them moved over.
  • Select relevant domains: If you have more than one site that youre transferring over to GoDaddy, you can choose to make backups of all of them at this time. Skip this step if youre only moving one site over.
  • Once the backup program has run, make a note of where it placed the backup files. Its generally best to have the backup file stored on your PC to be uploaded easily to GoDaddy in the next step.

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