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Where To Buy Ai Domains

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Namecheap: Cheap Prices Decent Service

JuliaCon 2019 | Scientific AI: Domain Models with Integrated Machine Learning | Chris Rackauckas

NameCheap is as cheap as the name suggests. They offer great deals starting at just $8.88 for most .com domains, with some more obscure extensions even being under a dollar. Their DNS isnt bad either, offering free WhoIs protection and a robust DNS provider thats easy to manage and transfer.

They have a bulk search option that lets you search up to 50 domain names at once, so if you have a whole list of ideas, you can enter them all in, see which ones might be taken, and check the prices for different TLDs.

They do offer managed WordPress hosting through EasyWP, though its probably best to go with a better WordPress provider and forward the domain to that site.

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Startup Branding Firms & Domain Name Speculators Are Riding The Boom

The .AI domain extension names are used by AI startups and/or AI experts to host their websites and therefore aim at a very niche audience comprising of investors and techies. And there is no dearth of.AI speculators as well, who think .AI domain names are the new .com in the startup world.

Many of the speculators and branding firms think that for the price of registering a .AI domain now, they may get a great return on investment as we see a proliferation of AI companies.

But, that may be a false assumption too. Some of the biggest AI startups like Deep Mind have a .com domain name. Even Facebook.AI redirects back to Neither do companies such as Netflix, Uber, Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, all of which are the actual leaders in artificial intelligence, not the so-called AI startups. In short, having a .AI name may just be a clever marketing ploy, .

But, according to some marketing experts, the domain with .ai projects a startups core offering and startup companies have customer attention from the very beginning. It also adds credibility and legitimacy in a subtle way which goes a long way in lead conversion.

Also, having a keyword like AI at the domain level offers an advantage and a brand recognition which is valuable to market the company and its services. In India too, we have many AI companies using .AI names.

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Which Domain Extension Is Most Suitable For Your Techstartup

Unlike domains such as .IO or .AI, which are either too specific or too ambiguous, .tech isglobally understood as a relevant abbreviation of the word technology. Think about it,instead of picking a domain that limits your brands potential to a specific tech vertical,.tech offers you …

Unlike domains such as .IO or .AI, which are either too specific or too ambiguous, .techis globally understood as a relevant abbreviation of the word technology. Think aboutit, instead of picking a domain that limits your brands potential to a specific techvertical, .tech offers you the chance to pick a name that resonates with every aspect ofthe technology ecosystem.

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Mengapa Perlu Memiliki Nama Domain Ai

Jika Anda bekerja dalam bidang kecerdasan buatan , terdapat dua hal yang perlu dilakukan: Pertimbangkan konvergensi utama baik-baik dan daftarkan nama domain .ai. Kami tidak tertarik dengan teori itu, jujur saja hal itu tidak tercakup dalam layanan yang kami berikan tetapi untuk urusan nama domain, kamilah ahlinya.

Bidang khusus perlu menggunakan nama domain yang khusus pula. Anda bukanlah perusahaan atau jaringan biasa Anda, mungkin saja, sedang mengembangkan teknologi terbaik di dunia yang modern ini. Ekstensi domain umum sudah biasa dan tidak mampu menunjukkan kehebatan bisnis Anda. Namun, nama domain .ai terlihat modern dan futuristik, sama seperti teknologi yang Anda kembangkan. Nama domain Anda juga akan menunjukkan keahlian Anda kepada calon pengunjung, bahkan sebelum mereka membuka situs.

How Does Getting A Domain Work

Domains of AI Class 10

There are two pieces to this equation. First, there are domain registries that own the individual top-level domains . Then there’s us, the domain registrar, which provides a big online store that houses all the TLDs in one convenient location. When you register a domain, we reserve it for you through the individual registries… like an Amazon of sorts if you were looking for an HDMI cable.

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Where To Buy Io Domain At The Best Price

.com is the best extension for SaaS/IO apps but to be honest most of the memorable domains are already bought by brokers, users, or business organizations. If a domain is easy to remember, its market value will be high. You may have heard domains being sold for several million dollars. Even if the domain is not memorable and if it is not available for registration, youll either have to hire a broker or buy the domain directly from the owner. It is highly unlikely that the owner will get rid of the domain for the price he/she has bought. Heres when .io domains come into the picture.

.io is a ccTLD that was once available for registration only to the internet users of British Indian Ocean Territory only. ICANN now allows users of any geographic location to register the IO domain. This is because many people may not have heard this territory before but they do know that IO stands for Input-Output. IO domains are thus ideal for web applications that accept some input from the user and display the result as an output. Below are the two examples for the same:

SaaS applications: These applications run on a server, accept input from the user, and processes it. Once the entered information is processed, the apps display a result/output. For example, SEMRush is a search engine optimization tool that can do a variety of things.

IO is a great extension, but it is not as popular as .com. Thus, the chances of finding a memorable .io domain are great.

  • Final thoughts
  • Which Companies Are Using A Ai Tld

    Many companies are turning their backs on the traditional .com domain extension in favor of more unique and sometimes descriptive TLDs, which especially makes sense as there are increasingly fewer available .com domains left to choose from.

    Companies that are using .ai domains include,,, and These companies have realized that it makes sense to jump on the .ai domain bandwagon due to its rising popularity in 2018, .ai replaced .net as the third most popular alternative domain extension.

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    A Few Things Startup Founders Should Know About Ai Domains

    Artificial Intelligence has been in the news a lot lately and its no secret that investors from Silicon Valley to Silicon Beach are pouring money into AI startups. With the AI gold rush comes another gold rush in the domain world with .AI domain names.

    Ive talked to a number of founders who are still trying to wrap their heads around this seemingly new domain name extension. Im usually the first one to tell them that its not new, and it actually doesnt stand for Artificial Intelligence either, but yes it could be a great extension to brand around, there are just a few things you should know.

  • .AI is a ccTLD okay, theres a good chance you have no idea what a ccTLD is right? You know what a gTLD is, these are things like .COM, .NET, .ORG, etc. the g in this case stands for generic. A ccTLD is a Country Code Top Level Domain which means its actually associated with a specific country. If you go to Italy youll probably see a lot of domains ending in .IT, go to Canada and youll see .CA, visit Australia and .COM.AU will be on billboards and store windows. .AI is actually the Country Code Top Level Domain for Anguilla.
  • Yes email works Ive heard some people say that you cant get email at a .AI domain but thats just not true. Like most domains .AI supports MX records so you can send and receive email from your .AI domain name.
  • What Is Ai Domain

    How to buy a Domain & Hosting from Namecheap | Starter Guide 2017

    Before buying a .AI domain, there are a few things you should know..AI has gained popularity as a domain extension for Artificial Intelligence based tech startups and businesses.However, very few know that this domain actually stands for a country code top-level domain which has been assigned to Anguilla.AI is commonly used as an abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence and this makes it a relevant andfitting TLD for high-tech startups and programmers to host their websites and target a highly relevant and niche audience. However,the website address is a tad bit confusing for users that do not have any knowledge of technology.They will fail to understand the significance of .AI. To many people, the letters AI may not make much sense and therefore theywill not remember it or will probably even get confused as it makes no sense to them.

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    Can I Transfer An Existing Ai Domain To Ionos From My Current Provider

    Yes. Transferring your existing .ai domain to IONOS is very straightforward. New customers first need to create an account with IONOS, then the process for transferring your domain to IONOS is the same whether you are a new or existing customer.

    First, contact your current provider to prepare your .ai domain for the domain transfer and access the authorization code. Then start the domain transfer with IONOS and confirm the transfer with the authorization code from step 1.

    Please note: Its important that the initial registration of the .ai domain name was at least 60 days ago and the domain has been with your current provider for at least 60 days.

    How Do I Get An Ai Domain

    Most of the popular domain name registrars offer their users the option to register a .ai domain. I have created a small table so you can visually compare the prices.

    Unfortunately, the initial registration of .ai is expensive compared with other extensions . The upside is that you can find premium domains in better prices compared to .com.

    $59.99 $59.99

    *The minimum registration for a .ai domain is 2 years. So whatever you see in the table multiply with 2.

    *Please check also the links for any updates in prices: Godaddy Pricing, Namecheap Pricing, Dynadot Pricing

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    Artificial Intelligence Domains: Guide For Domain Investors

    One of the biggest, current and future, trends in technology is artificial intelligence . Whether you realize it or not AI is already embedded in your daily life and its increasing all the time.

    Each time you contact Amazon customer service, make a banking transaction, use your smartphone, your Echo virtual assistant or a late model car, some type of artificial intelligence is at work.

    As domain investors, its critical to keep tap of startups in this space such that you can acquire branded domains.

    So what is AI and how can we incorporate AI friendly domains into our brandable portfolio?

    First lets define artificial intelligence and its various branches:

    • Artificial Intelligence A catch all term that includes techniques used to teach computers to learn, reason, perceive, infer, communicate and make decisions similar to, or better than, humans.
    • Natural Language Processing Taking text or speech and reading it using various text annotation tools to extract information and meaning.
    • Deep Learning Powerful statistical technologies that classify patterns utilizing mega training data sets and layered AI neural networks.
    • Machine Learning Developing computers with the ability to perform intelligent actions without explicitly being programmed.

    What Is Domain Privacy And Do I Need It

    Types of Artificial Intelligence: Details That Everyone ...

    Domain privacy and security is as important to us as it is to you. Without domain privacy, your private and sensitive information may be collected and displayed in ICANN’s WHOIS database when you register your domain. Domain privacy ensures that these details are hidden from the public view. Our Domain Privacy + Protection package will make ICANN display our contact information in lieu of yours.

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    What Does Ai Mean

    Typically, .ai is the country code top-level domain for Anguilla which is a United Kingdom Overseas Territory. This domain extension was launched back in 1995. Originally was available only for the residents of this small island.

    In 2009 the registration opened to anyone in the world. There is a possible reason that led to this decision. Artificial intelligence in the 2000s was growing and some use cases of this technology had applications in real life. Some examples were speech recognition software or mini-robots. So, the potential for a growing sector it was viable.

    The .ai domain fits perfectly in that case. You can easily refer to .ai as artificial intelligence even if this wasnt the original meaning. The additional advantage was that many more good keyword domains were available compared to .com.

    This is the site of the .ai registry : . The registry is the organization that runs a domain extension and gets a wholesale fee for any registration.

    Should I Register More Than One Domain

    Yes! Registering multiple domain names protects your brand from domain squatters or copycats who may try to register alternative versions of your domain. For example, if you own, you may want to consider registering and as well. You may want to consider misspelled versions of your domain name too.

    Want to learn more?

    Weââ¬â¢ve got you covered. Here’s a few articles about searching for a domain we think you’ll find pretty helpful:

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    As Ai Heats Up In The Startup World Ai Heats Up In The Domain World

    If Cloud was the buzzword of buzzwords five years ago I think its safe to say that AI or Artificial Intelligence took over in 2016 and is going strong in 2017. In fact, AI has become such a massive buzzword in the startup world that investors are starting to do a deeper dive into which companies are actually using AI and which are just using the term.

    When a new term gets hot, people in the domain name world get busy registering names and thats just what is happening in the .AI space. Popular domain name blog recently published a post titled, Someone is going on a .AI Shopping Spree in it they shared some of the recent buying behavior on domain marketplace Sedo.

    So the last few weeks the Sedo country code sales have been filled with .Ai sales. The top two sales this week were .Ai sales. The week before .Ai took 12 of 27 reported cctld sales.

    There seems to be one company out of Beijing that is buying all these .Ai names.

    While domain name investors are buying up a lot of the top keywords in .AI, many startup founders are still trying to wrap their head around this seemingly new domain name extension. Not surprisingly theres a lot of confusion around .AI and I thought now was as good a time as any to clear things up.

    Heres a handful of facts you might not have known about .AI domain names

    If youre interested in understanding what .AI domains are selling for you can look up past sales on NameBio and filter by the .AI extension.

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