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What Is A Domain Alias

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Can An Alias Be A Different Domain

How to create a domain alias in cPanel – HOSTIMUL

There is a different email address for the local part of the domain, but it is still the same domain. For example, is a name for After a company merger or acquisition, there may be scenarios where different mailboxes are set up for different users.

What Is A Parked Domain

Parked Domains, also called Alias Domains or Domain Alias, are often used by businesses that want to have more than one web address for advertising purposes. Parked domains are additional domains hosted on your account, displaying the same website as your primary domain and sharing the same web statistics. Like a regular domain, parked domains can also have their email boxes.

For example, if you own and your cPanel account’s primary domain, you can set up as an alias domain. When you visit, you will notice that although the content of is loading in the browser, the address bar will display This is similar to a masked forward, except it does not require any custom coding, and our support team can assist you with adding or removing a parked domain.

Email Alias: What It Is And How To Use It For Your Business

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One tricky thing about business emails is that you cant limit your company to only one address. You will probably need one for the CEO, one for your marketing department, one for accounting, etc. Thats a lot of individual inboxes to manage, but luckily, there is one straightforward and usually free solution to save the dayan email alias.

Keep reading to find out what an email alias is, how to get one, and how it can help your business.


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Set Up A Domain Alias In Cpanel

Log in to cPanel.

In the Domains section, click the Aliases link or icon.

In the Create a New Alias section, enter the alias domain name in the Domain field, then click the Add Domain button.

When the domain alias has been added you will see a success message.

Make sure the alias domain you are adding points to the same name servers as the primary domain.

Removing Or Redirecting A Domain Alias In Cpanel


Scroll down to the Remove Aliases section.

To delete a Domain Alias

In the Actions column, click the Remove link or icon.

On the next page, click the Remove Alias button.

When the domain alias has been removed you will see a success message.

To redirect a Domain Alias

If for any reason you wish to redirect the Domain Alias, in the Actions column, click the Manage Redirection link or icon.

In the Alias Redirection section, enter the new URL that you wish the Domain Alias to point to.

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How Does A Domain Alias Work

Think of each domain alias as a separate door through which potential visitors to your site can enter through. Visitors can choose whichever door they prefer, but theyre still going to end up in the same room. Like inception, but for domains.

A domain alias is a domain that points to your existing website. It has no web pages of its own but instead serves to get people to your primary website through a different name.

Still curious why you need multiple doors to get into the same room? Read on!

Adding A Domain Alias

In order to add a domain name as an alias for your email hosting, you first need to add the correct Mail Exchange records for the alias domain name. These MX records must be setup on the authoritative name servers for the domain name. If you do not have access to add these records, you must ask your DNS manager to do so for you usually, this is the company that hosts your domainname, or the Registrar with whom the domain name is registered.

To add an domain alias for your email service

Login into the Admin Email Interface Dashboard.

Go to Mail > > Manage Domain Aliases in your control panel.

Click on Add Domain Aliases.

Note the MX records that have been specified on this page. These records must be setup on the name servers of the alias domain name.

Once the MX records have been setup, enter the alias domain name on this page and click on Add.

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S To Configure Domain Aliasing:

  • Ensure that you have at least one domain, already added and setup in Zoho Mail.
  • Go to the Domains menu, and select the domain for which you’d like to configure aliasing.
  • Go to the Settings tab, and locate the Domain Aliasing section.
  • In the Select new alias domain dropdown, choose the domain that you’d like to add as the alias domain, and click the icon.
  • This will add the selected domain as the alias to the primary domain.
  • How Do Domain Aliases Help My Business And How Do I Set Them Up

    cPanel: How to Create a Domain Alias

    Whats a domain alias? Its simply a domain that redirects to another domain sort of like forwarding your phone. The most common application for a domain alias is when a company uses a dot-com domain for their primary website, but also purchases the other TLDs such as dot-net, dot-info, dot-us, etc. and directs those all to display the dot-com domain.

    In fact, lots of businesses take a very aggressive approach to managing their brands by buying up all related TLDs and pointing them to their primary domain. For example, The Coca-Cola Companys primary domain is But they also have set up,,,, and as domain aliases. It makes sense from a branding perspective, since the company wants to have complete control over all domains related to their primary brand: Coke.

    This short video demonstrates how easy it is to configure a domain alias using the Applied Innovations Control Panel. So you can claim total dominion over YOUR domains!

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    Adding An Alias To A Website

    An alias is a second domain name linked to an existing site.

    For example, for the site “” to also be reachable with “”, you must add it as an alias to the “” domain. In this example, “” is the parent site of the “” alias.

    Generally, the “www” alias is already added and present but the procedure will also be useful to you when you want to point a second domain name to your site.

    How To Create A Domain Alias

    Follow the steps below to create a Domain Alias via Vodien cPanel:

  • Log in to the cPanel using this link format:
  • Scroll down to the Domains panel and click on the Aliases icon.
  • Enter the domain name that you wish to use under the Create a New Alias field.
  • Click on the Add Domain button.
  • A confirmation message will appear after successfully creating your Domain Alias. Once done, you will need to make sure that the domain used for your Domain Alias is using the following Name Servers for Vodien:

    If the domain is registered with us, you can change your Name Servers using this guide. If the domain is registered elsewhere, please contact your domain Register to make the necessary changes.

    Read our Website Redirect guide to learn more ways of redirecting website traffic.

    Please do not hesitate to contact our 24/7SingaporeorAustraliaSupport Team if you have further questions.

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    The Benefits Of Using An Email Alias

    An email alias is a great way to keep your main email account private and organize all the messages you receive. Here’s why you might want to consider using an email alias:

    • It’s easy to set one up on most major email platforms including Gmail, Yahoo!, iCloud, and Outlook.
    • You can create multiple email aliases for one main email account.
    • You can save on any costs associated with creating new email accounts.
    • Using an email alias means that you never have to switch between email accounts.
    • You can use an email alias to hide your name and therefore protect the identity in your main email address.
    • You can use an email alias to replace a lengthy main email address with a simpler, shorter one that’s easier to remember and type.
    • You can use a topic-specific email alias to replace a main email address so it looks more professional .
    • You can automatically have all incoming messages from an email alias sent to a specific folder or labeled in your main email address to help keep them separate or easily identifiable from your other messages.
    • You can automatically forward all incoming mail from an email alias to junk or spam once you no longer need to check messages from it.
    • You can remove the email alias once you have no further use for it and avoid receiving any incoming mail that might be sent to it.

    What Is A Deleted Domain Name

    Pointing the Domain Apex to Heroku

    Deleted domain names are domain names that are no longer registered with any registrar. This could be due to the domain name being deleted from the registrars database, or the domain name being transferred to a different registrar. Deleted domain names can be a nuisance for online marketers and SEO professionals, as they can potentially lead to lost link opportunities and decreased traffic.

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    Adding Domain Alias And Secondary Domain Are Two Different Things That Serve The Organization In Two Different Ways In Order To Manage Their Domains

    For using a corporate Email solution the first thing we need a domain on which the email ids will run. A Mail Exchange recordis a verified record that specifies the email server responsible for sending and receiving Emails for that domain.

    Now, it can happen like the organization owns two or more domains. If you have a G Suite Account you might have heard the word Domain Aliasing and Secondary Domain.

    What is domain Aliasing?

    Domain aliasing in G Suite refers to giving an alternate name to the domain by which it can be recognized. It is like having multiple front doors to one location. It allows you to host a Website on one domain and point other domain names to the site.

    For example, if your domain name is, you can add a domain alias and referring any of the domain would point to one address.

    Secondary Domain:

    The secondary domain is just a separate or additional domain with its own users. An organization adds a secondary domain when it has two separate domains meant for two different business purposes.

    How to add Domain Alias or Secondary Domain in G Suite Account?

    In order to add a domain alias follow the steps:-

  • Go to the domain section, from the admin console part of your G Suite account.

  • 3. Enter the domain alias and click on continue and verify domain ownership.

    Features of adding Domain Alias :

    When you add a domain alias :

  • Each existing user gets an Email id at both the primary and the domain alias.

  • Features of adding Secondary domain :

    How Email Aliases Work

    Email aliases are created on the mail server where your main email account is hosted. All the mail server has to do is forward any mail sent to the email alias straight to your main email account.

    Email aliases are used for receiving mail, not sending it. This means that when you reply to an email that was sent to your email alias, your reply will be sent from your main email address. Some email services, however, such as Gmail, allows users to set up email aliases to also send mail by setting up a custom From address.

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    Setting The Domain For Content Only Sites

    If your site is a content only site , you can set a URL leading to the live site’s domain. This is useful for preview feature when developing MVC sites.

  • Open the Sites application.
  • Edit your site.
  • On the General tab, type the URL leading to the site’s domain into the Presentation URL property. For example:

  • Domain Names For Local Development

    How to Create an Alias Domain

    When running or debugging your website locally during development , you need to use the domain names assigned to your site in Kentico.

    • You can adjust the Project URL of your project accordingly in your development environment .
    • If you wish to run on a localhost domain, but your site has a different domain name assigned, you need to add localhost as a domain alias.

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    Redirecting Aliases To The Main Domain

    You can configure domain aliases to automatically redirect users to another URL. When a visitor accesses the website through the domain alias, the system sends them to the specified URL instead.

    If the only purpose of your domain aliases is to make the site available under multiple domain names, it is recommended to redirect the aliases to the website’s main domain. This is a common Search engine optimization practice that prevents duplicate web content .

    To set up redirection for your domain aliases:

    Configure the redirect URL

  • Select the Domain aliases tab.
  • Edit your aliases.
  • Type the target URL into the Redirect URL property.

    The Redirect URL property supports only absolute URLs. Use macro expressions to dynamically redirect users to the correct page, for example: ://

  • – resolves into the current URL scheme name when the redirection takes place
  • – resolves into the current relative URL path when the redirection takes place
  • Configure output caching for the domain variable

    If you are using a Default alias path for any of the domain aliases, you need to make the output cache store different data based on the different domains.

  • Open the Settings application.
  • Under Output caching, enable Output cache variables – domain.
  • How To Create A Gmail Alias

    Gmail allows up to 30 aliases for each user, free of charge. Here is how to add an email alias on Gmail:

  • Sign in to your Google Admin console using an administrator account.
  • Use the Home page to access the Users section.
  • In the Users list, find the desired user and open that account page.
  • Under User information, find and click Alternate email addresses.
  • In Alternate email, enter an alternate username . Keep in mind that you cant create an alias that is already assigned to someone.
  • If you manage multiple domains, you will also need to choose the one applicable in this case.
  • Save changes once youre finished. You should start receiving emails for an alias address within 24 hours.
  • Next, hop over to your primary email and add the new alias so you can also send emails from the alternate address. Theres a guide on how to add another email address to Gmail on our blog.

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    Setting Domain Names For Sites

    The Domain name is one of the basic properties that you assign when creating new sites. The system generates the URLs of the website’s pages and other components using the specified domain name.

    Every website running in the system must have a unique domain name. If necessary, sites can share the same basic domain name, but the values cannot be completely identical .

    To set the main domain name for an existing website:

  • Open the Sites application.
  • Type the domain into the Site domain name property on the General tab.
  • Domain name format

    Enter the domain name without the http:// protocol and www prefix. Include the port number if it is different than 80.


    What Is An Email Alias

    How to Add Domain Alias in WebsitePanel, cPanel and Plesk Panel ...

    An email alias, or an alternate email, is a forwarding address, like an additional nickname you can add to your primary email. That nickname could be one you use to protect your real name on the internet. In a business setting, it could be a department title or a marketing campaign name.

    While an alias does have a separate inbox, you dont have to open it to manage those emails it only exists to forward all incoming messages to your primary email account. It also uses the same account settings and contacts as the account you consider primary.

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    How To Park A Domain

    Domains must be registered with a valid registrar before they can be set as an alias. Also, a domain will not be functional unless configured to point to the same name servers as your primary domain.

    To park a domain on your account:

  • Log in to cPanel.
  • In the Domains section, click the Aliases icon.
  • Under Create a New Alias Domain, enter the domain name you would like to park on top of your primary domain.
  • Click Add Domain.
  • Tada! You have just parked your domain!

    Applications Of Subdomain Stripping:

    You can also create specialized subdomains like, etc for functional requirements and publish the email addresses based on those subdomains in your websites etc. Once the email delivery for the special domains has been configured, the emails delivered to Zoho will be routed to the corresponding accounts in This will help you to easily filter out emails from different sources to the same account.

    Alternatively, you can also use the subdomain stripping option for trial using Zoho Mail. You need not change the MX records of your actual domain, but just need to create and update the MX records for a subdomain, say By this you can complete all the other set up tasks like adding/ verifying the domain, creating user accounts etc, without pointing the MX records. You can enable email forwarding for some selective accounts, from to, until you decide to change the MX records of the actual domain.

  • You can use your default domain in Zoho, during email hosting set up.
  • Create the users in Zoho Mail.
  • Enable subdomain stripping in Zoho Mail.
  • In your currently active email account, configure email forwarding at user level from email account to, for the trial users.
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