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What Are Public Domain Images

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Public Domain Images On Bing

How to Find Free Public Domain Images

Bing is a significantly better search engine when it comes to finding public domain images as under its Filter, then License option, you can click on Public domain. Nevertheless, the rule stays the same: always click through to the page where the image is hosted and do everything in your power to figure if the given work surely belongs to the public domain. If youre not sure, dont use it.

Public Domain Images On Google

Google is not necessarily your best friend when it comes to finding public domain images. If you start a Google Images search, you can click on Tools, then Usage Rights and your best option is to click on Creative Commons licenses. Naturally, this will cover all CC licenses out there and wont make it easy for you to filter the CCO licence mentioned above. Therefore, as mentioned above, dont forget to examine any and every result you may like.

Correctly Use Creative Commons Images

The Creative Commons organization manages six types of licenses that vary in their openness of use, ranging from allowing any type of use as long as the creator is attributed to only allowing personal use of the original work.

Each of the license types were written in conformity with international copyright treaties and adapted to the local laws of more than 50 countries. When choosing free stock images licensed by Creative Commons, users should be aware of the six Creative Commons licenses, including:

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Copyright Does Not Protect Certain Works

There are some things that copyright law does not protect. Copyright law does not protect the titles of books or movies, nor does it protect short phrases such as, Make my day. Copyright protection also doesnt cover facts, ideas, or theories. These things are free for all to use without authorization.

Short Phrases

Phrases such as, Show me the money or, Beam me up are not protected under copyright law. Short phrases, names, titles, or small groups of words are considered common idioms of the English language and are free for anyone to use. However, a short phrase used as an advertising slogan is protectable under trademark law. In that case, you could not use a similar phrase for the purpose of selling products or services.

Facts and Theories

A fact or a theoryfor example, the fact that a comet will pass by the Earth in 2027is not protected by copyright. If a scientist discovered this fact, anyone would be free to use it without asking for permission from the scientist. Similarly, if someone creates a theory that the comet can be destroyed by a nuclear device, anyone could use that theory to create a book or movie. However, the unique manner in which a fact is expressed may be protected. Therefore, if a filmmaker created a movie about destroying a comet with a nuclear device, the specific way he presented the ideas in the movie would be protected by copyright.

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Are Local Laws in the Public Domain?

How To Cite Public Domain Images Properly

Public domain images · Pexels

If youâre planning on using a public domain image in a blog or on your website, you must cite the source from which you acquired a particular image. The image citations should include the following information:

  • The title of the image
  • Information about the institution at which an image is kept
  • The source from which you acquired an image

In case you donât have access to all of these information or if the information is simply not available you should include all details about a public domain image you have the access to. Furthermore, there are several styles of image citations that depend on the source from which an image was acquired.

Spending large sums of money on images you can use in commercial or private projects is not always necessary. The public domain images are widely available and they can be used in a broad range of contexts. Which website that lets you download public domain images do you like to use the most? Leave a comment and share your opinions with us.

Dont worry when you forget the syntax of an HTML element, like and iframe, a link, a table, an image or anything else. Visit HTML CheatSheet and generate the code you need.

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Utilize Images Within The Public Domain

Although its not a license, per se, public domain makes up a large portion of stock images. As the name suggests, the copyright is owned by the public, and images are free for anyone to use, reuse, modify, adapt and distribute. While the images are copyright-free, its still professional courtesy to attribute the works original creator whenever possible.

What Is The Difference Between Public Domain Images And Royalty

Public Domain images are also called Copyright Free images, because, as the name suggests, they are copyright free. This means they dont cost anything and they have no restrictions on usage.

However, some images on sites labeled as public domain actually require attribution or have particular limitations on usage.

Royalty-Free simply means there are no ongoing payments due to the author. These images might cost money to use, but only as a one-time payment, instead of a payment every time you use the image. There could also be restrictions on usage. Royalty-Free images could very well be free of charge and free of limitations, but each one is different.

It is important to read the licensing agreement before using a public domain or royalty-free image.

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How To Find Public Domain Images: 15 Valuable Websites

1. PublicDomainArchive

PublicDomainArchive is a great source of professional-level public domain images. New photos are added regularly, which keeps the sites content fresh. The website is managed by Matt Hobbs, a professional web designer and photographer.

2. Pixabay

Pixabay is easy to use: The site has a good search feature and multiple options for exploring its content. All the images on Pixabay carry the CC0 1.0 public dedication license.

3. The Public Domain Review

The Public Domain Review is an online publication dedicated to the subject of the public domain. They have over a hundred collections of public domain images, with each collection having numerous images and containing a description about the body of work.

4. Unsplash

On Unsplash, you have more than two million free images to choose from. Unsplash is a project originally created by Crew, an online marketplace for creative talent.

6. PDPics

PDPics has a collection of over a thousand public domain images organized into 18 categories, such as Animals, Food, Technology and so forth.

7. Picdrome

Picdrome is a collection of photos in the public domain. The images are licensed under CC0 1.0 and arranged in categories such as Nature and Textures and Backgrounds.

8. Smithsonian Open Access

9. Pexels

Pexels is a stock website that offers free images and videos for use in your projects. The team at Pexels asks that you dont redistribute or sell the photos or portray people in the content in an offensive way.

What Is Commercial Use

How To Use Public Domain Images From Books For Print on Demand

As previously mentioned, some licenses allow the reuse of images for non-commercial purposes only. But non-commercial is a broader category than the name may suggest.

Obviously, the use of content for any for-profit advertising and marketing purpose is commercial. But so is creating an internal company brochure, updating a blog and creating a social media profile.

A blogger who doesnt sell ads or make any profit may be able to claim non-commercial use, but only if no type of commerce occurs or even appears on the website. If anyone is financially profiting from the content in any way, its almost certainly for commercial use.

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Tips For Using Free Public Domain Images

  • Be careful of images with people in them. When a in it, that person may have rights to privacy thats provided by his/her country. As Ive alluded to earlier, youre responsible for making sure that you use a public domain photo in lawful and ethical ways.
  • Consider providing attribution even though youre not required to. Though attribution is not needed for public domain images, most of the site owners and creators work hard to provide us with these wonderful resources. They will still appreciate it if you link back to their site to acknowledge their work. I recommend doing this whenever possible.

Where Can You Use Free Public Domain Photos

CC0 Images can be used anywhere for free but they are most popular among bloggers and web designers.

They do not want to pay for illustration photos to their articles or website templates and therefore the public domain license is ideal. Photos with the CC0 license are often used as design elements on websites as well as in printed promotional materials. They are also popular among students and teachers. They used it in the instructional materials or school works and presentations.

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My Top Site For Public Domain Images

Part of me wants to keep these wonderfully curated collections to myself but Id be doing you a huge disservice. Aiming to give everyone access to the best public domain creative resources Raw Pixel scan and enhance high resolution images from antique books, plates and museum collections ensuring each image is 100% copyright free for personal or commercial use . There are bigger collections out there but none come close to matching their Apple-like ease of use and thoughtful design. Public Domain Gems is a good place to start while Artist Collections feature 20th century masters like Cézanne, Gaugin and Van Gogh or explore the Animal Kingdom via some incredible illustrations from the 19th century and beyond. Collage artists and scrapbooking enthusiasts, welcome to your new home.

Telltale Signs For Protected Images

Public Domain Images

A visual medium is either a public domain image or it isnt, there are no options in between. To know when it is safe to use an image, one can rely on several indicators. For instance, if you yourself are the creator its obviously safe. Also, images may already whether its public domain or free to use, such as a Creative Commons designation. For all others, they require some research.

There are several distinct ways to indicate an existing copyright, informing users that the image in question is not public domain. The most obvious method is image watermarking, which is employed to deter any unauthorized use of the image. The same goes for the second indicator, a clearly discernible copyright symbol in the image. Also, there might be information about the ownership or the original source displayed or appended to the image. Additionally, an official copyright register might list the image. Finally, if you want to be on the safe side, use the reverse image search of Google.

If you create the pictures, images or visual content from scratch, youre automatically the copyright holder. The same goes for any photographs you take they are yours to do with as you please. You could register the copyright to your work just to be sure. Furthermore, you could include this information in the metadata.

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And A Special Mention To

Heritage Type Librarys public domain images might not have the breadth and depth of RawPixels offering but what they make up for in number they deliver in quality. Download hi-resolution vintage illustration packs from , Butterflies and Fantastic Birds to Bicycles, Baseball and Skulls. What sets Heritage Types images apart from the competition is the the way each image has been carefully cut out with transparent backgrounds. Its not often the case that images are cut out so cleanly and are ready to drop right in to your creative project. Each image can be used for personal or commercial work . Visit Heritage Library Vintage Illustrations

Public Domain Images Rights And Obligations

And now the most important thing. What you can do with free photos licensed under Public domain?

You can modify it and use it anywhere you want even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

Some websites, including have various limitations. Mostly concerning the ban on the use of photographs on pages with illegal content or bulk downloading followed by presentation on the photo banks. Supplement to the public domain license has, for example Gratisography or Pexels.

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What Is Public Domain

If a work is part of the public domain, it means that it is available to anyone for any purpose. A public domain image may therefore be used as the user sees fit. This includes not only reproductions but also adaptations, modifications and distributions of the original image. Although there is no formal requirement to do so, it is still considered good manners to indicate the original source. This is especially true if the basis for a creative alteration is a well and widely known work of art.

In contrast, any non-public domain work usually has copyright protection and requires a license to use. Copyright encompasses several rights, which allow the copyright holder to reproduce the work, distribute copies and display the work. The copyright begins at the time of creation and requires no separate registration.

It is important to observe the copyright unless one wishes to risk copyright infringement, which means possibly facing expensive legal ramifications by the copyright holder or creator.

How Do I Know If An Image Is In The Public Domain

Where to Find Free Public Domain Images

Copyright notices are no longer required in the U.S., so just because there isnt a notice listed on an image, does not mean it lacks a copyright.

You can search for the image in the Catalog of Copyright Entries. You can find out if a work published after 1925 is in the public domain, who registered the copyright, and what the copyright covers.

Any image created by an employee of the US federal government as part of his/her job is in the public domain.

Also, any image that has been dedicated to the public domain by its creator with a written notice stating as much, can be considered free to use.

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Avoid Penalties For Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement occurs when any party uses a whole or part of an image without permission, beyond the scope of a permission or license, adapting the image without permission or even asking another artist to identically recreate the image.

Its a crime, and it can occur even unintentionally, which is why understanding image licensing and usage rules is vital to todays digital marketers and visual content designers. If a website designer is hired by a company, and that designer steals images without the companys knowledge, everyone is still guilty.

Those who break copyright law can incur monetary damages, lawsuits, costly legal fees and even criminal charges, depending on the severity of the theft. As with most of life, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Caveat Underlying Legal Rights Can Trip You Up

Nixon and Elvis, 1970.

Okay … so if a photograph is in the public domain, you dont need to ask permission or pay fees . Youre free to do whatever you want with the copy, generally. Why generally? Because there are some exceptions to what you can do, even then.

If the photograph you want to use includes an identifiable person and you want to use the photo commercially , youll need to get permission. If you dont, you could violate his or her publicity or privacy rights. And no, it doesnt matter if the person is dead .

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Public Domain Images #: Abandoned Copyright

The copyright owner can abandon all rights to their work in two cases:

  • By releasing the work into the public domain with a CC0 license.
  • By transferring copyright ownership to someone else which can be exclusive rights or part of those rights .
  • Its worth knowing that copyright abandonment cannot happen by accident, it must be intentionally expressed by the original copyright owner. Furthermore, copyright relinquishment also means that the former owner cannot bring a claim of copyright infringement against anyone using that specific work.

    Key Sources Of Public Domain Images

    Forest free images, public domain images
    • Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Online Catalog The US Library of Congress is home to one of the richest sources of information in the world. Its archive of digital images representing the various sections of the Library includes photos, drawing, posters, prints, engineering and architectural blueprints that have both local and international scope. The photo archives represent a visual documentation of the history, culture, lifestyle, achievements and interest of the American people.
    • National Archives The vast majority of the digital images in the Online Catalog are in the public domain. Therefore, no written permission is required to use them. We would appreciate your crediting the National Archives and Records Administration as the original source. For the few images that remain copyrighted, please read the instructions noted in the “Access Restrictions” field of each catalog record.
    • A collection of public doman image resources, grouped by subject. Categories include objects, animals and plants, nature/science, history, locations, art, logos and flags, sports, and more.

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    How To Find Public Domain Photos On Goolge And Bing

    Free photos licensed under public domain and can be found using conventional search engines. Bing is able to find pubic domain pictures very well. Google can only find images that require attribution.

    In both searche engines, you can use one simple method. Just write your query and join one of the phrases free images, public domain or CC0. But always check the license on a particular site. This also applies to the following instructions.

    Both search engines have features that will facilitate the search of public domain photos:

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