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How To Make Custom Domain Extension

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Make Sure Your Domain Name Is Memorable

How to Create your Own TLD or Domain Extension

Some people choose domain extensions that are too long or difficult to remember. While its important to select an extension that accurately represents your company and the services you offer, you also want to make sure that people can easily remember and type in your domain name.

The same is true for ensuring that your domain is easy to pronounce. You dont want people to have trouble finding your website or telling others about it.

Choose An Extension That Suits Your Websites Content

Another mistake people make is choosing a domain extension that doesnt match their websites content. For example, if youre creating a website about travel, you wouldnt want to use a .net domain. Instead, .travel would prove a much better fit.

Choosing an extension that accurately represents your websites content is important to avoid confusion and ensure that people can find what theyre looking for.

We recommend thinking about your websites purpose and who you want to reach with it. This will help you narrow down your options and choose an extension relevant to your content.

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Should You Register All Other Available Extensions

As you search for your domain name, you will notice that more than one extension is available. Should you register all of them? The answer to that question largely depends on your budget, but generally speaking, its a wise choice to register the most common extensions as well.

The main idea behind this is it helps protect your brand. In an ideal world, you shouldnt be worried about the possibility of someone registering your name with a different extension for malicious purposes. In reality, there is always a possibility that something similar might happen. If someone goes out of their way to build up the other site in search engine rankings, you run the risk of having your reputation tarnished.

If you can afford it, minimize this risk by registering at least the .net, .me, and .co extensions. Then, simply redirect those domains to point to your primary domain name.

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Custom Domain Name Suffix

A custom domain name suffix, or custom TLD, is a top-level domain name that belongs to a single organization. The TLD is the last segment of the domain name, the letters such as com or NET — immediately following the final dot in a URL. There are currently 22 TLDs.

A custom TLD can be any word or combination of letters. An automobile manufacturer might purchase the .car suffix, for example a company might purchase its own name as a TLD: could become Apple.Apple, or it could register second-level domains for business segments separately, so that it had fully qualified domain names like iPad.Apple.

ICANN , the organization that governs domain name system management, announced that it will accept applications for the first custom TLDs between January 12 and April 12, 2012. The organization expects to approve 1,000 applications per year.

The expectation is that organizations will purchase custom TLDs to increase visibility and branding and, possibly, to increase search engine optimization , although it is not clear that the suffixes will affect search results in any way.

The application fee for custom TLDs is $185,000, which is only partially refunded in the case of rejection. If approved, a registration will cost about $25,000 per year to maintain.

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How To Choose The Right Domain Name

Does it matter which domain extension you use for your custom domain ...

When choosing a domain name, it should be:

  • Relevant to your content, service or business
  • Easy to remember keep it short and catchy
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Not a violation of someone elses trademark

Shorter names make better domain names they are easier to type and less susceptible to mistakes. Longer domain names, on the other hand, have an advantage when it comes to keywords and search engines give preferences to keywords that are also found in your domain name.

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What Is The Most Popular Domain Extension

The most popular domain extension is .com, but many other options are available. You can choose from over 1,500 different domain extensions, so its crucial to find one right for your website.

If youre unsure which domain extension to choose, we recommend starting with a .com domain. But if youre looking for something more unique or specific, there are plenty of other options for more niche sites.

I Want To Get A Free Custom Domain From Websitecom Whats The Next Step

Once youve decided to proceed with a custom domain name, your next step is to go to and sign up for a website builder plan. Then, from there, you can search for the domain name you want to use.

As we have mentioned earlier, you can choose from 13 different domain extensions. And while a country-specific domain extension costs more than a generic domain extension, if you want to use a .ca domain name instead of a .com, go ahead your first domain is on us.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Custom Domain

In addition to creating a space for your business to live online, a custom domain has other benefits. Here are some of the top reasons companies select a personalized domain name.

  • Brand identity: Your custom domain name becomes your company’s online moniker. Visitors expect your domain name to match or closely resemble your company name, so stay consistent to maintain brand identity.
  • Credibility: A custom domain name boosts credibility and makes your website appear legitimate to visitors.
  • Memorability: The more straightforward your domain name is, the easier it is to remember. The easier it is to remember, the more likely people will remember it when typing in their search bar and that means more traffic directed to your website.
  • Differentiation from competitors: Use a clean, catchy custom domain to differentiate yourself from competing sites with clunkier domains.
  • A custom domain name boosts search authority if you use it right. It takes time to accumulate quality content, internal links, and backlinks, so older domains typically have more authority.

You’ll be assigned a subdomain if you start creating your site on a free website builder like Weebly, WordPress, or Webnode. Your URL might appear something like: Later, you may decide to upgrade your account to a paid plan and purchase a custom domain but your domain authority essentially resets to zero. See what we mean about the importance of using a custom domain name from the get-go?

Do Research Your Domain

Make Your Own Domain Extension Part 1: What’s DNS? & Installing Bind

Spend time looking into your domains past. Someone else could have purchased it a long time ago to build a site in a separate space, or it could have a shady past that youre unaware of.

Keep an eye out for competitors that have similar domains, or other businesses that have a similar company name. Youll want something thats completely unique and free of any existing negative association.

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Considerations Before You Buy A Domain Through Shopify

Before you buy a domain through Shopify, review the following considerations:

  • Email hosting services aren’t provided on Shopify. Instead, you can connect your Shopify-managed domain to a third-party email hosting service.
  • Some domain extensions include WHOIS privacy, which is a service that keeps your personal contact information hidden from public domain registration records. If you want WHOIS privacy, then make sure that your domain extension isn’t on the WHOIS exceptions list.
  • Some domain extensions have specific residency or business registration requirements. Make sure that you can meet these requirements, because you might need to verify your registration information. If you can’t meet these requirements, then your domain might be suspended.
  • A new TLS certificate, also known an SSL certificate, is created automatically when you buy a domain through Shopify. You dont need to buy SSL encryption for your domain.
  • You need to pay the registration fee every year to renew your domain subscription. Domain renewals are charged separately from your monthly subscription charges. The exact pricing depends on which domain extension you choose.
  • Domain hosting services are only available with a paid Shopify plan. If you want to deactivate your store or your Shopify account, but you want to keep using your domain, then you need to transfer your domain before you deactivate your store. You can transfer your domain to one of the following:
  • another domain provider

Can You Invent Your Own Domain Extension

With all these crazy words at the end of URLs, could you make up your own?

Technically, the answer is yes. You can apply to register a brand new generic domain extension . Though, for most individuals and small business owners, its not a realistic option.

First of all, you cant just apply at any time you have to wait for ICANN to open for applications. No one knows when that will happen next, but many people are guessing 2022.

Maybe youre willing to wait that long. Next, youll need to pay an application fee. During the last registration period, that fee was $185,000.

If thats a worthy investment to secure your brands unique domain extension, you can start filling out the application. ICANN has a list of requirements your domain extension will have to meet. For example, it cant be confusingly similar to another TLD.

Youll also need the technical capacity to act as a registry for all the sites that use this extension.

In other words, will work just fine for your website.

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Why Are Domain Extensions Important

Different domain extensions influence how visitors view your website. For example, a visitor will likely determine that a website ending in .edu is more trustworthy than a website ending in .zip.

Think of your domain name extension as your chance to create an excellent first impression. It should reflect well on your branding and help attract users to your website. In short, make a thoughtful, deliberate decision before committing to an extension.

When you choose Mailchimp to purchase a domain customized just for you, you are taking an important step in branding your company or organization. Your unique domain allows you to publish your website, email customers, create landing pages, and build and support an online store.

If That Name Is Taken Try Different Variations And Domain Extensions

Using your own domain

There are a few options if someone else has your desired domain name. You could attempt to purchase the domain name from the present owner. However, this could cost hundreds of dollars so it’s wise to take another approach.

If “.com” is taken, consider a well-known alternate extension like .net or .org. Or, you might start over and try different variations with .com. Say we didn’t like any of the alternatives listed below. Then, we might try “” or “” and so on.

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Final Thoughts: What Are New Domain Extensions And Why You Might Want One

While ICANN released custom domain extensions almost a decade ago, theyre still gaining momentum on the internet. New domain extensions provide options outside of the commonly used domain suffixes.

New TLDs might be less recognizable and memorable, but they can make your URL more informational and contribute to SEO.

When you choose a domain suffix, consider a custom domain extension.

Are you ready to set up your new domain name with a custom TLD? Take a look at iPages hosting packages today.

But What Is All The New Gtld Fuss About

Well, who doesnt like an easy way to stand out in the crowd?

Especially in the sea of competition online

These new domain extensions, that come after your brand or personal name, can add that extra flair to get you noticed and be remembered.

Also, people are probably pretty bored of .com, since it launched in March1985.

Now, instead of sharing links under you could use

Think that might be a great branding play?

Me too.

If youre a yoga studio, you could get .yoga

If youre a clothing brand, you could get .fashion

Etc., etc.


You should be.

Many companies, and personal brands are taking advantage of new gTLDs, as their branded, custom URL shorteners.

This is just one of the dozens of ways to use a custom URL shortener to create custom short links.

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Choosing Your Domain Extension

As you can see, theres a lot that goes into a simple domain extension. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of why domain extensions are so important and how you can ensure you pick the right extension for your website as you do your domain registration.

Choose the wrong domain extension and youll detract from your brand as a whole and deter your target audience. But, choose the right TLD and youre on your way towards a strong and memorable online brand. Use the information in this post to ensure that you always choose the best TLD possible for your new online projects.

Remember, just like choosing the right domain name takes a lot of time, so will finding the right domain extension. Your domain and your TLD work together to help create a unique and memorable domain name.

For help finding the best web hosting package or domain name for your website, contact HostGator.

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Everything You Need To Know About Custom Domains

Make Your Own Domain Extension Part 2: Creating the Zone

Imagine if every time you wanted to visit Google you had to type its IP address instead of its domain name. It would get pretty arduous, right? Luckily, we dont have to use a sites IP address to access it. Instead, we use its domain name. There are innumerable benefits of a custom domain name from the fact they act like a home address for websites to how they simplify the process of identifying sites.

To get visitors to your website , you’ll need a domain name that’s unique, short, and easy to spell and memorize. Luckily, you decide what your site goes by when you purchase and register a custom domain. Consider this your ultimate guide to the benefits of a custom domain and how to get started with yours.

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Why You Need A Custom Domain For Your Website

Yes, it is true that you dont necessary need a domain name for your website. In fact, there are many website builders that offer free plans with free website addresses. But these free website addresses come in the form of a sub-domain. For example, if your website builder is , they may create a sub-domain called for you to use on your website. Visitors typing in will end up at your website.

The sub-domain is free and it is not owned by you, but rather by the website builder and they can create and delete any sub-domain they wish. When a website builder decides to delete a sub-domain, the website that is associated with it is deleted as well. You may say, Simple enough, Ill just build a new website on another website builder.

But you may not realize its not that simple.

When you lose your website address, you lose all your regular visitors people who bookmarked your website and return frequently for updates and new information. When they click on their bookmark link, they will end up at a browser error page.

Not to mention all the marketing work you have to do to publicize your new website and get your visitors back. It will be awhile before your website gets back to what it used to be.

Sponsored Top Level Domain

These are relatively new TLDs and their number grows. These domain extensions are proposed and sponsored by organizations. After approval by the ICANN these organizations can set the rules for registration and use.

ICANN is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. ICANN is a non-profit organization that has many tasks when it comes to domain names. In the case of sponsored domain names, they need to process and approve new domain names before they become available for registration.

Sponsored TLDs can sometimes be more expensive and are often very specific. Several cities, provinces or institutions have their own sponsored TLD. Like the city of Amsterdam , the aerospace industry or the U.S. government .

Bring your business online with a custom domain.

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Advantages Of Using Custom Domain Extensions

One of the main reasons to consider a new domain extension is if your first extension choice is taken. Custom TLDs have more options and availability.

Because theres a long list of choices, you can choose a new domain extension to give your business a unique domain name. It can even be a conversation starter like Driftaway.Coffees blog post explaining their domain choice.

A descriptive domain extension can also help with your business. You can choose a custom TLD like .dentist or .attorney to help your business with branding. A customer will understand your service just by seeing your URL.

Choosing a custom extension can also navigate people to other parts of your website. For example, is Emiratess official store page.

Domain names can affect search engine optimization , and domain extensions also play a role in SEO. While Google has said that it doesnt rank new TLDs any higher, there are still some advantages to using a custom TLD.

A custom TLD can add keywords to your URL, which SEO agency Globe Runner found helpful to rank in relevant search and improve conversion rates. A custom domain name can also create a long-tailed keyword, which can help SEO.

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