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How Much Is A Domain Worth

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The Length Of The Domain

Domain Valuation – How to Price and Sell Domains

Generally, the shorter a domain name, the more valuable it will be. Now, this wont always be true. For example, the domain wont be very valuable. But, taken as a whole, domains with few words or short phrases will hold more value. Shorter domains are much easier to remember and more straightforward to market overall. You can easily build a business around a shorter domain, while it may be more difficult with a longer domain.

What Are The Best Websites To Determine Domain Value

There are many domain value appraisal tools that are currently available for free, or for a one-time fee. Each tool offers distinct benefits for customers and the paid domain appraisal tools often include additional benefits not found with free tools. Here are some of the most popular domain appraisal sites available today.

Use A Domain Appraisal Service

Domain appraisal services come in two flavors. You have automated services, such as EstiBot, where you enter a domain and it returns a valuation in seconds:

The problem with automated appraisal tools is they rely on formulas that you have to take with a grain of salt. As we already mentioned, domain value can be quite subjective, so these sites are not the most reliable approach. Theyre also prone to return wildly different results, so youre unlikely to receive consistent estimates:

If you want to rely on a third party to help you appraise your domain, your best bet is to go with a professional service. Sedo, for example, offers domain appraisals starting at $99 per URL. Weve not tested these services ourselves, but wed trust their results a lot more than what you can get from automated tools.

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How To Value Your Domain Name

CEO of PR FIRE – PR & Content Marketing Platform

Are you interested in selling a domain name? If you own a generic domain name and want to sell it, one of the most important steps you can take is establishing its value.

The value of a domain name can vary dramatically, from as little as the registration fee to hundreds of thousands, or occasionally millions, of pounds. A wide variety of factors can influence a domains value, from its brandability to its search volume.

We receive a large volume of emails from domain owners interested in selling their domain names. Very frequently, these domains have very little value. However, we are occasionally contacted by sellers with valuable, excellent domains for sale.

Whats the best way to separate a low-value domain from a high-value one? From search traffic to the potential market for the domain, many factors can influence a domains value. Below, weve listed six techniques that you can use to give your domain name an approximate value on the premium domain market.

Note: All of the domains listed in the content below are used for example purposes only.

How Long Does It Take To Sell A Domain

How Much Is a Domain Name Worth?

It depends on how the domain is being sold. There are three main ways to sell a domain all of which provide a different timeline.

The quickest way to sell a domain is to sell it at auction. As long as the name is desirable, it will likely sell quickly at auction. However, with auctions, you typically wont get the best possible price.

The last method is to wait until an interested party approaches you to buy the domain. With this method, it could be years before a buyer comes along.

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Existing Site And Traffic

If youre selling a domain name and the site is already getting traffic, or has an existing backlink profile, then you can typically get much more for the domain.

An interested buyer could be purchasing the domain for the name and the SEO power alone. They could be interested in taking over your website. Or, they could be using it for the sheer SEO power alone and forwarding your domain to their existing site.

Older domains also tend to be more valuable than a brand new domain. So, if you have an old domain, even if you havent done anything with the domain, it can still be more valuable than a domain you registered a few months ago.

How Much Is My Domain Worth

Did you know that certain domains can be sold for a hefty sum? You can also purchase an already existing domain name or create one yourself. By creating a domain, you are its sole owner and can, therefore, sell it to any potential buyers. But how much is my domain worth? This article addresses how a domain appraisal works, what affects it, and how its value is estimated.

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How Much Does A Premium Domain Cost

There is no definitive answer to this question. The price to register a premium domain is set directly by the registry based on the estimated value of the domain. Why they put a particular price on a given name is not public information. Existing domains that are considered to be premium are priced solely by their owners. Regardless of the type of domain you want to buy, registry or aftermarket, the initial price will often be quite high â either to register, or to acquire and transfer the domain. The renewal price is usually the standard one for the particular extension, but this is not always the case. Registries sometimes set a renewal price that can be equal or close to the registration price. If you decide to buy a premium domain, you should check how much you will have to pay the following year as well, not just for the initial purchase.

How Does Domain Name Valuation Work

How to determine the value of a domain name.

Domain appraisal can be a lucrative business strategy. Through domain appraisal, you evaluate how much your URL is worth, both for buying and selling purposes, which can increase by seven figures for some URLs, depending on some factors.

But first, what is a domain name? Domain names are what you would type into your internet browser address bar, e.g., or Domain names consist of a top-level domain and a second-level domain:

  • Top-level domains are the domain name extension that comes at the end of the URL, after the second-level domain,, .co, .net, .org
  • Second-level domains are the letters and numbers that mark your websites name and are placed before TLDs, or .net. So, in, the second-level domain is Review42.
NOTE: Domain worth depends on the TLDs used. Certain TLDs go for a higher price than others. There isnt a set rule as to how much you pay or the price of your domain. Check out the best domain name registrars and find out how much your plan will cost you.

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Value It Using Similar Domain Sales

One of the simplest and most accurate ways to value a domain name is to look at the sales prices of similar domain names. Platforms like Flippa and DNJournal provide a list of recently sold domain names, along with their final sale price.

Valuing your domain using past sales is a great way to achieve an accurate value, as markets respond quickly to current trends. For example, many domains, which achieve high prices right now, are undervalued using valuation tools such as Estibot and Freevaluator.

There are several factors to keep in mind when you value a domain name using the past sales activity of similar domains:

· Is your domain really similar to the examples youre viewing? Does it have a similar keyword search volume? Does it have a similar average CPC? Theres often a significant difference in search value between similar domain names.

· How active were past auctions for similar domain names? Domain auctions that receive a lot of activity are often for hot domains domains that are related to current trends and have significant short-term value.

· How large is the audience for this domain? Some domains have a broad and significant audience, while others only attract the attention of a small few. If your domain has a large audience, it will likely attract more attention.

Best Free Domain Name Appraisal Sites Online

You will note that the value will vary from site to site. The real value of your URL is what the buyer agrees to pay.

If you would like to get a second, third, or fourth opinion from another appraiser, it is a good idea. That way, you can get an idea about the range of the name’s value. Create a spreadsheet with the names you own and enter the appraised values given by the different appraisal sites.

Here are the five best free appraisal sites.

1. is a public service provided free of charge that calculates price indices for website addresses to track the development of price levels. It provides a very comprehensive instant appraisal based on the sales price or value based on an all-encompassing methodology.


Estibot is a trusted and widely used free appraisal service, providing over 1.3 million appraisals per day. Its search engine is trusted by registrars, parking companies, investors, and the IRS to generate accurate fair market value based on historical sales and other criteria. Some features are appraised drop lists, an end-user lead-generator , an advertiser bid tool, and API access. Estibot also provides appraisal certificates for a small fee.



5. is the worlds biggest domain brokerage. Sedo provides an instant appraisal service once you become a member and log in.

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What Is A Premium Domain

There are two types of premium domain names. The first one refers to any memorable domain name with high marketing value that is already owned by an individual or a company., for example, was registered in 2001 and was sold for $30 million in 2019. The name is short, easy to remember and has a high value, thus it is considered to be a premium name. This type of domains is sometimes called aftermarket premium domains.

$8 million

The second type of premium domains is priced higher directly by the registry organizations that manage the top-level extensions. These domains have not yet been registered by any individual or company. This is the reason why such domains appear as available for registration if you look them up, but their price is much higher than a standard name with the same extension. This type of domains is often called registry premium domains.

In either case, you can easily see if a domain name is a premium one by looking at its price. If the name costs significantly more than a random available name with the same extension, then you have come across a premium domain. If you notice that the price is just a bit higher, most likely somebody registered the domain with the hope to sell it for profit. Most of the registered domains that are for sale are not premium ones.

Revenue & Earning Of A Website

How much is a domain name worth?

IIf you have enough traffic, quality content, and exact information about the relevant topics, you can earn lots of money from a website or blog. Here are some recommendations you should follow to create a successful website and generate a healthy income from that website:

  • Be clear on what you are offering.
  • Show your unique added value and keep it simple.
  • No copyright or repeated text.
  • You should add at least one images with alt tags.
  • Promote your website in the social network.
  • Never link your website to any banned website.
  • Manage your website in search engine webmaster tools .

If your website has 1000 page views per day and bounce rate is 40% and CTR is 2% then your estimated earning is $1.5 each day. As you know it’s not full-proof we have just estimated the earnings. If you earning $6-8 per day in 1000 page views that means the ads which are Google serving on your website are high paid. In 2019 highly paid keywords are Insurance, Loans, Attorney, Credit, and Hosting.

We use our traffic estimation to calculate the “potential” advertising revenue of a website. We know that every website is unique. Some sell stuff online which is impossible for us to know how much they make. Some do not use advertising or any other type of revenue source, so our figures will show only the potential of that website. We “assume” that the website is using ads and affiliate programs to make money.

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Domain Valuation Guide How Get A True Valuation Of Your Domain Name

Since the early days of the Internet, successful domain names have held far more value than what most people think. A thriving domain is like a piece of digital real estate. If you own a sought-after piece of Internet property, there may be people who are willing to shell out a significant amount of money for it.

Some of the most expensive domains ever sold were purchased with eight-figure price tags! While the chances of your domain holding that much value are pretty slim, you may be sitting on a relatively profitable commodity.

To get a better insight into what people would be willing to pay for your domain, youll have to figure out its estimated value. Domain valuation is a crucial first step in the sales process. However, you dont have to be actively pursuing a sale to do it. Many owners utilize appraisal techniques to see how they can improve their website and increase the domains overall value.

Evaluating a domain and coming up with a monetary value is a holistic process. Theres no magic formula that will provide you with a price tag in a few minutes. The process involves looking at several factors and understanding the market.

Review The Domains Search Volume And Average Cpc

Does your domain include a generic keyword? Domain names with keywords, such as or have a significant amount of value due to their ability to rank well in Googles search results.

A website with an exact keyword in its domain name will typically rank higher in the search results for that keyword than a domain name without the keyword, assuming all on-site and off-site optimisation is equal.

If you have a generic domain name that contains an exact search keyword, studying its search traffic can give you great insight into its value.

For this, youll need to use the . This is a free tool provided by Google to Adwords advertisers that lists the average search volume for a wide range of keywords.

To use the keyword planner, enter your domain names exact keywords into the Get search volume data and trends field, then click Get search volume. Weve provided an example of an exact keyword search below, using this websites domain name.

Google will display the average monthly search volume for the keyword, as well as a suggested bid for Adwords advertising. Multiplying the search volume and Adwords bid together, along with other factors, can provide an approximate domain value.

In this case, there are four factors to consider. The first is the search volume for the keyword. The second is the average CPC. The third is the average clickthrough rate for the top-ranked search engine result.

* 6.97) * .33 * 12 = Approximate domain value

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Checking The Popularity Of Keywords

If youre unsure about any words in your domain name, you can turn to Google for more information. Google Trends allows you to see how the popularity of keywords rises and falls over time. You can even see how many monthly searches are made. When youre determining your domains value, use this tool to accurately gauge where those keywords currently stand.

While your domain may consist of a recognizable keyword, that doesnt necessarily mean its relevant to what end-users are after. Check to see how popular the word is to determine how it affects the domains overall value.

Know When Paying For A Premium Domain Is Worth It

How Much Does a Domain Cost – And Why? | The Journey

Your domain name has a big impact on your business. Choose the right one, and you have a brandable web address that people remember. If you select the wrong one, you risk obscurity or confusion with your prospective users.

When you go through the process of picking your domain name, you may find the best option is a premium domain. This guide will share what you need to know about premium domains and when paying for one is worth it.

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Similar Domain Name Sales Comparables

The first thing you should do when appraising a domain name is to research comparable sales that have been made in the past few years.

So, in the domain space, what counts as a comparable sale? Essentially, its a domain that meets similar appraisal factors laid out above. The most important factors are the extension, length, and brandability.

For example, for the domain, Estibot estimates the value at $564,000 with the following comparable sales:

  • $550,000
  • $450,000

All of the above comparable sales are short, single-word, .com names.

An important point on comparable sales like used car sales, make sure you distinguish between wholesale comparable sales and retail comparable sales. Wholesale comparable sales typically involve domains that have expired and were placed in expiration auctions. Retail sales, on the other hand, involve names purchased from domain brokerages, on marketplaces, or directly from individuals or companies. Those sales tend to be higher.

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