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What Is Premium Domain Godaddy

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How to Sell Domains with Godaddy Premiums

When you buy a premium domain, its a long-term investment in your brand it offers the exclusivity that is needed to build a distinguished online identity.

When you buy a premium domain for your online business, you are investing in an unforgettable and intuitive web address that will enable your business to gain authority over the business category you belong to or the target market you cater to.

Here are some of the reasons why businesses are willing to invest a huge chunk of their marketing budgets to buy a premium domain name:

Godaddy Premium Dns Vs Cloudflare Best Alternative

Since GoDaddy Premium DNS has many shortcomings, you must look for some better options available in the DNS market. One such excellent service is offered by Cloudflare which is free to use.

Lets compare some of the major differences between the GoDaddy Premium DNS and Cloudflare DNS:

  • Costs: The biggest difference between the GoDaddy Premium DNS and Cloudflare DNS lies in their costs. While you can get the Cloudflare DNS for free, you will have to pay monthly costs for the GoDaddy Premium DNS service.
  • Locations: Another major difference between the DNS service offered by these two companies lies in the coverage they offer. Cloudflare has a much larger network than GoDaddy. It has a massive infrastructure built specifically for DNS with a low-latency environment. The Anycast DNS network of Cloudflare is spread across more than 250 cities globally.
  • Speed: Cloudflare DNS is one of the fastest DNS services in the world. So it offers better speed than the GoDaddy Premium DNS. The free version of GoDaddy DNS is even slower than its Premium version.
  • Nameservers: One of the biggest advantages of using Cloudflare DNS is the possibility to use custom nameservers. Where GoDaddy does not allow you to use external nameservers, you can choose to maintain your DNS infrastructure with Cloudflare and use it as a secondary DNS.

What Is Premium Domain Godaddy

1. What is a premium domain?

A domain is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control on the Internet. Premium domains are domains that have been previously registered and are now being offered for sale at a higher price.

2. What are the benefits of a premium domain?

A domain is an online address that helps people find your website. It’s like your website’s street address. A premium domain is a domain that has been registered by someone else and is now for sale. The benefits of a premium domain are that it can help your website stand out from the crowd, and it can also help improve your search engine rankings.

3. How can I get a premium domain?

Domains are the unique names that identify websites on the internet. A premium domain is a domain that has been registered by someone else and is now being offered for sale at a higher price. You can get a premium domain by contacting the owner of the domain and negotiating a price.

4. What are the best practices for choosing a premium domain?

5. How can I maximize the value of my premium domain?

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Why Should I Buy A Premium Domain Name

A premium domain name carries more authority on the web, meaning youre more likely to get found through search engines or social media. It also brings about better brand recognition, making it easy to attract customers through advertisements.

Many domain registrars have a premium domain checker for their users to find and bid for premium domains without stress. Examples include Name.com and Domain.com.

Premium Domain Names Help Build Authority In The Industry

How to Forward a GoDaddy Domain to Azure  Candor Developer

A category-defining domain name comes in handy if you are aiming to become the leader in your industry.

For example, www.bags.online or www.mobile.store have everything going for them to become the go-to websites for what they respectively represent provided the website content is in line, too.

When you buy a premium domain, its a brilliant way to establish brand positioning and credibility, especially in industries that see intense search volumes on the internet.

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Do All Tlds Have Premium Domains

The short answer is â no. A lot of the new generic TLDs like .auto, .club or .site, as well as some country-code TLDs like .ch, .tv or .fm have registry premium domains, but the original gTLDs like .com, .net, .org, and most country-code TLDs like .io or .ai do not. You can register a memorable domain name with the latter group of TLDs at the regular price, as long as it has not been registered by somebody else.

Aftermarket premium domains do not depend on the TLD. Usually two- and three-letter domains are considered to be premium regardless of their extension. Any existing name with any TLD and a random length can also become a premium one as long as its owner is willing to sell it and there is a buyer willing to pay its price. There are examples of seemingly worthless existing names with country-code TLDs that are bought for a lot of money by the owners of the .com name.

Why Is A Premium Domain Name So Expensive

Now the thing is why this domain name is premium and why it is so expensive.

We have previously written an article that in order to buy a good domain name, some essential things should be noted.

Tips to be considered while buying a domain name:

  • A domain name has to be short and simple
  • Must be within 15 characters
  • Must be within 2 or 3 words
  • You can use a related keyword
  • Do not use numbers, hyphens, or any symbolic character
  • Focus to create a unique brandable name
  • Do not use any trademark name

Read this article, how to choose a right domain name for your blog.

While searching for a domain name, if you find any domain that has brandable keywords, short in length, has a word that people using more, such domain name is always premium.

The premium domain name have the potential to rank in higher level, help to create a brand quickly.

There are many people who want to start their domain business, they buy this domain name from the domain registrar and sell it at a very high price.

Therefore, you will get more cost of reselling Premium domain than new premium domain.

I Hope you have found all the information about the premium domain in this article.

Know more about domain name:

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What Are Premium Domain Names And How Can They Turbocharge Your Online Identity

TThe GoDaddy product information in this article is outdated and currently under review for accuracy. For the latest up-to-date product information please visit godaddy.com

What are premium domain names?

Think of it this way: In the 1920s, if you started a new business, you would want a premium address. For example, a New York business would be much more likely to thrive on 5th Avenue than a far-off corner of the Lower East Side. In a small town in rural America, an address on Main Street could be the difference between a constant flow of customers and an occasional walk in.

Premium domain names are the high-value digital addresses of today.

In the current decade, a brick-and-mortar address isnt quite as important as it once was for many businesses. Instead, its your website address that can act as a major driver for business traffic.

In many cases, its worth spending more to get a premium domain name. Continue on to learn what premium domain names are, why they can be worth the cost, and how to pick a perfect premium domain for your business.

Pros & Cons Of Godaddy Paid Dns

What is a Premium Domain?

Now that you are aware of the GoDaddy Premium DNS offering, let us get into its in-depth features to know its pros and cons.

NOTE:GoDaddy uses scare tactics

But you shouldnt give in to such marketing tactics and let your fear lead to a purchasing decision.

Always decide to buy a website security service looking at its pros and cons and the protection it offers for your website or domain. So let us discuss the pros and cons of GoDaddy Premium DNS here:

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Godaddy Premium Dns Cost

GoDaddy Premium DNS costs $2.99 per month and the host allows you to purchase it for a period of 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 years. By default, the term of 60 months is selected on the GoDaddy checkout page.

The price remains consistent at $2.99 per month, no matter which term length you choose. So, you can go for a shorter term in the beginning if you want to try out the service and commit for a longer term on renewal if you like it.

The renewal price of this service from GoDaddy remains the same as that of its initial cost at $2.99 per month.

GoDaddy used to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with its Premium DNS but I couldnt find any mention of it on their website at the time of writing this article. So I decided to check with the hosts customer support executive via live chat.

This is the reply I received when I shared the link to the GoDaddy Premium DNS service and asked about the availability of any money-back guarantee:

The link to the service that you have shared is for Premium DNS. If it does not work for you, you can have a refund within 5 days of registration.

It comes under the category of all other products. Refund is eligible within 5 days for when its for a monthly subscription, and eligible within 30 days when its an annual subscription.

How Do You Know If A Domain Name Is Premium

The easiest way to determine if a domain name is premium is the price you see when you search for it for a domain registrar. Likewise, you can use a premium domain checker for this task.

Premium domain names often range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars or tens of thousands occasionally. There are also specific characteristics differentiating premium domain names from the pool of all domains, and they include:

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Why Are Premium Domains So Expensive

Premium domains are so expensive because theres considerable demand for them. The number of premium domain names is significantly less than the number of potential customers vying for them. Hence, premium domain owners can charge high prices and still make easy sales.

In this article, we answered some critical questions webmasters always ask. What are premium domains? How can you get one? Why are they so expensive? We believe our answers to these questions should help in your quest to get the best possible domain names for your website.

Premium Domains On Godaddy

Setting up a custom domain with Godaddy

Makefort said:I was browsing other domain offers and I saw 1 with a premium tag but it was around 700£. Whats the deal here? The only thing the GD explains is that they can introduce you to the seller, but with such a high price, why would you go for it?

So, I was searching up for available domain names and I came across some of their available offers.For a .com offer I was given this£12.99* £0.99* when you register for 2 years or more. 1st year price £0.99 Additional years £12.99 1 year for 1£, it really sounds nice. Sure, you are registering for more than 1 year, so there is that to keep in mind, but what I am interested in is their premium selection.I was browsing other domain offers and I saw 1 with a premium tag but it was around 700£. Whats the deal here? The only thing the GD explains is that they can introduce you to the seller, but with such a high price, why would you go for it?

What are their benefits?

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Best Places To Find A Premium Domain Name For Sale

A premium domain name can serve as a powerful online marketing and branding tool for your business. However, to increase your chances of finding a quality web address, its important to know where to look.

Premium domains are typically concise, easy-to-remember URLs that can give you a leg up in terms of branding. While they arent always the cheapest domains out there, they can help you establish a memorable brand identity and even lead to better search engine rankings.

In this post, well take a look at five of the best places to find a premium domain name for sale.

For each, well explain the types of domains offered as well as how the acquisition process works. Lets get started!

Whats A Premium Domain Name Going To Do For Me & My Site

Your business will get a ready-made and memorable brand. Marketing costs will be reduced. After a one-off payment, your premium domain name wont need promoting to make it a household name, its already there!

  • Youll spend less on PPC advertising. Organic traffic will be greater from a higher ranking premium domain name.
  • Customers will know what theyre going to find on your site. So money saved on promoting your domain name to explain its meaning to your customers.
  • Boosted SEO, increased page ranking, and quality traffic. Because your domain name matches what customers are using in searches.
  • A money keyword/phrase in your domain name means you can use it in anchor/link text in a natural way, which will improve SEO. A money keyword/phrase has a higher ranking in search results because it matches what customers use in searches.
  • The trust and authority of a premium domain name will encourage reputable companies to link to your site.
  • A premium domain name will enhance funding and partnerships opportunities with established companies in your industry.
  • A short name works well on social media. Using a URL shortener on a long domain name turns it into meaningless characters.
  • More beneficial when used for advertising such on billboards, tv, banners, print ads. Being short and memorable, and with no buttons to click, customers will try and be able to remember. Word of mouth referrals are more likely and youll see an increase in direct traffic to your website.

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Examples Of Premium Domain Names

If you think the most expensive domain name ever was in the seven-figure range, think again. Cars.com sold for a whopping $872 million, according to an SEC filing. The rest of the top 20 most expensive domain names fall between $5 million and $50 million each.

While I spent $1,000 for my favorite premium domain name, entrepreneur Erik Bergman spent $900,000 to buy great.com. He believes that domain aligns well with his vision and branding and thinks that buying it was a great decision.

How To Negotiate The Price Of A Pricey Premium Domain

How to get the domain name you want | GoDaddy Hangout

Buying a domain at the asking price? That’s like buying a used car at the asking price. Doing your homework pays off.


Your domain name is your brand. Indeed, very few brands these days can get away with an off-beat domain name or a one that doesn’t reflect their company. In fact, many top brands are built off their domain name rather than the other way around and more than one company has been named after the domain it picked up.

Westend61 | Getty Images

It should come as no surprise, then, that top-tier domain names cost a lot of money. Cars.com holds the record for most valuable, valued at a whopping $872 million.

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Now I certainly don’t expect most startups or growing companies to spring for a multi-million dollar domain name, but it’s absolutely not uncommon for a good domain to go for tens of thousands of dollars. In internet terms, the cost is akin to buying a house. It’s often the single largest purchase a brand will make, and it’s where your own brand will live for years or decades to come.

So, how do you make sure you’re getting the best deal on your domain name? Having gone through the process several times myself, I offer the following tips.

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Premium Domain Listings With Godaddy And Escrowcom

Outstanding customer support, transparent transactions and a reputation for being 100% reliable are just some of the many reasons why so many buyers prefer using Escrow.com when purchasing any online. Escrow.com is a reliable financial transaction management service that provides unbiased support to buyers as well as sellers in online transactions.

Businesses of all sizes and their web designers know that with GoDaddys premium domain listings and Escrows safe, secure transactions site, they can have numerous premium web listings and never pay a premium price.

GoDaddy is a one-stop shop for web sites, domains, e-mail marketing and sales, web site hosting and web security.GoDaddy offers premium site listings both as a commission and in an auction format. With annual plans starting as affordably as $1 a month, any business or individual may design, host and secure their personal or business web site and know that they are working with and are secured by two of the top names in web security and secure internet transactionsGoDaddy and Escrow!

Heres how GoDaddy and Escrow work together to guarantee customer satisfaction:

GoDaddy makes sure web site owners and web designers have everything they need to create secure, easy-to-use business and personal websites, business blogs and email marketing campaigns. The ability to pay through Escrow.com assures buyers that the transaction will be carried out quickly and securely through a reputed third party.

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