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How To Transfer My Domain

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Create A Subdomain For Running WordPress

How To Transfer a Domain from 1 Host to another Web Host

Subdomains enable you to create entirely new websites without needing to register a new domain. You could, for example, own the domain, and set up a subdomain to install WordPress on it. It enables your website to stay as it is, while running a separate site elsewhere. However, to run two websites off of one domain, you may need to consult your host for guidance.

The actual process of creating a subdomain will vary depending on your web host or registrar, but its mostly the same across all platforms. To begin, log in to your web host dashboard and find your cPanel. Inside, look for the Subdomain option:

Click on it, then choose a name for your subdomain on the next screen . Select your parent domain from the drop-down, then click Create:

After confirming your choice, your subdomain will be up and running! Now its time to install WordPress.

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How To Transfer Your Domain Registration To Websavers

Already have a domain name registered somewhere else? Not a problem. The following guide will help you to transfer your domain to Websavers!

If you would prefer to leave your domain registered with your current registrar, all you need to do is specify I already own this domain during your web hosting order. However, if you would rather experience the benefit of having all of your web services managed in one convenient location, transfer your domain to us too! Heres how.

If your registrar does not provide you with any one of these options or you are unsure of how to proceed with this, please get in touch today we can take care of your domain name transfer and move your website for you! See our SiteMigrator info for more details.

So You Want To Know How To Move From Squarespace To WordPress

Youâre in the right place! Hereâs what this blog post covers:

  • The exact steps to take to move from Squarespace to WordPress
  • How to set up your web hosting* for just $2.95/month.
  • Setting up WordPress
  • Migrating your existing content from your SquareSpace site to WordPress, including pages, blog posts and images so that you donât lose any content!
  • How to point your domain name from your old Squarespace site to your new WordPress site.
  • How to redirect your old SquareSpace links to your new WordPress site.

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What If My Domain Has Expired Can I Still Transfer It To Another Registrar

Yes. If your domain has recently expired, you can still transfer it to another registrar. Youll need to renew it with your current registrar, then initiate the transfer.

Make sure that the domain name hasnt been deleted by your current registrar and that youre still in the Redemption Grace Period . If more than 60 days have passed, your expired domain may be made available for purchase to the public.

With your domain transferred and ready to go, its time to create a solid SEO strategy that will drive organic traffic to your website. Download our SEO Starter Pack to revamp or jumpstart your SEO efforts.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in February 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

Originally published Feb 3, 2021 7:00:00 AM, updated February 03 2021


Export Content From Squarespace

How to Transfer Domain Name ! A Step By Step Guide

Once the installation of the WordPress theme is completed, the next point of action will be to export the content that is in Squarespace. However, there are some limitations when it comes to exporting contents from Squarespace. It does not allow exporting all the contents that are present on the website. You can only export a few specific contents, and the remaining contents that cannot be exported from the website have to be copy pasted to the WordPress site manually.

To make it easier for you to understand, we are listing the type of contents you can export directly from Squarespace. The contents that are not on this list, has to be exported manually.

  • Basic pages of your current website can be exported as WordPress pages.
  • From the blog, once a blog page can be exported. The exported blog page will appear in WordPress pages as a blog.
  • The blog posts that were in the blog page will be automatically exported as well.
  • Gallery pages can be exported to WordPress.
  • Text, images and embedded blocks can be exported.

The above-mentioned contents and elements you can export from the Squarespace website. In the following, we will list down the type of content that cannot be exported from Squarespace.

  • Pages with product, album, events.
  • Blocks with audio, video and products.
  • Style changes and custom CSS.
  • Folders and index pages cannot be exported.
  • Blog page export is limited to one page. You cannot export more than that.

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Squarespace To WordPress: Final Thoughts On The Migration

Squarespace is convenient for many reasons, but after gaining some experience as a webmaster, it may become unnecessary and start to limit your ambitions. WordPress is a far more powerful alternative and contains all the same features along with many more.

Starting to migrate your website from Squarespace to WordPress is no easy deal, but you wont have to go through the same process again any time soon, so its worth the trouble and it will pay off in the long run.

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Update Your Name Servers

Name servers direct the traffic for your domain to the host server. If youve already moved the website to your Bluehost account, you’ll want to update your name servers now to minimize downtime during the transfer otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the transfer is complete. You cannot make DNS changes while the transfer is in progress, so it is important that you do it now.

Our name servers are:


Your new DNS settings will begin to propagate as soon as you save your changes. Each ISP updates at a different rate, usually taking 24 – 72 hours to complete worldwide. During this time, your emails will be down, and your web traffic will be directed to either the old or new host, depending on the visitor’s ISP.

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Initiate A Transfer With Your New Host

Log into your new host or registrar now, and look for an option to transfer your domain. It should be somewhere on your dashboard or management panel :

Once youve found the right option, youll be asked to confirm which domain you want to transfer in, and provide its authorization code:

Once youve entered both pieces of information, your new platform will get the process started. However, youll first need to provide verification for the transfer.

How Did You Buy Your Domain

How to Transfer a Domain Name From One Registrar to Another EASY!

Already owned your domain when you signed up for Google Workspace?

After you complete the transfer of your domain, update your new domain host records to work with Google Workspace.

  • Visit the support centers of your current and new domain hosts for transfer instructions.
  • Connect Google Workspace with your new domain host.
  • If you purchased your domain during sign-up, your domain is hosted by a Google Workspace partner host.

    To transfer your domain from your Google Workspace partner host:

  • Get transfer instructions from your new host.

    Visit the support center of your new domain host for specific transfer instructions.

  • Identify your Google Workspace partner host.

  • Sign in using your administrator account .

  • From the Admin console Home page, go to Domains.
  • Click Manage Domains.
  • Next to the domain you want to transfer, click View Details.

    A window opens and shows your partner host and domain registration information.

  • Click Advanced DNS Settings to view your domain username and password and sign in to the DNS console where you can unlock your domain and copy your transfer authorization code.
  • From the Advanced DNS settings, note your Sign-in name, Password, and Customer service PIN.
  • Click Sign in to DNS console.
  • Enter your Sign-in name and Password and click Sign In.

    The Domains page opens in a new tab.

  • Next to the domain you want to transfer, click More Domain Settings.

    The Domain Settings page opens in a new tab.

  • Click Remove Domains by Proxy.
  • Click Save.
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    Which Domain Is Best

    How to Choose the Best Domain Name 14 Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name. Stick with .com. Use Keywords in Your Domain Name Search. Keep Your Domain Name Short. Make Your Domain Name Easy to Pronounce and Spell. Keep it Unique and Brandable. Avoid Hyphens in Domain Name. Avoid Double Letters.Lisää kohteita

    Havent Received The Epp Code

    The EPP code, also called the authorization or auth code, is a password given to the gaining registrar to authorize the transfer of your domain. You can copy the EPP code from the Transfer EPP tab at any time, or our Support Team can email it to either the administrative or registrant contact at your request.

    If you haven’t received the EPP code in your email inbox, it was most likely filtered by your email provider. Check your spam filters, junk mail folder, and trash to see if its there.

    Invalid Contact Information

    The EPP code email is nearly always sent to the domains administrative contact, which may not be the same as the registrant , so its possible youre checking the wrong email address.

  • Click the Contacts tab.
  • Select admin and registrant separately to view the email address assigned to those contacts.
  • If either email address is incorrect, update it now and save your changes.
  • Updating the registrant contact information may trigger a Change of Registrant request, which requires additional verification before the changes can be submitted to the registry. Refer to Domain WHOIS Update and Verification for more information.

    Privacy is Enabled

  • Click the Privacy Options tab.
  • Click Pause Domain Privacy to disable the service.
  • This will allow the registrar to view the contact information on your domain’s WHOIS record and send the domain transfer emails to the administrator.

    Refer to Domain Privacy for more information.

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    Review Your Contact Information

    Your contact information is included on your domain’s record in the WHOIS database, as required by ICANN. Upon transfer, the gaining registrar will use the information on the domain’s record to email critical information regarding the transfer to the administrative contact, so you need to make certain it’s correct. It’s best to avoid using an email address thats associated with the domain use a public email service, like Gmail, instead.

    Updating the registrant contact information for a general top-level domain will initiate a Change of Registrant process, which requires additional verification before the new information is saved. Each registrar handles this process a bit differently, so check with yours to see what you need to do.

    I Want To Move My Domain Name To Someone Else

    How do I transfer my domain to Hostpoint?

    It is your right to transfer your domain name registration between registrars. If you wish to move your domain name from one ICANN-accredited registrar to another, you may initiate the transfer process by contacting the registrar to which you wish to transfer the name.

    To transfer your domain name to another registrant, you can initiate a change of registrant by contacting your current registrar. Your registrar will then ask for your confirmation via a secure mechanism . You must provide your confirmation within the number of days set by your registrar or your transfer will not proceed. Once your registrar receives confirmation from you, they will process the transfer and notify you and the new registrant once the transfer is completed.

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    Can I Transfer Com Domains To Ionos

    Absolutely! IONOS accepts all types of domains, from .com and .org, to .me or .store and more. IONOS works with all the major registrars, so you transfer just about any top-level domain name.

    We also offer a wide variety of TLDs if you feel like purchasing a new name or extending your brand with another domain.

    What Effect Will My Domain Transfer Have On My Serp Ranking

    As long as your actual domain name doesn’t change and you follow the steps above, your SEO authority should be unaffected by your domain transfer.

    We do recommend waiting to cancel your previous account until your domain transfer to IONOS is complete. This way, your site will remain active and visible throughout the transition period.

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    Can I Connect My Squarespace Domain To Another Provider

    Yes, this is possible. However, if youre moving your site to a different provider, we recommend transferring your domain to them instead.

    If you want to keep your domain registered with Squarespace and direct it to a third-party site, you can forward it or point it. We recommend reviewing the two options before setting up your records.

    Requirements And Considerations For Transferring A Domain To Shopify

    How to Transfer a Domain to Google Domains

    Before you start, review the following requirements and considerations:

    • You need to own the domain that you want to transfer. If you don’t own it and it’s available for registration, then you can buy it.
    • Before you can transfer your domain, you need to wait 60 days after registering your domain, transferring your domain to a different domain provider, or making changes to your registrar information. For more information, refer to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers .
    • You need to pay the registration fee to renew your domain for an additional 12 months. The 12 months are added to your domain’s current expiry date.
    • There might be additional costs associated with transferring your domain. Contact your domain provider for information about transfer costs.
    • You need to have access to your original domain provider account and the email account that you use to log in to it.
    • You need to monitor and respond to confirmation emails to complete the transfer process.
    • You need to use a third-party email hosting service with email forwarding from Shopify. Shopify doesn’t provide email hosting services, but does provide unlimited email forwarding accounts.
    • It can take up to 20 days to transfer your domain. Your domain continues working during the transfer process.

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    How To Transfer Your Domain To A New Host

    Now that you understand why you might want to transfer your domain name, its time to discuss how to get it done. Youll need two things: a domain thats still active, and an account on the platform where you want to transfer it to. The latter is easy enough to secure just sign up to your new web host or registrar as you would any other site. Then proceed to the first step.

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