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How To Link My Domain To My Website

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Get The New Nameserver Values

How To Link My Domain To My Website – How To Link Domain Name To Website – Godaddy

First things first, find a list of nameservers from your new hosting provider. The information is usually provided on the companys documentation page or in the post-purchase email.

If you still cant find the info, you should contact your hosting provider.

At Hostinger, you can find all DNS-related information in Hosting -> Accounts -> Details.

The list of nameservers often look like this:

Web hosts usually provide two or more nameservers. Take note of all these addresses because youll need to enter them into your domain registrars control panel.

How To Link A Domain Name To A Hosting

In the last two articles of the My site, step by step series, I told you about the various tips to follow to choose a good domain name and how to choose a good hosting, and I told you that the name of domain is the name that will accompany your website for the life of your website, without forgetting the hosting which must be fast and accessible at all times

In this article, you will discover the various methods to follow to link your domain name to a hosting.

You will need this if you have separate hosting for your domain name, if one is purchased from a different reseller than the other, or if you have transferred your domain name to another registrar

Lets go!

1st method: Change the DNS servers

The DNS system is a universal directory containing domain names associated with their IP addresses, it allows an IP address to be associated with each domain name for easy access to websites, without typing the IP address.

To find out the IP address corresponding to a domain name, just use the command ping in your command window! And to know the DNS servers used you can use this site.

You will see below, how to link a hosting to a domain name via DNS. Lets go!

Accommodation side:

For hosting, you must first add your domain name through the domain name management page.

If you are using cPanel, connect to your cPanel page . In the Domains section, click on Companion Domains , and fill in the FTP transfer information and the folders to use.

Enable Forwarding From The Root Domain To Your Subdomain

If this Google Site is going to be the primary website for your domain, you’ll need to set up URL forwarding so that people who don’t type the “www” can still get to your site.

To enable forwarding from the root domain, sign in to Porkbun and go to the Domain Management page. Click the “Details” button for your domain and then click the “Edit” link under URL Forwarding.

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Edit Cname And A Records

These two records are responsible for domain redirection and changing them is the easiest and quickest way to connect your domain to your website.

Log in to your domain registrar panel and make the following changes:

  • Create a CNAME record for WWW, pointing to

  • Create an A record for , pointing to the following IP address:

Alternatively, we can edit CNAME and A records for you. Click the DO IT FOR ME button and fill in the form.

Apply The New Nameservers Values

How to connect a custom domain name to blogger

The next step of pointing a domain name to a new host is to replace the domains old nameservers. Heres how to do it:

  • Login to your domain name registrar. Remember, this is the place where you bought your domain.
  • Look for the option to set your domains nameservers. Every registrar has a different way of doing this. However, in general, you can find the appropriate settings on the menu called Domain Management, or Domain Overview, or something along those lines.
  • In hPanel, go to Domains -> -> DNS. Select the Use my own nameservers option.You should see several fields, such as Nameserver 1 , Nameserver 2 , that will most likely be filled with Hostingers default nameservers.
  • Enter the nameservers into the appropriate fields. For example, a nameserver that begins with ns1 should be put into the Nameserver 1 field, if it starts with ns2 to Nameserver 2, and so on.

    NOTE: If you see the Create child nameservers field, you can ignore it.

  • Keep these tips in mind should there be any difference between the number of nameservers and the number of available fields:

    • If your hosting provider only gives you two nameservers, but your registrar provides you with four or more fields, enter the first two, leaving the other ones empty.
    • If your hosting provider gives you three nameservers, but your registrar only allows you to enter two, use the first two nameservers.

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    How Do I Add My Domain To Google Sites

    domain nameBasicDNSPremiumDNSFreeDNShosting/DNS providerSTEP 1STEP 2Add propertyContinueCopy Add a TXT record for your domain in Advanced DNSVerifySTEP 3Namecheap accounDomain ListManage Advanced DNS Host records

    • Type: TXT Record | Host: @ | Value: google-site-verification=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | TTL: Automatic – verifies your domain for Google Sites.
    • Type: CNAME | Host: www | Value: | TTL: Automatic – maps www.yourdomain.tld subdomain to your website.
    • Type: URL Redirect | Host: @ | Value: http://www.yourdomain.tld | Unmasked – allows the visitors to access the site via a bare domain as well .

    *google-site-verification=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is to be substituted with the verification string you’ve got in STEP 2. *for subdomains other than www , please enter the subdomain you wish to connect to Google Sites .

    How To Point Your Domain Name To An Ip Address

    If youre building a self-hosted website, you need to point your domain name to the public IP address of your web hosting.

    If this step is not completed, when people type your website address into the address bar of the web browser and press the Enter key on their keyboard, they would not be able to open your website.

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    How To Make A Website With Your Own Domain For Free

    Author: Howard Steele

    So, youve decided to create a website with own domain name for free. Someone may say that this is impossible as quality websites require deep web design expertise and application of professional web building tools. However, thats not quite so.

    Creating a personal or a business website at no cost or using your own domain is possible, if you are aware of the most popular web design options and professional web building software you can use to complete the task.

    When it comes to free website development, there are several things to consider. To start with, you should pick the right web building tool, many of which come with free subdomains or offer integrated free domain connection option.

    If you already own a domain and wish to attach it to your website, you will have to take care of that during website setup. Mind that domain costs differ as well as the terms implied by their providers. Thus, the process of free website development is not that easy and it definitely requires certain web design background or awareness of coding nuances.

    To simplify the task, we have singled out several must-have points that will help you cope with all the stages of the web design process successfully and with maximum benefit.

    How To Find Who Links To Your Website

    How To Connect Website Builder To A Domain Name
    Article stats

    Data from Content Explorer

    Shows how many different websites are linking to this piece of content. As a general rule, the more websites link to you, the higher you rank in Google.

    Shows estimated monthly search traffic to this article according to Ahrefs data. The actual search traffic is usually 3-5 times bigger.

    The number of times this article was shared on Twitter.

    Backlinks are crucial if you want to rank in search engines.

    We studied almost a billion web pages to see how backlinks from unique websites correlate organic traffic.

    How backlinks correlate with organic traffic

    Generally speaking, the more backlinks a page has from unique websites, the better it performs in search engines.

    In this guide, Ill show how to find who links to your website, which pages they link to, and what to do next to improve your SEO.

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    How To Connect Your Domain To Google Sites

    Want to connect your Porkbun domain to your Google Sites page? No problem!

    According to this article from Google, you will need to verify ownership of your domain and connect to it with a CNAME record. Google Sites have to be placed on a subdomain such as www since Google Sites won’t allow you to map your site to your root domain. You’ll need to decide ahead of time if you want to use www as your subdomain, or something else .

    Let’s get started!

    That’s it! If you did everything correctly, your subdomain should begin resolving to your Google Sites page.

    Wix Free Website Builder And Domain Name In One Place

    Wix is the top web building platform that occupies the highest position in the list of contemporary DIY website builders. It currently empowers millions of websites across the globe, providing myriads of advantages like bogging and eCommerce engines, free responsive highly customizable templates, professional design customization tools, versatile approaches to the web development process and pricing policy.

    Wix makes it possible to start and manage website for free and, thus, it offers a free neverending plan that lets you launch a project without any hidden charges.

    All websites created with a free plan are initially created on a Wix-branded subdomain. This is enough to test the features of the service and practice your web design skills. However, Wix subdomain will certainly not be enough to publish and promote your website.

    To be able to boost your website popularity, recognition and search engine positions, Wix makes it possible to upgrade to one of its paid plans. Each of them comes with an opportunity of your own domain name connection. Such domains are provided at no cost for those users, who decide to get annual plans.

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    What Are My Name Server Records

    Your host will assign name servers to store your DNS zone filesfiles that contain information about your websites IP address. The quickest way to find your name server records is to look up your welcome email from HostGator, which includes them.

    Cant find your email? No problem. You can look up your name servers online.

    If you have a shared hosting plan, you can log in to your cPanel to find your name server information. On the lower left column of your Account Information panel, youll see two URLs that end with

    Your name servers wont be redacted like our example.

    If you have optimized WordPress hosting, log in to your HostGator control panel, select Domains from the left sidebar, and click More for the domain whose name servers you need. When the Domain Overview panel opens, youll see your name server addresses in the upper right corner.

    Copy both name server addresses, because youll need to share both of them with your domain registrar. But before we do that, lets talk about the possibility that your site may be offline while the domain pointing actually happens.

    Connecting A Domain To Your Mywebsite

    How Do I Connect a Custom Domain Name to My uKit Website ...

    In order for your MyWebsite Creator domain to be accessible on the Internet, it must be connected to the desired domain. If you do not yet have a free domain, you can order it easily and conveniently at any time.

    If you have already selected a domain when MyWebsite Creatorordering, the domain will automatically be connected to your website.

    In the following cases, however, you will need to manually connect your domain to the MyWebsite Creator:

    • You have ordered the MyWebsite Creator and the domain separately.
    • You have moved the domain into your contract.
    • You want to use your MyWebsite Creator with another, free domain that you have registered with IONOS.
    • You want to use your MyWebsite Creator with an external domain.

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    Pointing Your Domain To Hosting With A Records

    A Records are what point your domain to your website hosting. The first thing youll need to do to add an A Record is to make sure that you are using’s default nameservers . Once you are on our nameservers, follow the steps below:

  • Log into your account.
  • Click on the My Domains button, located on the top right-hand corner.
  • Click Manage DNS Records.
  • A records

    Show Your Content To Likely Linkers

    Look at the backlinks pointing to any web page, and youll often begin to see similarities.

    For example, lets check the backlinks to our keyword research guide.

    Site Explorer > enter URL > Backlinks

    It only takes thirty-seconds-or-so browsing this unfiltered report to notice that were getting a fair few links from content marketing guides. If we search for backlinks where the phrase content marketing appears in the URL of the referring page, there are fourteen results.

    Now heres the critical point:

    There are lots of other content marketing guides out thereones from which we dont yet have links. How many? Lets take a look in Content Explorer.

    Content Explorer lets you search a database of over a billion web pages for those that mention any keyword or phrase.

    Lets search for English web pages with content marketing in the title.

    There are over 52,000 results!

    Now lets narrow this down to pages that also mention the phrase keyword research anywhere in the content. Well also add a filter to see only one article per domain.

    1,028 results.

    If we were to reach out to the authors of these pages and show them our content, its probable that theyd be at least be interested in checking it out. Some would likely even link to it.

    Just make sure to craft a good outreach email if you want your efforts to pay off.

    Find commonalities in the links you already have, find similar prospects , then show them your content too.

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    Specify The Dns Records In The Zone File Of These Name Servers

    This should be done by default when a web hosting account is created using control panels like cPanel, Plesk, Virtualmin etc.

    But if you are hosting your website in a VPS or dedicated server without any control panel, youll have to create a zone file for the domain in the name server and add DNS records in it.

    Once the DNS records are added, IP and other records would be fetched from these name servers at the time of name resolution.

    Editing Your Dns Zone

    How To Connect GOOGLE DOMAIN To Website in Google My Business | Episode 12
  • Login to your domain provider.
  • In this example, choose Name Servers/DNS, then Modify DNS Zone .
  • 3. Remove all A records in your domain. Usually it will have a default IP address for a 404 Not Found page.

    4. Add a CNAME to point to the S3 Bucket:

    • add www for the Subdomain.
    • add to the Hostname.

    And you’re done! Note that it might take a while for your new settings take effect.

    Connect with me in LinkedIn here.

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