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How To Pick The Right Domain Name

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How to Choose the Right Domain Name | Wix SEO

Whew, okay, that was a lot of reading! Still, I dont want this list to be intimidating. Even reading through it just once and then noting down the most important takeaways will give you more than enough insight to be able to obtain your perfect domain name and do so safely.

Just to help you out, heres a cut-out-and-keep version of everything thats been said above:

  • Always go for the .com
  • Experiment with local TLDs if it makes sense
  • Consider experimenting with non-traditional TLDs
  • Consider buying the other main TLDs
  • Choose a brandable name
  • Keep it short, simple, and predictable
  • Buy the common misspellings of your domain name
  • Use a thesaurus for domain name ideas
  • Help yourself to some domain name generators
  • Choose a domain name you can legally own
  • Dont sweat it if your perfect domain name is taken contact the owner to try to get it
  • Dont sweat it if your perfect domain name is taken and cant be obtained
  • Be careful when buying existing domain names
  • Check the domain history via Wayback Machine
  • Check the domain history via
  • Register your corresponding social media handles
  • Pick a trustworthy domain registrar
  • Shop around to find the best price
  • Lock the domain so it cant be stolen
  • Always register your domain name by yourself
  • Consider enabling domain ID protection
  • Set your domain to auto-renew
  • Did we miss anything? Thoughts?

    How Long Should A Domain Name Be

    Your domain name can be anywhere from a few characters to several words. As a rule of thumb, shorter domain names are more effective. Theyre simple for people to recall, and less likely to be misspelled or misread. Think of your domain name as your online address you want people, especially first-time visitors, to be able to easily remember where to find you online.

    From using keywords to picking the right domain extension for your website, here are four key things to keep in mind as you choose a domain name:

    What Is Domain Name Privacy

    When you register your domain name, your personal information is saved in a public database . For a fee, on top of your domain name registration, registrars offer domain privacy protection. This keeps your information private, preventing your personal details from being used for spam, making it a good choice for online-based businesses that do not have a physical and public address.

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    What Name Has Your Competition Chosen

    Research your competitors site and see how their name applies to the niche, audience, tone, voice, and the brand itself. Identify their strengths and weaknesses, then ask yourself whether the name encapsulates their service offering. This practice can help inspire domain name ideas, shape your naming strategy, and iron out what you want to focus on.

    Constant Contact: Helping You Every Step Of The Way

    Top 10 Tips on How To Choose The Right Domain Name

    A domain name plays an important role in any website or blog. Not only is it important for internet navigation but itll also become a key part of your brands identity. Therefore, you must take the time to ensure that you pick the right domain name. If you want to simplify the process, keep in mind the following advice:

    • Do your research and ask the right questions
    • Use a .com domain name extension
    • Utilize a domain name formula
    • Keep the name short and sweet
    • Check for availability on social media
    • Dont overthink it

    Once youve completed these steps, youll be sure to have a list of awesome names to choose from. After that, register it. But what do you do if you dont even have a website yet and dont know how to make a website?

    For that, theres also Constant Contact. Creating your own website using our intelligent builder takes under an hour. Whether you need a domain name or website, Constant Contact makes it easy to get both quickly and easily.

    Interested in getting your site going or your domain name registered? Lets get started.

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    Keep It Short And Easy To Type

    One of the domain name tips you must remember is to keep it short in length. If you choose a long domain name, its harder to remember, and difficult to type out in the browser bar. Heres a real-world example for you its easy to remember a name like Anna Lee, rather than a name like Anna Lee-Chastain-Tanner-Riley-Ross.

    How To Choose A Tld

    A TLD is the last bit of your URL address and it indicates the purpose of your website, as coordinated by ICANN.

    In summary, there are three main types of TLDs:

    • gTLD generic top-level domain
    • sTLD sponsored top-level domain
    • ccTLD country code top-level domain

    A gTLD is the most common type of top-level domain that doesnt have any restrictions for registration. Good examples of gTLDs are:

    • .com
    • .org
    • .net

    Ideally, each type of gTLD should represent the purpose of your site. For example, .com should be used for commercial sites, while .org should be reserved for organizations only.

    However, nowadays anyone can register their website using any of the gTLDs, no matter if it fits the purpose or not.

    sTLDs are handled by private organizations. Meaning, you can only register an sTLD if you follow specific rules and have permission to do so.

    Good examples of sTLDs include:

    • .gov for government institutions only
    • .edu for educational institutions
    • .mil for the military organizations

    The last type of top-level domain is ccTLD. These represent the location or country that the website or organization is based in.

    Good examples of ccTLDs are:

    • .us United States
    • .ca Canada
    • .fr France

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    Marry Your Domain Name

    It sounds odd, but you have to be absolutely sure you love your domain name. Once its set, you have it for years to come. If you decide later to rename it, then you will lose time, money, branding, and rankings. We do not recommend changing your domain once your blog has been alive for a considerable amount of time.

    You Cant Go Wrong With A Com

    8 Essential Tips on How to Choose the Best Domain Name for Your Website

    The.COM is known throughout the world and is part of the original line-up of six TLDs. Each had a different purpose, .COM stood for commercial, .ORG for an organization, .EDU for education, and so on.

    Partly because of its age, and the fact that domain usage isnt so strict anymore, .COM was used for all kinds of purposes, and so it became the most popular TLD. Find out more in our article, What is .COM?.

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    How To Pick The Right Domain Name: 12 Steps To Success


    Today, I want to share some of my best tips on how to pick the right domain name.

    During the past ten plus years of making money online, I have owned nearly 50 domain names. Some names I selected were good, but most were bad. When I first started online, I had no idea about what I should or shouldnt do when it came to picking a domain.

    Through the years, I learned some valuable lessons about how to pick the right domain name, mostly through trial and error. I hope you can learn from my successes and mistakes, so you can choose the perfect domain name for your website.

    What you will see below are my 12 steps to success. Ill also share some secret tips from the experts. Just follow these suggestions and you cant go wrong.

    Use Your Business Name

    Its a good practice to buy your domain name shortly after coming up with a blog or business name, or while deliberating between a few of your favorite ideas.

    Why? Because if you decide to first incorporate your business and the matching domain name is already taken, youre SOL.

    Or are you? You certainly wouldnt be the first person to come up with a great business name only to be disappointed by the available domain name results.

    Here are some ideas for domain name variations that play on your business or blog name:

    • Incorporate your name into the business name
    • Synonyms of the individual words that make up the business name
    • Alliteration to assist in recall
    • A different language
    • Relevant industry jargon so people can instantly understand theyre in the right place and/or something that describes what you do clearly
    • A play on words with a domain extension
    • Dashes between your first and last name
    • Adding the before your business name
    • Incorporate power words and descriptive adjectives

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    How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Blog

    Like finding a domain name for a business, choosing a domain name for your blog has many similar steps. But because businesses can start offline, you might not even have a name chosen for your blog yet!

    Luckily, this means you have a better chance of finding a blog name and domain name that are a perfect match, but you’ll need to put in some elbow grease to find something unique. According to, there are more than 500 million blogs on the internet. But don’t be discouraged! Here are some steps to help you find the right domain name for you.

    Make It Easy To Type And Pronounce

    Little Known Tips That People Know About Picking Domain Names

    Sure, your blog name is unique, but if no one knows how to pronounce it or type it as a URL, your traffic numbers might suffer as a result.

    If a domain name is confusing, it’s more likely that users will have typos and get lost as they try to find your blog. Make it easy for them, and avoid hurting your traffic numbers, by choosing a simple, clear domain name.

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    Keep It Short And Simple

    If your domain name is long, it’ll be harder for people to remember, which could spell out less traffic for you. recommends a domain name that is 6-14 characters in length.

    Beyond that, a short domain name isn’t helpful if it is hard to spell or pronounce, as users will likely lose their way when trying to type your website URL.

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    What am I missing?

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    Can You Name Your Website Whatever You Want

    Yes, you can choose any domain name, however, you cant choose one thats already being used by someone else, unless its up for sale on a marketplace. Here at Namecheap we have our very own , so why not check it out today? Your domain name must also be between three and sixty-three characters, and made up of only letters, hyphens, and numbers.

    Register Your New Domain Name

    How To Choose the Best Domain Names

    After settling on the right combination of keyword-based name and TLD, all you need to do is buy the domain name. The way you do this will often depend on the hosting provider you decide to use.

    You can usually purchase a domain name during the process of signing up for a hosting plan. In addition, you can buy a domain separately through a dedicated registrar or hosting company. If youve chosen a name using Domain Wheel, you can even use the View Details button to go straight to a checkout page:

    When youre ready to sign up for a web hosting account, make sure you use this Bluehost link. Going through it will result in two things: it is an affiliate link, which means that we receive a small commission if you buy through it, it will unlock a $2.75 vs $3.95 discounted price for you. You wont get this discount if you visit the Bluehost site in any other way.

    Of course, you dont have to get your hosting and domain name from the same place. If you pick up a domain name elsewhere, you can still connect it to your new or existing site after the fact. How this works will depend on the web host youve chosen. You should check out your providers documentation or ask their support team for assistance when making the transfer.

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    How To Register A Domain Name With Namecheap

    As the name suggests, this Namecheap offers great value for money. Its .com domains start from $8.88/year, which is a low price compared to the rest of the market.

    To buy a domain name on Namecheap, head over to the homepage and insert a name on the search field. Alternatively, head to the Bulk Domain Name Search tool and enter up to 5,000 keywords and find multiple domains at once.

    The site will redirect you to the search results page. Feel free to sort the available domains by cost, extension, or alphabetical order. Click Add to Cart on the name you want to register and the Checkout button on the bottom-right corner to continue with the payment process.

    The page will preview the order and suggest several add-ons to add to the cart, including PremiumDNS for a performance and security boost. This domain registrar also provides a free privacy and protection feature.

    Confirm the order to move on to the next step creating a Namecheap account. Insert your contact information, including your name, phone number, email, and physical address. Enter a company name and tick the Im registering on behalf of a company box if applicable.

    Press Continue to go to the Setup page. Here, specify the contact information for the domains registrant, administrator, technical support, and billings. If youre responsible for all these things, select User default account contact. Otherwise, choose to Add new contact where appropriate.

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