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What Is An Email Domain Name

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Enable Gmail To Work With Your Custom Domain Email

How to set up email at your own domain name

This option allows you to enjoy all the great features that come with a regular Gmail account while sending emails from your custom domain email address for free. Before you can do this, youll need to first have email hosting from a provider that allows email forwarding . Once youve done that, youll sign up with Gmail, forward the emails to that account, and enable Gmail to send as your custom domain email address.

You can then immediately start using your new, professional email address for your startup, blog, business website, or nonprofit. Without a doubt, this is your best option for setting up a custom domain email address for free. This process may sound complicated, but its really not, and I will walk you through it below, step-by-step.

What if you dont have an email hosting plan? In this case, you can move on to option 2 below, which will cost you a few dollars each month for email hosting, or you can transfer your domain to a web hosting provider that offers free email hosting and lets you forward your emails. I personally recommend Bluehost web hosting since theyre inexpensive and make it really easy to transfer your domain to them from another provider. They are offering huge sales for Black Friday so this is a good time to sign up. Once youve done this, you can move on to setting up your custom domain with Gmail as described below.

Why Does Your Business Need A Domain Email Addressshare

When setting up an email address for your business, youll have a lot of decisions to make.

  • Who will provide the service?
  • Should you use your own name in the email address, the business name, or both?
  • If youre the only employee, is one business email address enough?

Theres one decision that should be easy: whether to use a domain email address or a generic one.

A proper business email address should include your business domain name . Thats how you can project professionalism and represent your company as a legitimate and well-run business.

Creating a domain name for a website is one of the early steps most small business owners take. Its how people find a company on the web, and its a central part of brand identity.

Some business owners decide not to set up a domain email address, but thats a missed opportunity. Having all the branding power of a business domain name and then using a or an email address is an easy mistake.

This article will explain why a domain email address is better for your business than a generic one. Itll cover the core benefits, like improved branding and the ability to set yourself apart from the competition. Well also compare a business domain email address to a generic one concerning privacy, security, accessibility, and portability.

Well wrap up with some tips on how you can come up with the perfect, professional domain email address for your business.

Create Your Free Domain Name

Bluehost will now ask you to enter a name for your domain name. This domain name will be your websites name and also your email domain.

If you havent thought of naming your business yet, now would be a good time. Usually, the website and email domain name closely matches your business name. An easy of getting business name inspirations is to use this free business name generator tool.

When youve decided on your business name and checked its availability using Nameboys tool above, go ahead enter this domain name in the Bluehost new domain creation screen.

Bluehost will now ask for your billing information to complete your domain creation. Youll receive a welcome email from Bluehost as soon as youve finished creating your hosting account.

Now that the domain name is set up, we can create a new email address using your business name as the email domain.

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Add Dns Records To Your Web Host

Now, were going to add DNS records for our new subdomain to our web hosting account. This will help verify your domain so that ISPs and mailers can treat you as an authentic email sender.

Copy the TXT and CNAME records from SparkPost and paste these values into the DNS records of your web hosting account.

If you dont know how to add DNS records to your web host, you can see the documentation or reach customer support of your web host for assistance.

When youve added the DNS records, click on The TXT and CNAME records have been added to the DNS provider box in SparkPost and then press the Verify Domain button.

Now, scroll to the top and click on Configuration in the navigation bar. You should now see your subdomain listed under Sending Domains.

Note that it might take up to 48 hours for SparkPost to review your configuration and verify your domain. Meanwhile, you can jump to the next steps and connect SparkPost with WP Mail SMTP.

How To Use Your Professional Email Address On Mobile Devices

How To Link Website Domain Name Email To Gmail Account?

Since youve set up your email address through Google Workspace, accessing it on your mobile phone is very simple.

Using the Official Gmail App

If you arent already using the Gmail App, which is available for both iOS and Android, download it and log in with your freshly-created Google Workspace credentials. Easy peasy.

If you are already using it with another address, youd need to add your new professional email address to it.

To do so, open your Gmail App on your phone.

On Android devices, press the hamburger icon to expand the menu, scroll to the bottom, and click Settings.

From here, all you need to do is click the Add account link.

Next, click the Google button to open the Google Account login page.

You may have to enter your smartphones pin code before being able to continue.

Once you see the Set up email page, log in with your Google Workspace account.

Thats it.

If youre using an iPhone, the steps are pretty similar. Tap on your thumbnail in the top-right corner of the Gmail app

This will bring up a new window where youll need to choose the Add another account option on:

You should now have the possibility to add your freshly-created professional email address, simply pick Google as your preferred option here:

What if you dont want to use the Gmail app, but rather the standard mail app on your devices? Well, heres how to add your professional email address to it.

Using the Standard Android Email App

Using the Mail App on iOS Devices

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Choose A Hosting/domain Provider

Many hosting companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, and so on sell email hosting services along with a custom domain name. Just as a website hosting service or company helps you host your website on a server, these email hosting providers do the same for email.

When choosing a hosting or domain provider, carefully consider whats included in each plan. For example, you should check the number of mailboxes available and each mailboxs storage size so you dont have to delete important messages.

Create A Business Email Address With Bluehost

Bluehost offers free business email addresses at your own domain with any hosting package. And its packages are also super affordable.

Even better, Bluehost includes a free domain with all new signups, so you only need to pay for the hosting.

You can use the free domain for your email address right now, even if you dont have a website yet.

Step 1: Choose a Bluehost Plan

The first thing we need to do is choose a hosting plan for your new domain.

Head to Bluehost and click on the green Get Started Now button.

Bluehost has 4 hosting plans to choose from.

Heres a quick summary:

Unlimited Unlimited

You can see that the Basic plan is perfect for a starter website, or if you just need a few free business email accounts.

If you need unlimited email accounts, the Plus plan will suit you better. Heres a little more detail:

Of course, this is just a quick summary of the plans at Bluehost. Be sure to check the fine print before you choose a plan.

Ready to continue? Click Select under the plan you want.

Now for the fun part: register your free domain.

Step 2: Choose Your Free Domain

Now were going to choose the domain name that will appear on your free business email address.

The domain comes free with your hosting.

Just type your business name into the box to search for the domain name. You can also use letters, numbers, and hyphens.

Once youve chosen your domain, its time to move on and create your account. Just provide your billing information here and submit the form.

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Why Do I Need A Domain Name

Here are some of the reasons why you need a domain name for your business or project:

  • Memorability. Your audience can technically visit your website without a domain name by entering its IP address. However, since it consists of a string of numbers, it is difficult to remember. Domain names help a website be more accessible to internet users.
  • Effective branding. A well-thought-out domain name will help communicate your project or business in a way that aligns with your brands values and mission.
  • Credibility. Websites that use custom domain names are more professional-looking than those with a free domain name like
  • Custom emailaddresses. Having a domain name lets you create unique and professional email accounts, like It also makes your presentation consistent throughout different online channels.
  • SEO. A memorable domain name with relevant keywords will positively impact your websites search engine optimization, improving its rankings on search engines.

Reinforce The Connection Between Your Website And Email With A Professional Email Address

How to Use Custom Email Domain with iCloud

Stranger danger is a real thing, especially online. You dont want your customers ignoring your emails, and they dont want potential spam landing in their inbox. Match your email address to your domain name to present yourself as a professional, stand out among the competition, and help customers decide that youre the right business to work with. Save your personal email address for the weekend.

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How Can I Create A Free Email Domain

All the steps to create a domain are simple enough to bypass or ignore many details quickly.

  • Research all the companies offering registration services, select reputable, show reasonable pricing, have no hidden fees, and accept credit cards.
  • Fill out an online form with your desired name, address, email address, and contact information for your domains registrar so you can administer it later if necessary.
  • Use this companys username and password to access your account after you have registered it so you can change settings, collect emails from contacts who will receive email notifications about updates or transfers etc.
  • Watch as your registration completes and your new domain is added to your account. You should see an option to change the nameservers, which allows you to designate where and how other sites on the web can link up with yours.
  • Generate Sparkpost Api Key

    Youre going to need the API key to connect SparkPost with the WordPress plugin WP Mail SMTP .

    You can find your API key by clicking on the API Keys tab at the top of your SparkPost account area.

    Scroll down and click on Create API Key.

    Now, give your API Key any name that you like. For the API Permissions option, leave it to the default setting of All. Then, click on Create API Key.

    This will reveal the SparkPost API key. Note this key down somewhere safe or keep the browser tab open because were going to need this key in one of the later steps.

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    Domain Names Are Designed For People

    Everything could theoretically be handled using just IP addresses when you want to bring up a web page in your browser. In fact, adding a domain name adds an extra step in that there needs to be a way to convert from a domain name to an IP address .

    So, why do we use domain names at all?

    Imagine that, instead of remembering everyone’s name, you had to remember their phone number or social security number whenever you wanted to talk about them. Or imagine going into an electronics store and finding there are no more brands, device names, or model names. Everything just has a serial number that you have to remember if you want to buy it.

    We, humans, are much better at remembering names than we are at remembering strings of digits. That’s why we talk about catchy brand and model names, and that’s why we use domain names instead of IP addresses.

    When To Use Email Subdomains

    How To Buy a Domain Name From Godaddy

    Many businesses use multiple subdomains for different email audiences. Its not necessary to use multiple subdomains, but you should at least have one email subdomain to protect your root domains reputation.

    Here are some common scenarios where you might want to use email subdomains:

    • Promotional emails: Subscribers may mark your emails as spam if theyre not happy with the volume of your promotional emails or simply if theyre not interested in your promotions. This is why its advisable to have a separate subdomain for your promotional emails so that its reputation doesnt affect other types of emails that youre sending from your root domain.
    • Outreach and PR: The emails that you send to other brands for partnership opportunities may not enjoy the same level of engagement as transactional emails. If your PR emails get a lower reputation, it will affect the deliverability of other types of messages as well. Therefore, you might want to keep your outreach emails restricted to a separate subdomain.
    • Transactional emails: These have the highest engagement rate because transactional emails are generated by a users action . Its very important that your transactional emails reach your subscribers inboxes because its bad for the user experience if emails like password reset messages are buried in your spam folder.

    Now that we know how important email subdomains are when it comes to ensuring deliverability, lets now see how you can set one up.

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    How To Configure A Basic Email Account

    Were using 1& 1s standard mail hosting for this walkthrough, although configuration steps are similar with other accounts, too. When you log in to your account, you need to click the selection to create an email account. Youll have a choice between Basic and Business, so select Basic. Youll first need to enter a name for the email account and then use the drop-drown menu to select the domain name you want it associated with, such as . Next, just fill out the details and enter a password. You can also choose to enable anti-spam and anti-virus to keep your inbox clutter-free, and if the account can be upgraded to a Business account. You may want to leave this option selected so that you can take advantage of the additional Business features at a later date.

    Setting up a desktop client, such as Windows Live Mail is straight forward and easy. You just need to enter a new standard mail account and use the information in the table below. Note that some email clients let you add the account, but only let you adjust the required port number afterwards, so dont worry if you initially get an error. Your email address and password are required for authentication.

    Incoming server

    Buying A Domain With Mailchimp

    Whether you run a blog or a business that sells products and services directly to customers, you need a domain name that can get you noticed. And remember that your domain name should be memorable and short to ensure your customers can easily find you online.

    Unsure of how to start looking for a good domain for your business? Use Mailchimps free domain checker tool to uncover new domains you can start using immediately. Then, when youve found the right domain name for your business, you can purchase it directly through Mailchimp, making the process simple for everyone.

    Learn more about how to get a free domain name from Mailchimp and how our offer compares to the competition.

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    Email Addresses: Creating Your Own Email With Gmail + Any Domain Name

    Follow our step-by-step guide on how to create an email address using your own domain name, and learn how you can send and receive emails using Google Gmail.

    Written by Frank Moraes

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    Your business image is important. Its your companys brand. Everything from your business website to the email address you use is a reflection of your brand. The better your brand looks, the better the relationship youll have with past, present and future customers.

    One mistake many first-time entrepreneurs make is using a personal email address. Its hard for customers and clients to take a business seriously if it sends email from an address like or

    With modern hosting platforms like Bluehost, you dont need to use these unprofessional email addresess. You can create an email address using your custom domain like and connect it directly to your Gmail account. This means youll get all the convenience of the Gmail platform, but with your business name in the email address instead of

    Heres how you can send and receive emails using Gmail so that your customers will see the emails as coming from your own domain name.

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