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How To Make Money With Domains

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Why Are Domains Valuable

How To Make Money Online With Domain Flipping! (4 BEST WAYS)

In the world of the Internet, domains are the foundation for us to build our digital presence. And the freedom it provides in terms of choosing your own address is what adds to their value.

Everyone wants custom domain names and are willing to pay any price for one. For a huge number of businesses, the domain is an investment.

Risks Of Investing In Domains

There are many risks that would-be domain investors should carefully consider before buying and selling. The three largest risks are liquidity, subjectivity and legality, but there are also many other ranging from misleading appraisals to faulty escrow payments. Would-be buyers should carefully consider these risks before investing in domain names.

How To Buy And Sell Domains From Flippa

To Buy or Sell Domain on Flippa, sign up with a valid Email Account and list your website or domain for sale. After listing your domain, it’s time for the description, people tend to write a long description, but thats not what it should be like. The description should be short and simple which does not bore the Buyer and gives the buyer a brief idea of your Blog or Website or domain.

Now the most important part is to Set Flippa bidding options.

  • Set the Reserve price after evaluating it properly
  • Set it to the price at which you can afford to sell your online property
  • Set a Correct and reasonable Buy it now price

Keep the starting Bid price as low you can to encourage more users to Bid. After the Auction is successfully finished, do research about the user who has won the Bid and his history of the transaction. So that you can take proper measures before you initiate Blog/Website/Domain transfer and receive payments.

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Creating And Managing Subdomains

If you own a .eth domain and simply want to create subdomains for your own use, the easiest way to do this is through the ENS app by clicking on the Subdomains button. This is where you can add new subdomains.

ENS Subdomain Registration

Once subdomains are setup, they act very similar to domains in that the owner can control them and setup records. That means something like eric.ethhub.eth can also resolve to an address and an IPFS website.

ENS Subdomain Manager

The Cost Of Domain Investing

How to Make Money Buying &  Selling Domain Names

To determine if domain investing is right for you, youll need to analyse several factors:

  • Initial domain costs
  • Ongoing renewal costs
  • Average selling price

If you sell domain names within a year of purchasing them, you wont have to worry about renewing them. This will help you have a higher profit margin.

You will also need to consider how much time youre going to put into each domain name and whether or not you want to build a website for it.

Setting up a simple website is a great way to show off what the domain name can do for a person. While this will also require you to pay for hosting, it can be worth the investment because of how much more quickly a site will sell.

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Domain Flipping Wont Make You Rich Overnight

Yes, we all love to hear motivational stories on how some lucky ones made millions out of selling a high profile domain name but in reality, this does not happen too often. Very few domain names out there can be sold in exchange for six figure sums, so your chances of becoming a millionaire overnight are slim.

But if you are thinking of starting a part-time business where you buy domain names and sell them off for a decent percentage of profit, then it is reasonable.

Opt To Purchase Com Extensions

Today you can purchase many different kinds of website extensions. If youve ever seen a website end in .co or .net, these extensions are usually purchased if the .com extension has already been taken.

The downside of these domain names is that they tend to be more expensive when purchasing through an auction. However, whenever you flip a domain with a .com extension, you’re likely to be more profitable.

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Build A Solid Domain Portfolio

Building a solid domain portfolio is not a piece of cake it may take you several months or years to achieve this goal but it will definitely be worth it in the end. When you are in the fishing phase, look at the potential of the domain name. Another common strategy used by seasoned domain flippers is to get hold of some high profile domain names and sit on them until they soar in terms of value.

Get Your Domains In Front Of The Public

How to earn money with godaddy domains – buy and sell domains 2019

You will find several places where you can post the domains for the public to buy. But before that consider the below things:

Is the Place Trusted and Well Known?

You should feel confident that you will get paid and that the buyer will receive the domain name he has paid for.

Select a place with good ratings and recognized organizations such as Better Business Bureau or licensing from a trusted government source. With this, it will be easy for the buyer to click on the button to purchase the domain and build trust on the domain seller brand.

While selling domains, it is important to build trust among the visitors about your brand.

Is the Distribution Network Strong?

The potential to get your domain name in front of the right buyer is a key. List your domain in a popular distribution network so that it gets displayed in front of millions of potential buyers each month.

Find the people that can get the benefit from the domain name. Reach out to them and check if they are interested in using the domain. If you are into the particular domain niche, you should know the way to suggest the value proposition of your domain name for the potential buyer.

Dont start sending spam emails. Instead have conversations with people you know will welcome the ability to own the domain.

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How To Start Flipping Domains

Before you even start flipping domains, understand that a domain is only profitable when you buy it at a low price according to your budget, and flip it to at a profitable margin.

Before you even start flipping domains, wed request you to start with a relatively low budget of say $5.

To start flipping a domain, first off, you need to find a domain, and its similar to finding land. But, before that, you need to understand the niche of the domain you want to buy and flip later.

Consider this to be similar to the area or the locality where you are looking for land to buy at cheap and later flip at a profitable price. On the Internet, though, all you need to do is to understand the category. It can be anything from fitness to a media company name.

The categories are endless, but one advice wed suggest is to only look for niches that are trending on the Internet.

What follows next is a three-step process to flip domains:

Create Evergreen And Supporting Content

Lets explain:

  • Evergreen Content: Leverages the review, using it as supporting content for a bigger topic. Think of the evergreen as the over-arching topic.
  • Supporting Content: Props the review by expanding the review topics where you could link back to the cornerstone, domain review.

We like to think of topics like a hub where several supporting pieces link to the evergreen. Then, evergreen linking to other evergreen pieces. Its the general idea behind pillar content, too.

What evergreen content could you create? How-to guides.

These could include:

  • How to Start a Blog
  • How to Launch an Online Store
  • How to Build a Portfolio Website
  • How to Flip Domain Names / Websites

You see nearly ever established blog including a Start Here or Build a Blog guide regardless of their niches topic. The money is too good to pass up especially when youre receiving requests from readers asking how they, too, could create a blog.

What kind of supporting content could you create? Tips & tricks.

These could include:

  • How to Setup Your Domain Name Email
  • X Ways to Get the Perfect Domain Name
  • The Best Domain Names Weve Ever Found
  • X Strategies to Make Money with Domain Parking

Those type of topics generated from related Google searches.

Theyre still great topics but theyre not exactly flagship theyre more for picking up long-tail keyword traffic and eventually funneling visitors to the main, evergreen pieces.

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Never Sell Right Away

Domain flipping is not always about making quick cash. Sometimes you have to spend days in research before you make a profitable sale. Remember, it is better to wait for several months or years in order to sell a domain name for a greater profit than settle for normal profit. Think of domain flipping as more of an investment.

Look For Short Domains

How to make money with Public Domain

Shorter domain names are inherently worth more.


Because they’re easier to type in and easier to remember. With that said, you might find that these domains are more expensive up front, so you’ll want to determine how much you might be capable of selling it for before making your purchase.

If you’re capable of finding a short domain name, it’s best to purchase it before someone else does. These domains can be scooped up in a matter of seconds, so it’s worth a shot.

The majority of short domains have already been acquired under the .com extension, however as other extensions become more popular this provides tremendous opportunity.

For example, a short domain like could be a top tier domain even though it doesn’t end with .com.

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Generate Leads For Other Companies

Businesses thrive on new leads coming in their doors to inquire about their products or services.

Its no surprise that theyre always on the lookout, searching for creative ways to find new sources of leads to help them grow.

For example:

Lets say you have a website about teaching math skills. Your readers information would be of great value to different online schools whore looking to sell their courses to eager, proactive students.

Basically, youre connecting the dots playing the matchmaker by introducing two parties who can benefit one another. While its similar to how affiliate marketing works, in this case, it doesnt actually matter if your reader ends up purchasing their product or not. Theyre just looking for an introduction at this point.

Where Can I Find Such Offers?

Set Up An Ecommerce Site

Websites dont just have to be about content. They can be centered around tools or products on an online store.

Be forewarned:

There are literally hundreds of thousands of eCommerce websites or online stores. Make sure that yours is filling a unique niche, with a detailed strategy and the latest marketing techniques to stand out from the crowd.

How Do I Create a Successful Online Store/Shop?

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How Much Money Can You Make Flipping Domain Names

I know a lot of you might be wondering the amount of money you can make from buying and selling domain names, So Im going to show you some examples of quick-flips which could have easily been done by you and also give you an idea of how much people are making and how much money you can also make from flipping domains.

In 2015, Morgan from bought a domain for $99 on sold it for $1,698. He made $1000+ profit from that one domain alone.

  • Bought for $10sold for $1000
  • Bought for $10 sold for $24,000

You can purchase a domain at $10, flip it quickly for $100 or $1000 depending on how long you want to wait.

About That Domain Name You Bought

How To Make Money Selling Domain Names (With Earnings Proof from $14.22 to $2,000)

It’s rattling around in the back of your mind, that catchy domain name that you bought years ago, possibly for an online business, possibly for a creative project, perhaps as an identity for your homepage.

Of course, you never actually did anything with it. In 2013, it was estimated that a massive 40 percent of registered domain names were in fact “parked” . That’s not far off half!

Now, if a domain name is unused or parked, it will typically inform a visitor that it is newly registered and to return in a few days when there will be a website to view. But just as common is the commercial approach, in which the domain registrar or web host is making money off your website. It does this by placing third-party adverts, or even notices for its own services.

You don’t want your domain name to be exploited for profit by someone else. But what can you do about it?

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To Be Put Into Perspective

If some sales may seem excessive, it may be because they are. In fact, some sales, through their excessive media coverage, make it possible to enhance the value of an extension, a market, etc. According to professionals, some sales are actually communication hits and do not reflect the real health of the market.

One of the best-known cases was the alleged purchase in 2006 by Rick Schwartz, self-proclaimed Domain King, of the domain name, for the modest sum of $200,000! Even though all participants were shocked by the poor acting of the protagonists in this sham auction, the sale was indeed published and even relayed by the media around the world, giving an exceptional boost to the MOBI extension, which was obviously the aim of the operation. »

These practices are not uncommon and make it difficult to get a good reading of the market.

Other Domain Research Tools:

There are dozens of other free and premium websites/tools you can use to research and buy expiring/expired domains.

Some popular options include:

  • A freemium tool that offers a handy solution to search for domains using keywords and relevant filters.
  • A simple way to get in on expired domain auctions or backorder domains.
  • Find deleted domain names.

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Is Domain Flipping Risky

As with any business, there is some slight risk to domain flipping. But heres the good news: your losses can be extremely small. Because a domain name only costs roughly $10 annually, thats the amount you can lose.

With that said, if you end up purchasing hundreds of domain names, those annual renewal costs can become costly so youll want to ensure you have a plan for each domain.

Dome name flipping can be as risky as you make it.

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