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What Is A Private Registration For Domain Name

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Our Pick For Private Registration: Namesilo

Private DOMAIN NAME Registration PROS & CONS

We have been with NameSilo since mid-2018. We transferred all our domain names to them for a few reasons:

  • Domain privacy is automatically included and NOT an extra charge like some domain name registrars.
  • NameSilo makes it super easy to transfer.
  • Its easy to manage domain names .
  • NameSilo has the cheapest domain name prices we have ever found, but we still get great tech support and customer service.

Before NameSilo, we used Hover and Namecheap. Both were good, but Hover was pricey and Namecheap charged extra for privacy.

If youd like to transfer a domain, you can get $1 off and get privacy included at NameSilo with the promo code FEARLESS.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Private Domain Registration

Depending upon what you’re using the domain name for, there are different pitfalls. If it’s a business website, then it’s a drawback because that’s one less contact point. If you’re just using it for a personal page, though, it obviously protects you from spam e-mails and people harassing you to sell your domain to them. For domain resellers, private registration can put you out of business because others will have a hard time getting in contact with you to buy your domain.

Regardless of the use, private registration could have a negative impact on SEO or get your site blacklisted. Combined with other red-flags, you can be labeled as a troublemaker. Also, human-reviewed web directories may be wary of adding you if you’re not publicly registered.

Can Ionos Provide Me With A Private Email Address

When you sign up for a domain with private registration, IONOS replaces the email address visible within the WHOIS database with a generic proxy address. Any emails sent to this address can be forwarded to your choice of email account. IONOS offers free email accounts as standard with our hosting packages, meaning you can easily create a private email address that also allows people to contact you through WHOIS. However, you have full control over the email you receive and our powerful spam filters help to keep out unsolicited mail.

Changing the email address that your private domain forwards mail to is simple with the IONOS Control Panel. All you need to do is log in and enter the email address you wish to use. You may even use a separate email address specifically for this purpose to further cut down security risks. However you decide to set up your email address, IONOS will help you to stay safe and secure as you build your website.

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Pros And Cons Of Private Domain Name Registration

Private domain name registration provides a way for a person or business to keep their contact information private. When registering a domain name the owner must provide a name, address, email address, and phone number. Under normal domain name registration policies this information is made public through WhoIs. There are a number of reasons that a domain owners information is made public, there are also a number of reasons a domain owner may not want his/her contact information made public. In this Pros and Cons of Private Domain Name Registration article we will take a look at both sides of the domain privacy debate to help domain owners decide which solution is best for him/her.

Domain Name Registration and WhoIs

Private Domain Name Registration Domain Privacy

Pros of Private Domain Name Registration

This all sounds great and you may wonder why you wouldnt use private domain name registration, as with most services there are a few drawbacks. Lets take a look at the cons of private domain name registration so that you can make an informed decision about which is the best option.

Cons of Private Domain Name Registration

Add To An Existing Domain

What Is Private And Public Domain Registration

If you remove privacy protection when you register a domain, dont worry, you can always change your mind and add it at a later date. However, if you have the option to apply privacy from the get-go, do so. If you dont apply privacy upfront, your information will be available to the public. There are tools available that allow people to find previously listed domain ownership data, transfer history, and historical sales records of a domain.

If you remove the protection that Namecheap offers, and your current domain is getting spammed, you should get domain privacy. Email and phone spam will be greatly reduced if you have privacy protection in place.

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How Much Does Domain Privacy Protection Protect Site Owners

It depends on what you are trying to protect and who you are trying to protect it from. As mentioned, WHOIS will stop automated address harvesters from getting their hands on your details, but a focused attacker would find indirect ways to ascertain who the real owner is.

Lets imagine you run a business. If your business address is already listed on your website, theres no need to hide your details from the Whois database, as its already out there for anyone to find.

If you run a blog about your family life that you share with people all over the world, you will most likely want to keep your address hidden, and need privacy protection for your domain name to achieve this. Given that with Namecheap, domain privacy costs nothing, its worth having for peace of mind.

Are There Any Downsides To Private Whois

Apart from the yearly additional costs that you will incur for each domain you enable private domain protection for, there are no downsides to enabling a private Whois. However, if your domain was already registered once without such a privacy protection in place, your previously submitted data can still be public and searchable via tools that do historic searches for domain ownership history. Since publication of data pertaining to the owner of a domain is meant to promote transparency, not having your data listed in Whois may trigger some customers to question your reputation are you really who and what you are claiming to be? In this situation, you have to weigh the pros of full transparency as opposed to the cons of having your data used for fraudulent purposes.

If youre running an online shop, then you could set the Whois details to be the same as your companys details, since youre probably already required to have your contact information like company name and official address, phone number, etc. displayed anyway. There is no reason to hide your WHOIS information, as it might scare a few potential business partners away. Its highly unlikely for a customer to look into your WHOIS information, but a potential business partner will certainly try to gather as much information about you as possible.

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What Is The Difference Between Public And Private Domain Registration

The difference between public and private domain registration is pretty simple: public domain registration is like a megaphone, broadcasting your personal information to the world private domain registration is like a whispered conversation, only accessible to those who have your permission.

When you register a domain name, you are required to provide contact information that becomes part of the public record. This information can include your name, address, phone number, and email address.

If you choose to register your domain privately, this information remains hidden from public view.

Only the name of the registrar and their contact information will be visible.

Private domain registration can help to prevent spam emails and unsolicited phone calls, as well as protect your personal information from identity theft.

In addition, many registrars offer additional features with private registration, such as website security and monitoring, that can help to protect your online presence.

Renewal Of A Domain Name: Which Registrar

Private domain name registration

Should you decide to keep your domain name, and you did not set it to auto-renew, you will have to return to the sameregistrar you used before to pay the next years fee.

This doesnt mean that youre stuck with a single registrar for life. Youre free to change registrars if you like.However, dont wait till the last minute to change registrars, or you may run into problems. Transfers take a bitof time to take effect, and often require you to take action on both your new registrars site as well as your old.I suggest that if you want to transfer your domain, play safe and transfer it long before the expiry date.

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Where To Register Your Domain With Private Whois

Most domain registrars will have the option to choose a domain privacy protection service when you register at them. BlueHosts Domain Privacy service costs $11.99 per year per domain, but some of their shared hosting plans that also come with a free domain name do offer this service for free. InMotion is another reliable domain registrar that gives you the option to enable Domain Privacy for your domain, and it costs $9.99 per year per domain. HostGators domain Privacy Protection feature is available for $12.95 per year per domain. As you can see, there are some differences in pricing, so youll have to compare providers to see whose deals are the best.

Transfer Domain To A Different Registrar

Things to note before domain transfer,

  • You need to unlock your domain, at the time of actual movement of the domain from Zoho. The domain will get automatically locked again within 30 minutes from the time you unlock it.
  • The domain should be in the unlocked state when you provide the authorization code to your new provider for changing the hosting setup.

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Concerns Regarding Registering A Domain Name With A Home Address

If I purchase a domain, Im usually required to enter an address. Usually, the address can be accessed publicly by any sort of WHOIS lookup. Im uncomfortable publishing my real home address what do people usually do? Lie? Purchase a P.O box?

  • 2Related indeed. However that question and its answers are focused on whether its OK to provide fake information or not, while this one is concerned with privacy. danJun 18 13 at 18:26
  • This will depend on the Registry, but if you are registering a UK domain as a private individual then it is free to opt-out of the public whois database.Jun 18 13 at 22:08
  • 1Today, with GDPR it will be private. As for specific domain registrar, check out the review: StasDec 22 18 at 23:32
  • The URL points to a post for an account that has been removed. does not have an entry for this URL.

Not disclosing your personal contact information is a common concern, since as you state, its otherwise publicly available at domain registrars, and any site that implements WHOIS lookups.

There are Domain Privacy options available at most domain registrars however, for example: Private Registration

These will prevent the public from seeing your home address and contact information , while staying within ICANN guidelines since the registrar will act as the administrative contact and forward important emails regarding the domain to you.

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The Pros: Private Registration Hides These Details

Difference Between a Domain Name and Web Hosting

When you get private domain registration, you enter into an agreement with your registrar. In exchange for an extra fee they mask your personal details. Instead of using your name, they use their own name or some kind of anonymous organization. This means none of your details are visible and youre protected from all that unwanted spam!

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Information Managed By The Service Provider

Another advantage of private domain registration is that the particular service provider such as a domain registrar or web hosting provider directly handles the ICANN requirement and even pertinent legal requirements.

Some registrars or providers use their own contact and technical information to mask the identities of their customers. Others actually run several organizations for the purpose of legitimizing the identity of their private domain registrars.

Instances that legally require the website owner to forward his or her contact information can be handled by his or her registrar or web hosting provider. Note that the actual contact and technical information of the website owner are still kept secured by the registrar or provider.

Should You Buy Domain Privacy

Yes, you should get domain privacy. But you shouldnt have to pay extra for it.

Check out our domain records. See our contact info there?

If youre dead set against transferring your domain names to a registrar that includes privacy, then yes pay for it. The annoyance isnt worth the money youll save. But if youre willing to transfer your domain registration you can keep your info private without the extra charges.

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How Do I Enable Domain Name Privacy For My Website

Enabling domain name privacy is usually not something done on your website, per se. Your domain registration information is made available in the WHOIS directory, which is run by ICANN and tracks domain ownership across the web.

To enable domain name privacy, you will need to go through your hosting service or registrar. This option is usually presented during the purchase of the domain, but it can often be added after the fact.

The process will differ depending on the company you use, but it is usually as simple as checking a box or paying for the private registration add-on.

If you are having difficulty finding this option from your hosting dashboard or registrars website, you can always contact them to see if they offer this service. If they do not, you may be able to use another companys privacy service, though this could require transferring your domain to that company.

How Does It Work

Should I pay for private domain registration? – Web Hosting Tutorial

Our chosen Whois privacy service provider Withheld for Privacy, hides your contact details and replaces them with anonymized information. This means youll stay safe from unsolicited phone calls, junk mail, and identity theft.Importantly, your contact information is not required by our privacy service provider, keeping it safe and secure with us.If someone were to look up your domain name, they will see anonymous domain registration information just like in the example below.


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Why Should You Keep Domain Registration Private

Domain registration requires personal information that should often be kept private. If you wouldnt post your name, address, and phone number on a billboard, you probably dont want it available to everyone on the internet.

One of the most common reasons for private domain registration is to avoid spam, identity theft, and harassment. Unfortunately, these days, having your contact details publicly available online puts you at risk of unwanted communication.

While the personal information provided isnt incredibly sensitive, it could still be used nefariously. For example, with your name, email address, and website information, someone could easily send emails from a fake account similar to yours and pretend to be you. They could use this to phish for account information of your users and compromise your sites security.

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