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How To Pick A Domain Name For Portfolio

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Maintain A Short Domain Name

How to Pick a Domain Name for Your eLearning Portfolio

Domain names can reach up to 255 characters. But, its not advisable to reach anywhere near this many characters for your domain name. Instead, aim for 6-15 characters.

Short domain names are better for your personal website names since theyre more memorable to clients.

Also, the longer your domain, the higher the chances that your clients will make a mistake when typing your domain name. This will lead to a decrease in your websites traffic.

Why I Wrote This Article

Over the last 10 years of developing websites, I have had hundreds of opportunities to help businesses select their domain names. After getting to the point that I had answered the same questions over and over, I thought a nice helpful article that summed up my thoughts would help. This article represents, years of experience, hours of internet research, and countless industry related book knowledge, all conveniently condensed into 25 simple and helpful tips.

Dont Get Analysis Paralysis

Chances are that if you want a domain name, someone else probably wants it too. If youre sure about your choice, go ahead and buy the domain.

This is especially recommended if its reasonably inexpensive. Plus, if you come up with something better later on, you can always let the registration lapse. You dont want to end up in a dispute because you didnt act fast.

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Use Your Url As A Way To Brand Yourself

Once youve got your portfolio website built, remember that people need to see it. You can include it in the bio information on your social media profiles, link to it in your email signature and print it on your business cards. And never forget to send the link when applying to a new job.

By this point, it seems that any half-decent .com domain is either in use or been taken by domain squatters, Ed Moyse, the co-founder of Hey.Press, said. Theres no way we could find a .com thats as memorable and sharable.

Moyse said he doesnt believe his company, JournoRequests, which connects users with journalists, would have seen the success it has if not for using a .PRESS extension.

Bianca Fortis is the associate editor at MediaShift, an independent journalist and a social media consultant. She is a founding member of the Transborder Media

Protect Your Brand With Multiple Domains

How To Choose A Domain Name

Have you ever heard: If the shoe fits, buy it in every color? Well, if the domain name fits, buy it in every TLD.

Even if you manage to snag a coveted .com address, you might consider purchasing other options and setting up redirects. You can even go a step further and buy common misspellings of your domain name.

This is a smart strategy to apply to social media as well. Even if you dont think youll use Twitter, you might want to grab a decent handle if one is available. Youll be ready if you ever decide to tweet, and youll prevent anyone else from taking that username.

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Be Fast Dont Procrastinate

There are nearly 330 million domain names registered in todays market and others are still continuing to pop. If you find the perfect domain name that suits your portfolio website. Youll need to register it fast because there is a high chance that someone else might have the same idea and take it from you when you delay to register it.

Also, since domain names are cheap youll need to act fast so as to secure your personal website name.

Research Your Domain Name

Before using your personal domain name, youll need to check if the name is already taken by another business.

You can do this by performing a trademark search using social networks like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. This will save you from future legal issues that would have cost you a lot of money or imprisonment.

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Awesome Domain Name Generators To Find Creative Ideas

Looking for that perfect domain but can’t find it? These 16 domain name generators will help you find what you’ve been looking for all along.

Can’t think of a domain? Or maybe your preferred name is already taken? We’ve put together a comprehensive list of a few of our favorite domain name generators to help you find that memorable URL.

Coming up with a domain name for a website can be hard. With so many top-level domains already accounted for, it can be hard to find one that fits with what you want to create. First, you have to think of an original name. Then you have to figure out if your idea is open and available for you to buy.

Many common domain names have been taken. But donât let this discourage you. Business name generators and domain name search apps let you see what names are open, and can give you options that would have been hard to brainstorm on your own.

Ive Heard That Using New Gtlds Can Increase Seo Rankings Is That True

How to Choose a Domain Name for Your eResume Portfolio Website

Its not quite that easy. Search engines use various methods to determine the relevance and authority of web content, and how to rank it for their users. While there are many variables that go into determining search rankings including content quality, inbound links, website structure, and download speed one of the most important factors is site traffic. The more people visit and engage with your website, the more relevant it becomes to search engines. So, a big marketing campaign focused on driving traffic to your website can help increase its search rankings, but it doesnt mean all domains that share your extension will see the same benefits.

Also, new concerns have been raised about vulnerabilities resulting from the availability of new gTLDs, and scammers are taking advantage of consumer confusion by using some to launch phishing attacks and other malicious cyber activities. Cybersecurity organizations monitoring this trend have recommended that people block the most abused TLDs from their networks, and individuals are already reporting doing so due to high levels of spam. At this time, it is unknown how many businesses and individuals have blocked new gTLDs from their networks for this or other reasons, or what the SEO affects are.

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Alternatives To Com Domain Names

When it comes to domain names, .com domains have been the trusty constant of many websites since the early days of the internet. But there is a world beyond .com domain names and this article will help you find that!

Often when searching for your domain name, the worst case happens and your choice domain is taken. While this can feel like a roadblock, its important to remember that .COM has been around since 1985 and, as a result, a lot of .COMs are in use – well over 100 million. Nowadays, you can search for a domain at hundreds of Top-Level Domains, or domain name extensions, to secure your brand name. Looking to find the domain name thats best for your website?

Tip #: Try A Catchy Phrase

Creating a clever phrase related to your business can make people smile and help them find you if they can’t recall your business name. It happened to me a few weeks ago on a flight to Los Angeles. One of my favorite holiday traditions is paging through Oprah’s “Favorite Things” in O magazine. It’s a dazzling array of treasures and delicious delights.

My firm is named Eat My Words, so we like to send our clients gifts they can eat. I flagged at least a dozen delicious treats in the magazine. Then, in a moment of forgetfulness, I left the magazine on the plane. Later, when I desperately tried to remember all of the goodies, I couldn’t recall the company name Greenberg Smoked Turkey, but I absolutely remembered feasting my eyes on their domain name,

Here are some other catchy phrases that are used as domain names:


A catchy phrase can be a great alternative to having the name of your company be your domain name. To spark ideas, look at dictionaries of phrases and idioms.

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Check The Domain History Via Wayback Machine

Note: This one is worth checking even if youre getting a new domain name. In some cases, the domain name youre trying to register may have been registered in the past but then abandoned by the owner. Its still good to have a look at what was on it.

There are a couple of ways in which you can look up a domain names history. One of the more popular ones, and one thats also within anyones reach , involves Wayback Machine.

This is one of the first tools of its kind. Quite simply, it lets you enter a time machine, so to speak, and have a look at how any website used to look in the past.

When I say any website, its not actually any website. But you can expect to find most websites that had any noticeable traffic at any point in time. In our case, doing a check via Wayback Machine allows us to see whether the domain were interested in has ever been used for anything significant, and, if so, whether it was all kosher or not.

For example, if you look up this site, youll get records dating back to 2013:

Its safe to assume that this site didnt exist before then . When you click on any of the records, you get a snapshot of the site back then. Quite handy, isnt it?

If youre buying an existing domain name, it would be a good idea to go to Wayback Machine and browse through every month of the domains history, just to make sure there wasnt anything shady going on at any point.

Wouldnt Something New And Different Help Me Stand Out

Using a Custom Domain Name in Adobe Portfolio on Behance

Possibly, but going against the grain involves many risks, and its important to know what they are. It may be tempting to go with novelty to stand out, but three decades of trust and ingrained user behavior around established domain extensions may be a large hurdle to overcome.

Many of the businesses and organizations that have been enticed to try out new domain extensions are experiencing unforeseen issues, such as customer confusion about their web address, and the technical limitations that compound that confusion. Reports of clients skepticism and operational problems, like incompatibilities with commonly used email validation systems, browsers, and other websites, has some small business owners urging caution to those interested in adopting new gTLDs.

Even some of the most experienced companies have found that choosing the wrong domain extension can have big consequences. Online retail giant switched to in 2011 and learned this lesson first-hand. Overstock reportedly lost scores of visitors because customers instinctively typed in and were greeted with an error message because it was not an active domain name. The customer confusion prompted Overstock to reverse its rebranding in less than a year millions of marketing dollars lost and customer confidence shaken.

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Who Needs A Professional Portfolio And Why

A portfolio can be particularly beneficial for those working in creative fields, such as writing, photography, design and architecture. But anyone in a professional role can benefit from having one. And in todays digital world, the most efficient way to do this is to create one online.

These types of websites are easily accessible and make it simple for others to see your work, including potential employers. They also provide flexibility when it comes to updating your content. With the click of a button, you can switch out one piece of work for another or easily add to your growing repertoire of expertise.

You wont have to carry around a physical copy with a stack of documents, but instead, can send people directly to your website. We all know how competitive job hunting can be, so its important that you stand out as a prime candidate. Employers are used to hearing why people are the best fit, but what if you actually showed them? Providing visual proof of your work with an online portfolio can make a much stronger impression and show that youre as talented as you say.

Additionally, an online presence is crucial for building your credibility and reputation. Imagine this: someone Googles you, and the first search result is your professional portfolio. Hows that for impressive?

It Makes It Harder For People To Find You

As we mentioned earlier, people tend to remember names and faces more than they remember business names. This means someone is more likely to look for your name in Google, rather than your business name.

And sometimes, when we search for someones name, their social media channels may come up in the search results before their website. Because of this, sometimes finding your actual website may take a bit longer not a huge issue, but keep in mind that this may feel frustrating to some.

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Give Your Domain Name Maximum Impact With These Smart Expert Tips

Every week, I help entrepreneurs come up with creative domain names for their startups, apps, and new ventures. It’s actually easier than ever to brainstorm domain name ideas. And you don’t need a whiteboard and sticky notes to generate innovative ideas.

As a naming professional, I rely on a range of creative solutions to find available domain names.

You can use the same trusted tricks and tools that I use to come up with creative domain names that work for you. Here are five tips that can help you create a memorable .com domain name.

Think About The Acronym

How to Choose & Buy the Best Domain Name for Your Website

When your site name is abbreviated to a few letters, its worth ensuring they form a memorable phrase. That way, people will remember your site more easily, and you can use the acronym on your branding without any concerns that people will mix it up with something else. Some famous examples include the BBC and AOL. The former is the British Broadcasting Company, and the latter is America Online.

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Tip #: Make Your Domain Name A Call To Action

  • Just Do It
  • Be All You Can Be
  • Have It Your Way
  • Don’t Leave Home Without It

A strong call-to-action tagline in an ad campaign can inspire people, move them to purchase and build brand affinity. You can achieve the same effect by using a memorable call-to-action as your .com domain name.

Tesla could have considered a call-to-action domain name such as the emotionally-charged While limits the company to vehicles, a domain name like could scale into space and beyond. It could also evoke the company’s relentless innovative thinking.

Other call-to-action domain names that caught my attention include:


You can use a call to action as your primary domain name or a secondary one to drive traffic to your site, such as the three listed above. Think about the actions you want your audience to take, say it in an effective way, and turn it into your domain name.

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