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How To See Who A Domain Is Registered To

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Why Is Determining A Domain Name Registrant Important

How to Find Out Who Your Domain is Registered Through and Who Hosts Your Website

Determining a domain name registrant is important for many reasons:

  • The lookup can verify that the registrant details of your personal domains are properly entered. If they are not, you may miss renewal notices, purchase offers, partnership requests and the like.
  • If you are interested in making an offer on an already registered domain name, you can easily lookup contact information, such as the owners name, mailing address, email address and telephone number.
  • If you are tying to protect your personal information, a lookup can tell you if the privacy controls youve put in place are actually in effect.

Where Can I See Who Owns A Domain

In order to see who owns a domain you will need to do a whois search on the domain name you are interested in.

When you do a whois search it will display who is the owner of the domain name.

There are instances when the data of the owner will not display. This happens when the owner of the domain name does not want to make his contact details public and has purchased a domain whois privacy service.

Your Domain And Its History

The first step when building a website for your brand is to register the domain name. You will need to pick the domain registrar, and from there, you will find whether the domain you want to use is available or not.

Most of the time, people would opt for a domain name that is new with no history at all. However, there are cases where buying an old domain is more beneficial than a new one, especially with ranking fast in Google. As you know, using a new domain name that Googles spiders have never crawled into before may not be effective if you want the search engine to rank you high in the results page.

With an old domain, you have a previously registered domain name. Often, it has built authority over time, and you may even benefit from its connections. Plus, Google trusts these old sites, which can give you a high ranking quickly.

For some reason though, the owner stopped paying the registration fees for the domain. The registrar will immediately put it in an auction. If no one buys it, the name expires. Although the expired domain may have a bad reputation on Google and all its data might reset to default, it could still build authority over time. The longer it has been around, the more trustworthy it could become for Google.

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Fair, transparent pricing

We clearly display domain discounts and renewal pricing during the search process so there are no nasty surprises when your domains renewal comes up.

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How Do I Check If The Domain I Want Is Available

How to Find Out Who Registered a Domain: 9 Steps (with ...

There are few different ways to verify if the domain you want is available.

While all processes are kept secure and confidential, the most straightforward is the domain name search tool. Simply type your desired website domain name in the search bar, and youll be presented with a list of results.

The search results will show the domain you want along with its availability, as well as options in other extensions and related suggestions. If the domain is taken, youll be able to review the WHOIS record to see information on the current owner and when it is set to expire, along with a link to our domain brokering services in case youre interested in acquiring that domain.

In addition to Webnames domain search, you can also check out our domain wizard or our domain marketplace to discover more great options.

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How To Check The History Of A Domain Name

The first computers started connecting to one another through Wide Area Networks in the 1960s. However, it took several years before the Internet exploded in 1990. The World Wide Web was created a year later, which also gave way to commercial service providers to begin operating. The registration of domain names became an official part of the process.

Initially, owning a domain name was free but the exponential increase of Internet use needed to be controlled. Registration services were offered, and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers was created. ICANN is a nonprofit corporation that manages the domain name system of the Internet, as well as its other elements, including IP address allocation and protocol parameter designation.

Fast forward to today, it is estimated that there are more than 19 million registered domain names. Approximately 40,000 are registered each day, proving that there is nothing that can stop the Internet from growing. Buying a domain name from a domain registrar is now a simple process which takes less than 2 minutes.

Tips For Choosing A Registrar

Determine which services you require

You may want services like email hosting or support offered in French, so find out what each registrar offers. Remember, if you registered your .CA domain name as an individual you have free WHOIS privacy protection already included.

Check references

Seek out customer reviews and testimonials, and ask friends or colleagues for a recommendation. You may find that some registrars come highly recommended by your peers. If you make a mistake, you can always transfer your .CA domain to another registrar.

Shop around

Shop around to get a good understanding of how much your domain name, and additional services, will cost. Registrars may offer bundles, packages, or special promotions. Keep in mind that cheapest isnt always necessarily best.

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Why Is Whois Data Important

Every time a domain name is registered, registrars need to verify the identity of a domains owner or registrant. This information is important because any domain name disputes and technical issues will need to be resolved by the domain name owner.

Beyond this, WHOIS information is used by different parties in many different ways. In some cases, domain names may be put up for sale and having WHOIS information is a way to determine and generate leads in the sale of a domain name. WHOIS information can also be used by network administrators to combat spam, fraud, identify trademark infringement and track down registrants that may be engaged in damaging or illegal activities.

Viewing Information About Domains That Are Registered With Amazon Registrar

How to Find Out Who Owns a Domain Name

You can view information about .com, .net, and .org domains that were registered using Route 53 and for which Amazon Registrar is the registrar. This information includes details such as when the domain was originally registered and contact information for the domain owner and for the technical and administrative contacts.

Note the following:

Emailing domain contacts when privacy protection is enabled

If privacy protection is enabled for the domain, contact information for the registrant, technical, and administrative contacts is replaced with contact information for the Amazon Registrar privacy service. For example, if the domain is registered with Amazon Registrar and if privacy protection is enabled, the value of Registrant Email in the response to a WHOIS query would be similar to

To contact one or more domain contacts when privacy protection is enabled, send an email to the corresponding email addresses. We automatically forward your email to the applicable contact.

Reporting abuse

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How Is Whois Changing

In light of the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, coming into force within the European Union in May 2018, many Registries and Registrars that operate within that region, or globally, are required to gain Registrant’s consent before disclosing Personally Identifiable Information to any third parties or the public. As a result of the implementation of the GDRP, much of the data historically found within WHOIS will no longer be included or be redacted. The absence of this information has a trickle-down effect throughout the domain industry, affecting WHOIS data output for domain names and Registrants that do not have an immediate or obvious nexus to the European Union

Surfacebrowser Whowas Smart Whois History

With , one of our top enterprise security tools, its super easy to check the domain owner history of any domain name you desire. Its even easier than using our API, as it doesnt require any API key configuration.

Just login into our console area, then go to to fetch the almighty superpowers of SurfaceBrowser.

In this case, we clicked on the WHOIS option, and the first thing youll notice is a historical WHOIS timeline that lets you jump back and forth between all the WHOIS changes weve detected thus far:

You can click on any of those dates to see exactly what information has changed. Our domain ownership history includes:

Domain Registrar Information, where you can fetch registrar name, approx domain age, original register date, last update and expiration date for that time in particular. And the same goes for the WHOIS Registrant data, including: name, organization, street, country, email and telephone.

Other important historical WHOIS data is contained in Admin and Technical Contacts, which includes name, organization, street, country, email and telephone as well:

If you need to combine this WHOIS historical information with even more domain and data, SurfaceBrowser is the correct and complete OSINT toolkit for boosting your infosec research. Youll get data that includes:

  • Current DNS

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What Steps Can I Take To Ensure My Domain Privacy Is Protected

Some Registrars offer privacy protection services that allow their customers to mask their actual contact details in the Whois search result in order to prevent their private contact information falling into the hands of spammers and scammers. Get in touch with your Registrar to learn more about your options.

How To Determine Who Owns A Domain Name

How to Find Out Who Registered a Domain: 9 Steps (with ...

Naeem MobasharDecember 28, 2010 | Updated: December 9, 201570

The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is the organization that authorizes registrars to issue or assign domain names to public. A registrant is the person or entity who is considered to be the domain name owner authorized to make or request for changes to be made in vital information related to domain name. It is, therefore, critically important to know the owner registrant of a domain name and also the person or entity having administrative, billing and technical rights related to domain.

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Make Sure The Domain Is Registered

You wont know for sure if the domain youre interested in is registered until you check for yourself. The easiest way to check is to search for the domain name at a registrar like That way, if the domain is available, or being resold as Premium Domain, you can easily purchase it directly from the registrar. If the domain is listed as unavailable, it is likely already registered and youll need to turn elsewhere for more details.

But before you resort to trying to buy a domain that is already registered , its worth looking into alternative options for domain names. You might find that by using a different or new domain extension, you can get the SLD you want for a fraction of the price.

Can I Register For New Domains Via Whois Domain Lookup

You can use the Whois lookup service to find the registration status of a domain name. If the domain has not been registered and is available, you can use to register the domain name.

Alternatively, if the domain name has already been registered, you can either register similar available domain names that we suggest, or use the contact information provided in order to get in touch with the owner and respectfully negotiate a sale. Do note that unsolicited contact is forbidden using the information provided via the Whois lookup service.

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Option #: Visit A Web Hosting Provider To Use Whois

Go to a web hosting providers website and look for domains. HostGator®, Bluehost®, and GoDaddy are just a few examples of well-known web hosts. You should see a search box in the center of the screen where you enter domain names. It queries the WHOIS database to see if the name is available or already registered.

For domains that are already owned, scroll to the bottom of their website. Most domain hosting providers include a link to utilize the WHOIS database through their system. The provider presents the details for you on their website.

How Can I Transfer My Domain To Hostpoint

How to Find Out Where Your Domain Name is Registered

To transfer your top-level domain to Hostpoint, we need what is known as the transfer code of the domain for which you want to change the provider. The transfer code is a security key consisting of up to 16 alphanumerical characters and is obtained from your current registrar or provider.

How you obtain the transfer code depends on your registrar or provider. For example, it may be possible to view the transfer code by going to the service page. You may have to request the transfer code, or it may be sent to you automatically by e-mail after you have canceled your domain with your registrar or provider or notified them of a change of provider. However, to speed up the process of switching providers, you can also try to find the transfer code yourself. In this case, please contact your current registrar or provider.

Once you have obtained the transfer code, please order the desired domain transfer on our website. We will begin the domain transfer within a few hours of receiving your order.

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Ways To Find Unregistered And Interesting Domain Names

Looking for new Domain Names ? See Unregistered Domain names and register Them Straight away !

Domain pigeon can be used to find Unregistered domain names.The homepage features a List of currently Most popular Unregistered domain names.Just Hover Your Mouse over an Unregistered domain and It shows you How many people are currently Interested In that particular domain.It shows you In real time as The domains are registered.You can also Search and sort through Unregistered domain names according to their popularity or In alphabetical Order.

What makes Domain pigeon Unique is that You can see How many people Looked at a Domain and How many Clicked back.The domains that Get more attention darken In color.Registered users can see a larger catalog of domains.

Instant Domain Search : As you type In a domain name it checks the availability of .com,.org and .net domain names.The added advantage is that you can find additional information about an already registered domain..The site also Shows you a rough estimate of the Registering Costs with different registrars Looking for peculiar Domain names ? If the domain name that you are looking for isnt available and You want something Unique or peculiar then Head straight to site lets you search for Unconventional Domain names in case its .com version is not available

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