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How To Purchase A Domain That Is Taken

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How To Pick The Right Domain Name For Your Business

How do you buy a domain name already taken.

Choosing a domain name for your website to represent your business is a very important decision that will require a lot of thought and research.

The name that you pick will be your address on the World Wide Web for your companys website and domain. As such you want to make sure that it is the best choice and these helpful tips will guide you to your perfect domain name.

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1. Typing Ease you want to pick a name that will be easy to type for your prospective customers to get to your website. Plain English, short words, and no tricky symbols nor weird punctuation is in order. It is OK to use numerals or hyphens in your domain name.

In fact, it can work very well because numbers make your name stand out and hyphens help to separate words and make your domain name easier to read and understand.

Example of how well number can work check out My domain name!www.Best4Businesses.com compared to www.Bestforbusinesses.com

Example of how well hyphens can work on your domain namewww.Speedyautoshop.com versus www.Speedy-autoshop.com

2. Brevity is key the shorter the better. A shorter name is easier to remember, easier to type and less likely to be misspelled or forgot. Experiment with meaningful abbreviations which are easily understood by your customers.

Example of how good abbreviations can work on your domain namewww.USBrandingBoss.com = Goodwww.RtsBrandingBoss.com = Bad

  • NYarts.com
  • NewJerseyBakes.net
  • BuildingLA.net

What Are The Different Types Of Domains

Before registering a domain name for your website, it is essential to know the kinds of domains. You need to understand its types and which one to go with. There are five types of domains. Read this section to know all five different types of domains.

1. Top-Level Domains

As the name suggests, Top-Level Domains are the Top-Level Domains of the Internet. A domain name is divided into two parts the name and the domain extension. like .com. If a domain name consists of extensions like .com, .net, .org, and others. Then, it is a TLD. Top Level Domains are the most common and popular domain name extensions of the entire internet hierarchy. Some of the TLDs are .com, .net, .org, .gov, and many more.

2. Country Code Top Level Domains

Country Code Top Level Domains are the most common domains on the internet. As the name suggests, ccTLDs are associated with the country name. Every country has its own ccTLD. You might have seen domain names including .in, .au, .fr, and many more. These are known as ccTLDs. You dont need to choose a Country Code Top Level Domain. If you select a ccTLD, your website will be limited to that specific country only. You will not rank in other countries, except that one country.

3. Generic Top-Level Domains

4. Second-Level Domains

5. Third-Level Domains

Discover Who Owns The Domain

If you know the domain isnt in use, you can try to find out who owns the domain. The quickest way to obtain this information is by using a WHOIS service like WHOis.net where you can lookup domain names, registration, and availability.

The kind of information you can expect to receive from such services includes:

  • When the domain was registered
  • Who it was registered by
  • Contact details
  • When the domain expires

If youve ever registered a domain yourself or youve got one for free from a web hosting company like HostGator, you may know that you can add privacy protection to your domain.

This means the name of the person who owns the domain wont appear on a WHOIS search. If this happens when finding your dream domain, you may have trouble contacting the owners.

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Which WordPress Is Which Self

It can get confusing among the various forms of WordPress software available.

Without going into all the unnecessary technical details, business websites should be built on SELF HOSTED versions of WordPress. This setup offers you the maximum power, flexibility, design options, and cost savings. The other versions are limited in options and often cost more for web hosting and maintenance.

When you sign up for hosting or buy your domain name on Bluehost you will be given this version of WordPress at no additional cost.

Decide How Much You Want To Pay


If your domain is looking like its available to be negotiated, and you know the contact details of the domain owner, its time to decide how much youre willing to pay for it.

Theres no set amount you should or shouldnt pay for a domain, so its really up to you what you want to do. However, you can look at similar prices of domains on a domain marketplace like Flippa, which is very reliable.

  • Age: Older domains are often considered more valuable
  • Length: A shorter domain will be more valuable than a longer domain as they are easier to remember
  • Keywords: Domains with popular keywords will cost more because they will rank higher on search engines like Google
  • Generic Value: A generic domain name that could work for multiple businesses and industries is likely to be more expensive
  • Branding: Short and memorable names are easier to type and often are easier to build a brand around

Before you approach the domain owner of the domain you want to buy, think about the minimum and maximum amount you are willing to pay for the domain. Creating limits for yourself will be easier for you to accept and make negotiation easier if you are clear on what you want to achieve. Use a tool like Flippa to look at similar domain names, domain lengths, and keywords.

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Use A Trusted Domain Broker Service

One of the easiest ways to buy a pre-owned domain name is to let someone else do all the hard work.


In case you are wondering, a broker is a person who acts as a go between a buyer and a seller to make a sale happen. Some sellers prefer to sell through brokers so you might as well get used to the idea of working with one.

Thankfully, most popular hosting companies also have a broker service.

Heres how to buy domain broker service on GoDaddy.

First, search for the domain name you want. Click on the domain broker service link under .

Then click on Select and Continue on the popup window that appears.

All you have to do now is to wait for them to get in touch with you and tell you the next steps. Hopefully, after several rounds of back-and-forth communication you will get the domain.

Not interested in using a broker? Then its time to do some digging.

Which Domain Name Extension Is The Best

Which Domain Name Extension Is the Best? This is the most common question beginners get while picking the domain for their first website. And the answer is also relatively straightforward Top-Level Domains .

Top-Level Domains should always be your first priority while choosing a domain extension. Some of the most common TLDs are .com, .net, .org, and .edu.

If you are creating a business website or a blog, we recommend you to go with the .com and .net extensions. Yet, in TLDs, the .com domain name extension is always the best to go with.

So, read the next section to know Which Is the Best Place to Buy/Register A Domain Name.

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Buy The Domain From Its Current Owner

Sometimes the domain you want isnt available, but it isnt in use either. Thats called a parked domain, and in that case the domains owner may be willing to sell it.

Fortunately, its relatively easy to find out who owns a specific domain. To do this, your best option is WHOis.net:

Enter in the domain youre looking for, and in most cases the search engine will provide information on who owns it and how they can be contacted.

If youre able to get contact information for the parked domain, you can start negotiations. Its best to begin by sending a simple, friendly message letting the owner know youre interested in the domain, and waiting for them to offer an initial price.

Once youve successfully come to an agreement, consider using an intermediary such as an escrow service to complete the transaction. That way, you can ensure that it goes safely and smoothly for both parties.

Stick With Your First Choice

How to Choose a GoDaddy Domain Name (& What to Do if Its Already Taken)

Stuck on your favourite name? These may be your only options for landing it. It might not be possible, but it’s worth a shot.

Try to buy itYou can always offer to purchase the name you want from the current owner. If theWhoisinformation is public, you can reach out to the domain owner directly and see if they’re interested in selling. If the info is private, you can see if they have contact information listed on their website. Keep in mind: It’s pretty unlikely the owner will want to sell, or they may demand a steep price.

Legal actionIf you own the trademark to the name used in the domain, you may have an option to take legal action to claim the domain name. This generally applies only if someone is offering goods or services similar to yours, and if they began using the name after you. The first thing to do if you believe your trademark is being infringed upon is to discuss the issue with your lawyer or legal team.

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What Is The Difference Between Domain Speculation And Squatting

Theres no single, definitive definition, but generally squatting implies bad faith intent on the part of the person or company that has registered the domain.

That means they have no interest in or intentions of creating a website for the domain or otherwise using it . That person just bought it to sell it for more than they paid for it .

Domain speculation, on the other hand, involves registering domains that might be useful or of interest, but which dont block an existing trademark or brand. For example, instead of registering a variant of an existing companys domain, a domain speculator would register something more general, like weselldomains.com, in hopes that some domain registrar might want it.

Speculators are often more open about the fact that the domains in their portfolio are for sale, as well. Whereas squatters might set up a basic page to make it marginally look like the domain is in use, or create a parking page full of ads to try to get click traffic for extra revenue until they can sell the domain.

Some squatters own many domains, though some will only target a few, since the more domains you own that havent sold yet, the more money youve invested without return. Speculators often own a large portfolio of domains, targeting various industries with a selection of relevant terms.

Tip #4 Include Keywords In Your Domain

According to Googles John Mueller, adding keywords to your domain name doesnt help you rank higher on Google. So, Should You Include Keywords in Your Domain Name? Yes, you can. Keywords in the domain name dont help you prioritize your content on SERPs. But, it helps crawlers and visitors to understand your website niche.

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Research The Value Of The Domain You Want

Before you buy a domain, do your homework first.

Find out how much its worth.

Thats what all pros do otherwise youll waste time and resources only to discover you cant afford it. Imagine the sinking feeling youll get afterwards and that after doing a lot of legwork. Or, you could buy it but find out later you could have got it for 20x less. Youll feel youve been taken for a ride.

But how do you get to know the value of the domain you are chasing?


Use free Domain Appraisal tools like this one below from GoDaddy. Simply insert the domain name and click GoValue.

Wait for a few seconds while the algorithm works its magic

There are many similar tools all over the internet. You can also check fresh sales records of domains similar to the one you want.

Knowing the value of the domain you want helps you:

  • Plan better.
  • Budget better.
  • Negotiate better.
  • Above all, it helps you save time and precious resources if you think the prospective price is beyond your budget. You give up the chase before investing in the project further.

    Find A Reliable Domain Registrar

    how to buy a taken domain

    The foremost step is to find a reliable domain name registrar. It is essential to always go with a credible domain name registrar. Plenty of domain name registrators are present, such as Godaddy, BigRock, and many more. But, our favourite has always been Bluehost.

    We also recommend going with Bluehost to buy a domain name or even a hosting. They offer the best-in-class service at an affordable price. It is suitable for beginners planning to start their first website.

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    Where To Buy A Domain Thats Taken

    From a branding and marketing perspective, its especially important to choose the right domain name for your website. For many people, its a truly personal decision. The domain just has to feel right and you dont want to settle for an alternative.

    If this is the case in your search for the perfect domain, take heart. You might be able to buy your ideal domain name in the domain aftermarket. You can find most of the domain names from the aftermarket listed directly on auctions.godaddy.com.

    If your dream domain isnt listed on the aftermarket, you can attempt to buy it directly from its current owner. However, youll want to keep a few things in mind before you take the plunge and contact the domains owner, namely budget and timing.

    Set your budget

    Its important to think about the budget you have for acquiring the domain. Put yourself in the other domain owners shoes for a minute. They spent time and money to get the domain, and they might be actively using it. Offering them $10 or even $100 probably wont even get you a response.

    Think about what the domain name is worth, and be prepared to make a fair offer.

    Editors note: Need help determining the value of the domain? As the largest reseller of aftermarket domain names, GoDaddy has access to extensive data that we use to analyze millions of historical domain sales. Try GoDaddy Domain Appraisals to determine the value of the domain so you can make an educated offer.

    Give yourself enough time

    S To Your Dream Domain

    Now that you are ready to take the plunge and go for that perfect domain for your project, lets look at a few final steps which will give you the best chance at walking away with that name. There are really only a few steps involved in buying a domain:

  • Find out who owns your dream domain.

  • Get contact info for the decision maker.

  • Start negotiating.

  • Pay for and transfer ownership of the domain.

  • Of course, you can apply variations and tactics to each step, but I am confident someone with little domain buying experience can make a decent go of getting the exact name they want if they follow the steps below.

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