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What Is The Best Domain Extension

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What Are Domain Extensions

What are Domain Extensions and How do I Choose a Domain Extension?

Domain Extensions also are known as Top Level Domain or TLDs. Extensions are the suffixes or last part of the domain name. It refers to a notation found at the end of a web address. It is an internet category such as .com, .in, .net etc. Domain extensions are posted on the right side of the URL after the dot.

Extensions can be used for all such organizations like Education, Research, and Businesses. It helps to recognize the difference between creating a successful web presence and getting lost in cyberspace.

For Example here .com is a domain extension or TLDs.

Should You Register All Other Available Extensions

As you search for your domain name, you will notice that more than one extension is available. Should you register all of them? The answer to that question largely depends on your budget, but generally speaking, its a wise choice to register the most common extensions as well.

The main idea behind this is it helps protect your brand. In an ideal world, you shouldnt be worried about the possibility of someone registering your name with a different extension for malicious purposes. In reality, there is always a possibility that something similar might happen. If someone goes out of their way to build up the other site in search engine rankings, you run the risk of having your reputation tarnished.

If you can afford it, minimize this risk by registering at least the .net, .me, and .co extensions. Then, simply redirect those domains to point to your primary domain name.

Use An Industry Tld To Keep It Relevant

Depending on your industry, there are hundreds of different domain extensions that you can choose from to help keep your domain name relevant to your industry. A few examples are .game, .beer, .app, and .health. If there is a relevant industry term for your business, this can be used to keep your URL shorter. For example, is shorter and easier to say than

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How Many Domain Name Extensions Are There

As you can see we have 280 domain extensions intotal. The two main groups are the so-called gTLDs and the ccTLDs .We will go into more detail about gTLD and ccTLD registrationnumbers later.

Similarly, it is asked, what are the 5 most common domain extensions?

Let’s explore what are the five most common domainextensions and why you should consider that extension for your newdomain.

  • 1. .com. For people wondering what are the five most commondomain extensions, .com is hands-down the most popular top-leveldomain .
  • 2. .net.
  • 3. .org.
  • 4. .co.
  • Furthermore, what is the most widely used domain name extension? .COM is by far the the largest namespaceworldwide, followed by the German .DE internet code, the Chinese.CN country domain extension and the generic .NET webaddress.

    Likewise, people ask, what do different domain extensions mean?

    Domain extensions, also known as Top LevelDomains or TLDs, are the suffixes or the last part of adomain name – the letters that come after the dot to theright of any domain name.

    What are the new domain extensions?

    In plain language, a gTLD is a new domain that recently hit the marketor one that’s less mainstream than website extensions like,say, .com or .net domains. If you’ve got an eye on one that’s aboutto open up to the public, the smart move is signing up forpre-registration.

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    6 Clever Uses of Domain Extensions

    Your .com is the criteria you should use as you choose what to buy as an alternative.

  • Your domain name should be easy to remember
  • Your domain name should be clear over clever
  • Your domain name should be proper spelling if possible
  • Prioritize getting a .com
  • Look at what is available as a .net if you are unhappy with all .com options
  • Look at .cc, .biz, .io, or .us as your next option
  • Avoid .co because people will think its supposed to be .com
  • Once you buy your business domain, commit to it. Dont switch domains four months into your website. Commit to the domain you bought and begin investing in the domain name quality. Create great content, . Publish regularly and build a good reputation with search engines. What you publish on your website will be the determining factor for whether or not your online presence sinks or swims not your domain name.

    Even after this article, its quite possible that you still have questions. If you would like to bounce a few ideas off of our team, we would love to hear from you. You can send us a message through our contact form just letting us know what youre considering. It would be our pleasure to give you some insight into how we would approach the situation and hopefully give you a greater level of confidence moving forward with your purchase.

    Do not let your domain name anxiety prevent you from getting your business online. Get your site launched ASAP and start the building process.

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    The Bottom Line On Domain Extensions

    While there are many different domain extensions available for most business owners a .com is still your best bet. Its the most widely used domain extension and is still top of mind when customers type in their searches.

    With a little creativity most businesses can find a suitable domain to represent their brand, but because so many names are taken it will probably take a bit of brainstorming.

    If you want to go for a more creative extension then its a good idea to make sure you have an advertising budget that will help people remember your brandincluding the extension.

    There are also restricted domain extensions, but you have to qualify under a very specific set of rules to get these.

    How To Decide Which Domain Extension Is Right For You

    Insight | by Matt Banner on January 12, 2017

    Your domain is the foundation of your website. It is one of the first and most important decisions youll make. Its also something youre going to carry with you for a long time. How do you give it the proper time and attention? What should you consider?

    Even more confusing are the various top-level domains and extensions that you may or may not want for your site. Most people are familiar with the .com extension. Today, were going to look at how these extensions came to be, followed by a look at the most popular options . Finally, well take a look at five golden rules for choosing your full domain name.

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    What Extensions Should You Avoid

    We mentioned before that new domain extensions are available nowadays and you are no longer limited to a .com, .org, or a .net domain. The options range from .design, .guru, .rocks, .site, to .online, .xyz, and even .blog.

    Seeing all those new options might be tempting and you might fall into the trap of thinking it will make your website more creative and memorable.

    The truth is that those domain extensions havent been available for long and most people arent even aware of their existence. Aside from the aforementioned problem of people simply attaching the new extension to the standard .com, there is also a risk of coming off as unprofessional, especially if you choose an extension like .ninja or .guru.

    The Newest Top Domains

    SEO Tips: Best Domain Extension for Search Rankings

    To expand the Domain Name System and enable more web presences, new generic TLDs are published every so often. Although these new domain extensions are not yet as established as traditional TLDs, they offer far more opportunities to create suitable website addresses.

    Verisign also addresses the new domain extensions in its regular domain report:

    5.2 % 16.03.2015

    The domain extension .icu has gained a lot of popularity in recent months and is a popular TLD. The reason for this, besides the marketing-friendly meaning of the abbreviation, is that the prices for this ngTLD had been reduced.

    Also, part of the new domain extensions are geographic TLDs, which, however, do not belong to the ccTLDs, because they are administered differently. In the USA, .chicago and .nyc are popular choices.

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    The Most Popular Domain Extension In 2021

    Being updated about the domain extensions and the current trends of the domain extension field is very important if you are planning to upgrade your business to an online platform or start an online business. Because the domain name plays a very important role in your URL!!! So we think knowing the current most popular domain extensions will help you get the right decision for your business.

  • .com 52%
  • .in 1.7%
  • .uk 1.6%
  • Most of the country codes , such as .ru, .ir, .in and .uk can only be used within that particular country. And as you can see, .com is the most popular domain extension in 2021 and you can use it worldwide without any geographical limitations.

    The Most Popular Domain Extensions 2021

    One of the oldest TLDs in the world is still the most popular domain extension after more than 30 years: .com. Originally intended as an abbreviation of commercial and planned only for companies, many users now associate .com domains with websites in the USA. This is for good reason, as the domain extension .us, which was actually intended for the USA, isnt used as much as .com, although .us is on the rise for government websites, alongside .gov.


    This ranking is taken from Analysis by This service provider measures published websites and tries to filter spam websites from its statistics. This therefore sometimes results in different statistics to other publications. Another source worth checking out is the Domain Name Industry Brief from Verisign, the operator of the .com domains.

    No matter which statistics you look up, more than half of all Internet addresses have the extension .com. Also high up in the rankings are the other two generic top-level domains .net and .org. Like .com, these have been around since 1985. The other domain extensions in the top 10 are primarily country code TLDs , which are country-specific. .us isnt high up on the list at all possibly because most websites in the USA will use .com.

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    Do You Have To Buy The Same Domain Name As Your Registered Business Name

    In short, no. However, there are a few things to consider. Ideally, your domain name should be similar to your business name. So, if your registered business name is High Street Plumbing Ltd., you wouldn’t want to pick the domain name

    Keep your business brand or personal brand, if you’re self-employed consistent across all of your content, platforms and marketing items when choosing a domain name. Make sure your domain name is consistent with the branding you use for your business on social media as well.

    In the case of High Street Plumbing, these would be a couple of domain names to consider:

    • highstreetplumbing
    • highstreetplumbers

    Even if the domain name isn’t exactly the same as your registered business name, it still gives your customers something similar to search for online.

    How To Buy Your Domain Name

    How to Choose a Domain Name (8 Tips to Stand Out)

    With everything checked off from the previous section, itstime to buy your domain name.

    Make sure you buy your domain from a reputable domain registrar company thats registered with ICANN .

    There are plenty of places to buy your domain name, but we recommend Namecheap.

    Note: Many web hosts also offer domains, sometimes bundled as part of a first-year package. But for security and convenience, we recommend buying your domain name separately.

    Check availability

    Head over to Namecheap and enter the domain you want. If .COM is available, you can register it straight away. If not, youll see a list of all the alternative gTLDs.

    Consider buying theother extensions as well

    You may want to consider buying the other TLD extensions, aswell as .COM, to avoid anyone setting up a competing site or misusing yourbrand name.

    Consider buying themisspellings

    Some people also buy the likely misspellings of their domain name and set up a redirect to the correct site. Thats precisely what did when they bought

    Set your domains torenew automatically

    You usually register your domain name for 12 months. Towardsthe end of that period, you should get an email reminding you to renew yourdomain before anyone else nips in and steals it from you. But with Namecheap,you can set your domain name to renew automatically, so theres no chance ofyou forgetting.

    Register yourcorresponding social media handles

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    Other Tld Options You Can Use For Your Industry

    As mentioned earlier, there are over 1500 domain extensions available for startups and you have an idea why you should get a .com domain extension for your business. But if you have an interest to find out what are the other domain extensions related to your industry, we have listed some of the industries below.

    • Architecture industry- .archi, .architect
    • Retail shops- .trade, .shopping, .boutique

    Common Options For Tlds And When To Use Them

    There are over 400 different extensions available, so we wont be able to cover them all here, but lets take a look at the most popular options, and when theyre best used as an extension for your domain:

    • .com This is the most popular extension and originally stood for commercial sites, but now it is used for all kinds of websites.
    • .net Originally intended for networked websites, this domain extension is used for a wide variety of purposes today. This is a good backup if your ideal choice is taken in the .com extension. Its also good for tech companies as net implies technology and networking.
    • .org meant for organizations. Best used if your website is for a nonprofit company. Not the ideal solution if youre a business as it sends mixed messages.
    • .edu This one isnt typically available for public registration, and is instead used by colleges and educational institutions.
    • .info This is best used if your website is purely there for information or as a database of knowledge. If youre not selling anything, then this domain could work well.
    • .biz An alternative to .com domains for businesses, but it does have some bad connotations because of spammy sites using it.
    • .me This extension is often used for personal websites or blogs that have no commercial intent.

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    What Is One And When Did It Launch

    Until 2013, the .com, .org, .info and .net domain name extensions were the most commonly used gTLDs out there. Around that time, ICANN started an initiative to introduce new gTLDs to the Internet. Their main goal being to allow businesses to state their purpose in an easier way, and create new options for companies to pick their perfect domain name.

    Lots of Domain Registries entered their bids to manage new domain extensions. The .one domain name add-on was introduced on February 22nd of 2015, and it was made public on May 20th of the same year.

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