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How To Change Domain Name On Hostgator

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How To Change Nameservers: Hostgator

HostGator -How to change primary Domain Name! Tutorial

To change nameservers at HostGator, log in to your HostGator account portal and go to the Domains section. Then, click the More button next to the domain for which you want to change nameservers.

This will expand an additional settings area without reloading the page.

In this new settings area, go to the Name Servers tab. Then, select the Manually set my name servers radio button.

Once you do that, youll be able to enter your domains new nameservers. If you have more than two nameservers, you can use the plus icon to add more input fields.

Once youve added all of your nameservers, make sure to click the Save Name Servers button to save your changes:

Thats it! It might take up to 24 hours for your new changes to take effect.

How To Change Primary Domain In Your Hostgator Hosting Account

HostGator has made it easier for shared and reseller hosting account owners to change the primary domain name associated with their respective accounts.

A primary domain name is basically the domain name you choose while registering with any hosting plan on HostGator. Either you mustve transferred the domain from another domain registrar, registered a new domain on HostGator or simply changed the nameservers of your domain.

But sometimes the primary domain of your hosting account may not be that important and you would want to change it to another domain name.

Previously, I think we needed to contact HostGator via email to change the primary domain. From now on you dont need to do that as well.

So lets take a look at some simple steps by which you can easily change the primary domain associated with your HostGator account.

How To Change Primary Domain In Hostgator Cpanel

The first step in our how to change primary domain in Hostgator guide is to log in to the Hostgator Cpanel.

Once logged in scroll down to the files section. You will see backups listed. Click this to continue changing your primary domain in your Hostgator account.

You will now be on the backup page.

Before we change the primary domain in Hostgators cPanel, we need to download a full website backup just in case any trouble happens. Better safe than sorry. Hostgator does provide a full site backup, but its done randomly once a week.

If something happens and you rely on Hostgator to backup your site just be aware more than likely you will be put in a support ticket queue to get your site back up and running.

You will see under the full backup section the button that says download a full website backup. Click this to continue in changing your primary domain in Hostgator.

Next, just select the generate backup button, and then your backup will begin downloading.

Next, from the Hostgator cPanel scroll down to the files section. Click on file manager to continue in changing your primary domain in your Hostgator account.

You want to create a new folder that is named after the old domain. Click the folder tab towards the top left menu to do this.

Next, move the root files from the old domain name. Ill call the old domain Make sure its not the files from the other sub-domain or addon domain folders.

Check out our guide on how to sign up with Hostgator.

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How To Setup Custom Domain On Blogger With Hostgator

Follow the following steps to setup your Blogger domain name through your Hostgator account.

  • Log in to your account at Hostgator.
  • At the control panel, click on the Advanced DNS zone editor which can be found under the Domains section.
  • Note: If you canot see the Advanced DNS zone editor option, try changing the Hostgator theme to enable the same. The theme can be changed by clicking on Change Style under Preferences.
  • Select the appropriate domain to which you want to add A records and CNAME records.
  • Now add appropriate A Records in the fields provided, as shown below. You need to add the following 4 IP addresses for the A Records to configure your Blogger Domain one-by-one :

  • To add the CNAME records, select CNAME from the drop down menu and enter the details of your domain. In the Name field, add the name of your domain with www. In the CNAME field, write for linking your domain with Blogger. Add an appropriate Time-To-Live in the TTL field.
  • Click on Add Record to save the new configuration.
  • Note that it may take some time for the new A records and CNAME records to take effect. Once the changes have taken effect, you can proceed with setting up your blog on Blogger.

    Option : Use Name Servers Elsewhere

    HostGator Tutorial: Change primary Domain Name

    For some advanced users, it may be desirable to use different name servers . This requires more maintenance since it is not automatically updated like HostGator name servers are. If you wish to point your domain to HostGator while using third-party name servers, you will need to manage your domains’ DNS records and point them to HostGator. For more details on how to do this, read the following article:

    HostGator Website Transfers

    HostGator is committed to making it easy to transfer your site to your new hosting account. We can transfer website files, databases, scripts, and one free domain registration transfer.

    What qualifies me for a free transfer?

    HostGator provides free transfers for new accounts within 30 days of sign-up, and to newly upgraded accounts. For upgraded accounts it must be an inter-server upgrade to qualify. Please note that downgraded accounts do not qualify for free transfers.

    Depending on which type of account you sign up for, we offer differing numbers of free transfers. Please refer to the chart below to see what we include for new packages.

    Full cPanel Transfers is the number of cPanel to cPanel transfers that are included.

    Max. Manual Transfers is the maximum number of Manual Transfers that are included with your account.

    Total Free Transfers is the total number websites that we will move for you.

    Account Type
    Unlimited2 100

    Unmetered Web Hosting

    What happens if I exceed usage?

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    Change Your Domain Name

    Whats the value in changing your domain name? Without a good reason, its best to leave it alone, but thats not why youre here.

    Before we discuss how to change your website domain name, its wise to take a minute and consider the motivations behind that decision. Changing your domain name isnt something to be done on a whim.

    Domain names are oftentimes the first impression someone will have of your business and website so its important to take them seriously.

    Why might you want to use a different domain name for your website? I just dont like it, isnt a good enough reason, but the motivations below are.

    If You Have Hosting With Hostgator

    Log into your HostGator cpanel interface at Scroll down to Domains and open up the Advanced Zone Editor . You’re not going to add a record. Instead, you’re going to change one that’s already there. Find the record with the name “” with the type CNAME. Click Edit. Change the CNAME field to the DNS target heroku gives you when you type heroku domains or scroll down to Domains And Certificates under Settings in your Heroku dashboard. Mine looks like Finalize the change.

    Visit Please put www in the url. www must be in the url. This should now point to your Heroku site. Perhaps you will see a 400 error. This might be because your backend isn’t allowing Heroku as a host. If you have a Django app, for example, that’s not in debug mode , you must also set the ALLOWED_HOSTS list in to include ‘’. Otherwise you’ll get 400 errors when you try to access the site from the domain.

    The end result is that points where you want it to, and so will

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    Action : Beginning With Acquiring Your Organizing Plan

    When you initially browse to, youll most likely initially see the food selection. On the food selection, youll see Hosting, PRO Hosting, Domain names, Assistance, as well as Affiliates.

    While protecting your domain is among one of the most crucial items of the web site structure problem, dont begin by clicking domain name.

    The domain name area of the HostGator web site is an excellent area to browse as well as see if a domain is readily available. Nevertheless, if you buy your domain prior to buying organizing, you wont obtain your domain completely free.

    As opposed to beginning by clicking domain name, beginning by clicking Start on the HostGator primary web page.

    As a fast side note, there are 2 exemptions where its worth it to acquire your domain prior to your organizing account.

  • If you wish to book a domain as well as hesitate somebody else might grab the domain prior to youre ready to acquire a holding strategy, its often worth it to go on as well as buy the domain ahead of time.
  • Afterward you might wish to acquire a domain is if you currently have a web site up as well as running as well as wish to acquire extra domain to indicate your existing web site.
  • If this is your very first time acquiring a domain, click Start, as well as transfer to tip 2.

    Fixing Internal Links Images And Blog Name Mentions

    How To Change Your DNS (Domain Nameservers)

    Soon after contacting the Hostgator team, the post links on my blog started working, but again, the images were not showing. And as I often inter-link posts on my blog it would have been a lot of work updating every single post to replace the new links. I also frequently mention my blog name within posts which also needed updating every single post. I needed to replace all this with the new domain name which will take a lot of manual work and time to get done. However, one of the Hostgator technicians helped fix all of it with a little tweak. I had to disclose my wordpress log-in details for him to log-in to my wordpress account and fix things. In about 30minutes the whole problem has been fixed .

    • Everywhere I mentioned the old domain name is replaced with the new domain,
    • All the images are now showing
    • All internal links in post changed to the new domain and are working fine.

    Here is what he did in his words . For me its all like speaking Chinese.

    Hello Ikenna,

    I attempted to give you a call however I was unable to reach you.

    I found that many of the images and links on your website were contained in the contents of your posts and not controlled by the WordPress site url. I created a backup of your database then ran a mysql query to replace every instance of with . This change appeared to correct all of the images and links that were not previously working.

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    Set Up A Coming Soon Page

    Having a great looking Coming Soon page is not important, while surely you can create some excitement with a nice one. The main factor though for creating a Coming Soon page is to get the new website indexed in Google. You should as minimum write three-four lines of original content for easier indexation. Make sure you do so two to four weeks in advance of step 6.

    How To Connect Your Godaddy Domain Name With Hostgator

    *Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

    If youre anything like me, you purchase domain names before youre ready to use them, just in case. For various reasons, I use GoDaddy for registering my domain names, and Hostgator for hosting.

    The purpose of this post is not to go into why I do that, but the short version is that I prefer to use companies for what they specialize in. The name, Hostgator itself implies that hosting is what theyre all about, and while they do offer domain name registration, thats not their main gig. In contrast, GoDaddy is one of the top domain name registrars, but has a really bad reputation when it comes to web hosting.

    The second reason why I register my domain name with GoDaddy and use Hostgator for my web hosting is because I like keeping them separate, in case I ever decide to move to a different host. You CAN transfer a domain name that you register with Hostgator to another host, but I just feel better about keeping things separate.

    Its super easy to go into the dashboard inside of GoDaddy and make a change when it comes to which hosting company the domain name is connected with.

    If youve ever wondered how to connect your GoDaddy domain name with Hostgator, read on!

    But first. . . if you havent yet purchased hosting with Hostgator, you need to do that first.

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    Neat Things You Can Do With A Vps

    If youre thinking of releasing a brand-new company or a side hustle, among the initial points to think about is buying a domain as well as releasing a web site.

    Not just is developing a web site an excellent means to develop your brand name, yet a web site additionally aids you:

    • Develop trustworthiness as an entrepreneur
    • Draw in the focus of customers seeking companies like your own online
    • Offer items on the internet
    • Beat your much less tech-savvy rivals
    • Capture online evaluations
    • Checklist your get in touch with details
    • Make use of regional search engine result
    • And Also a lot more!

    While having a domain as well as a web site is a should when developing a brand-new company, its surprising to discover that statistics reveal that much less than two-thirds of small businesses have a web site.

    What these local business owner may not understand, besides that a web site is important to the success of your company, is that its cost effective as well as very easy to develop a web site. Furthermore, its feasible to obtain a domain completely free if you enroll in a holding account with HostGator.

    This blog post will certainly cover the actions you require to require to obtain a domain completely free with a HostGator organizing account.

    How Do I Point My Domain Name From Hostgator To Heroku

    How to change nameserver (DNS) HostGator to Hapih Host ...

    I’m trying to point my hostgator domain name to my heroku app, but I keep getting the error when I try to manage my domain names.

    An error occurred. Please verify the validity of your nameservers and try again.

    I’ve already added the domain name to heroku in the sites dashboard > settings. My app is free, I’m ready to move up and pay for the full version. I’ve been figuring some things out and I am ready to deploy. And to do this I have to point my domain name to heroku. I know I’m missing something. I’ve read the docs already, a lot, But it’s not all the way clear. I know it’s something simple I’m missing. Thanks in advance

    EDIT. I don’t want my domain to be a subdoamain. I want it to be the main domain. because you can’t monetize a site that is a subdomain.

    EDIT to be clear I want the domain name from hostgator to be used with my heroku app. So when I type my heroku app appears. I want my heroku app to go from this

    I’m going to outline two approaches here. One works if you still have cpanel because you’re paying for hosting with HostGator. The other works if you just have a domain registered with HostGator and theoretically in either case.

    Either way, do this:

    heroku domains:wait ‘’

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