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How To Increase Your Domain Authority

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Use Press Releases From Relevant Sites

DA Domain Authority: What Is It & How to Improve Yours?

Press releases from other relevant sites greatly benefit your page rank and domain authority when they link back to your site with a relevant anchor text. In order for a press release to be effective, it should be shared on reputable news outlets that have high DAs as well as receive links from many quality sources ranking highly for competitive keywords or phrases.

What Is Website Authority

Website authority is a metric from SEO tool providers. It measures the relative strength of a sites backlink profile compared to every other site in their index.

Pretty much every major SEO tool has this metric, but its name and the way its calculated differs in each one.

At Ahrefs, our website authority metric is Domain Rating .

Like most other website authority metrics, it runs on a scale from 0100.

Now, its essential to understand that the scale for Domain Rating is logarithmic. That means its much more challenging to go from DR 6970 than 910.

A good way to visualize this is to think about rankings in a video game.

Maybe you start as a Scout, and it might take you a few hours to gain your Ranger badge. But jumping to the next level could take months, and only truly dedicated players will ever get to Epic status.

The logarithmic scale also means that a DR 20 site is more than twice as authoritative as a DR 10 site.

What Is A High Da

100 is the highest DA possible. The biggest, most authoritative sites on the internet tend to have a Domain Authority of over 90, while top publications typically score above 70 or 80.

Here are some examples:

  • The BBC has a DA of 95 and a DR of 92.
  • Neil Patel has a DA of 86 and a DR of 91.
  • Ahrefs has a DA of 78 and a DR of 90.

The good news is that you wont be competing with the above sites for your rankings in many cases. So what you consider a high authority domain will depend on the websites that currently rank for terms you want to target.

If you are in a competitive niche like SEO software, then a DA score over 80 is a high DA.

Most of the top ranking pages all come from sites with Domain Authority above 70. It will be hard to rank at the top of the SERPs for this term if your site isnt on a similar level.

In less competitive niches, a high DA site may have a lower score.

For example, the highest-ranking website for the search-term dentist in Edinburgh has a DA of 18. Therefore, a DA score of 20+ would be considered very high in this local industry.

The key is to look at the top ranking websites you compete with and decide for yourself what a high Domain Authority is.

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Why Is It Crucial To Increase The Domain Authority Of Your Website

Increasing your Domain Authority will increase the possibilities of your website ranking higher on Google and other search engines. Sometimes, you may have seen that a website which has a low DA ranks lower than websites who have a high DA with much less engaging content.

DA is very important for search engine ranking.

Here are a few facts about Domain Authority:

  • To calculate Domain Authority, over 40 signals are taken into consideration.
  • Websites that rank higher on search engines tend to have a high DA.
  • High Domain Authority -> high search engine rankings -> more traffic.
  • Domain Authority doesnt increase overnight.

There are several things we can do to improve our DA score. That sounds pretty good, right? Well, it is not going to be easy, but it wont be as hard as climbing Mount Everest.

How Does Moz Determine Your Domain Ranking

What is Domain Authority and How to Increase Domain Authority (DA) of a ...

When youre trying to achieve a good Domain Authority score, its essential to understand how you get your score. While Mozs algorithm is a secret, there are a few known signals that help improve your score:

  • Linking root domains
  • MozTrust
  • Search engine optimization friendliness

These factors are just a few of the more than 40 factors that Moz uses to calculate your score.

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Need Help With Your Seo Marketing Manager Check Out Our Seo Guide For Marketing Managers To Start Driving More Site Traffic Leads And Revenue

2. Create linkable content

If you want to know how to increase Domain Authority, start by creating linkable content. Content plays an essential role in improving your score, so youll want to invest time and effort into creating great content that people want to share. So, how do you create high-quality, linkable content?

First, start by choosing relevant keywords for your content. Your keyword selection is crucial because it determines where you appear in search results. Choose industry-relevant keywords to help you drive interested traffic and earn links from industry authorities.

When you create content, focus on quality over quantity. High-quality content will provide your audience with a better experience, which can motivate them to share your content. It will drive better results for your business.

Additionally, youll want to publish content often. If youre consistently distributing content, you create more opportunities for authoritative sites to link to your pages. These high-quality links will help improve your domain score.

Overall, focus on posting high-quality content regularly.

3. Remove bad link profiles

When trying to earn credible links to your website, you may receive some not-so-great links to your page. There will be websites that link to your profile that hurt your Domain Authority score. You must comb through your link profile to check on the types of links you receive.

4. Improve internal linking

5. Make your site mobile-friendly

Remove Bad Or Toxic Links

If youre working to improve your SEO, one of the things you need to do is a backlink audit. The number of links you have to your website plays a role in your rank, but beyond the number of links, its the quality of links that matters to the search engines. You cant control who links to what on your website and why, its essential to keep an eye on the links that are coming in, so you can alert the search engines to the ones you want them to count and the ones you want them to ignore

Remember Domain Authority takes time to increase. It does not happen overnight. A high DA means high rankings on search engines. Consequently, it increases website traffic. If you never focused on your websites DA score then you must check it now. It will help you in a ranking in a Google search result pages as well as it will tell you the quality of the website. So its time to start focusing on increasing domain authority as of now.

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Start Link Building Activities

Its time to start the most critical step in building your websites Domain Authority.

Identify at least 6 long-form content within your website that people will love linking back to.

Find the low-hanging keywords with high search volume.

In the meanwhile, have a team lookout for prospective websites that you can reach out to.

You can follow the steps mentioned here to dosuccessful blogger outreach.

To build high-quality backlinks, you can also try other link-building strategies such as broken link building, link reclamation, unlinked brand mentions, etc.

However, if youre doing blogger outreach, which is the most successful link-building practice nowadays, make sure you have a series of well-crafted outreach emails ready.

Thesuccess of blogger outreach campaigns depends largely on the outreach emails that you send to the prospective website owners.

Ensure that the most relevant long-form content is used as the reference within the email.

Also, make sure you send follow-up emails to the prospects whenever required.

NB: For a fairly new website to earn 100 high-quality backlinks, you have to send a minimum of 500-800 outreach emails.

Best Ways To Improve Domain Authority In 3 Weeks

How to Check Domain Authority and Increase Domain Authority

We are in that mind zone that Google measures everything from good content to visitors coming on a website to loading speed and what not? But Domain Authority is different in the sense that not Google but MOZ measures it. This is one factor that is not measured by Google but holds great importance when giving ranking to a website. In this blog, we will explore how can we improve Domain Authority and how does it affect Google Rankings which will help you in getting a solid grasp in at least one of the 200 odd Google Ranking Factors.

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Copy What They Do Best To Improve Your Domain Authority

Once you have done a backlink analysis on your competitors, its time to use that information to improve your own websites domain authority.

Yes, you heard that right.

You simply want to copy whats working for your competitors and apply it to your own site. This is the fastest and most sure way of improving your domain authority.

Basically, you will take your competitors top links and go and steal those exact links.

If they came from a:

  • Go and make a comment on that same blog
  • Forum post Join the discussion and link where its relevant
  • Guest post Pitch your own content to that website

Your competitors have done all of the hard work. Now you just need to go out and copy them. There is simply no need to reinvent the wheel in this case.

Follow this guide if you want to learn how I steal and copy my competitors link-building strategies.

Invest In Public Relations

Having a public relations team can benefit any-sized business, but for enterprise-level brands, earning links in well-known publications is key to competing against other websites with really high Domain Authority scores.

In terms of your overall brand awareness, press coverage that doesnt include a link can still have some positive SEO return because Google looks to off-site signals like brand mentions to understand your websites authority. But for raising DA specifically, dofollow links from top-tier publications will be what ultimately has an impact.

If youre a small or mid-sized business that doesnt have the resources for a PR team, consider signing up for Help A Reporter Out . This service connects reporters to industry experts and can be a great way to earn high-quality linking opportunities.

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Get Fewer Spammy Links

Our new DA score does a much better job of discounting bad links, as Google clearly tries to do. Note that “bad” doesn’t mean low-authority links. It’s perfectly natural to have some links from low-authority domains and pages, and in many cases it’s both relevant and useful to searchers. Moz’s Spam Score is pretty complex, but as humans we intuitively know when we’re chasing low-quality, low-relevance links. Stop doing that.

What Is A Good Domain Authority

How to Increase Domain Authority of Website?

Theres no exact measure or distinction of a good DA score. What matters is how your domain authority compares to the other blogs and websites competing for the same keywords and search phrases as you.

If youre in a highly competitive industry, you may need a higher DA to have a realistic chance to rank on Googles first page.

If youre in a smaller niche thats not as competitive, you might be able to rank very well with a much lower DA.

The best way to get a feel for a solid domain authority in your niche is to install the Mozbar and do some searches for top keywords in your niche, or the keywords you want to rank for. Check the DA of the pages ranking at the top of the search engine results pages .

If the sites ranking in the top 10 spots all have a DA of over 70, you should aim to get your DA that high if you want to rank on the first page. If several sites rank on the first page with DAs in the 20s or 30s, you might not need to go after a 70 for your site.

When youre comparing your DA to another site, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

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What Are The Benefits Of Domain Authority In Seo

Every day in the modern world, millions of people start websites and try their best to rank high on search engines results. The competition is fierce, which gives rise to Domain Authority. It is not just the SEO that makes your site relevant and visible to your audience. You must also consider the DA factor. SEO and DA complement each other because they are both directly dependent on one another. If done correctly and effectively, this will undoubtedly bring us brownie points. Lets have a look.

  • The greatest benefit of DA is the significant boost to the Search Engine Result Page.
  • Sponsored posts will be the second thing that you should know about your website. Your website will attract these sponsored posts by increasing your DA and SEO.
  • Your website will be able to reach more people and attract comments from them. This is an exciting perk you can unlock by enhancing your DA and managing your on-page SEO.
  • One benefit that is less well known is the fact that affiliate sales will increase. Youll also have greater exposure and better marketing for your products.

How Does Moz Calculate Page Authority

Although domain authority provides a better understanding of how your entire website is performing, it doesnt mean that page authority isnt as useful. In fact, the page authority of your sites webpages has a direct impact on your overall domain authority as well as your search engine ranking, after all.

Moz uses a similar scale as domain authority to score page authority, meaning a 100-point, logarithmic scale. Keep in mind that even if you havent done anything to a page, its score may still fluctuate due to the fact that Moz is constantly updating their algorithm.

The following are some of the ranking factors that Moz uses to determine page authority:

  • Social signals, such as the number of Google+1s, Facebook Likes, Twitter Retweets or LinkedIn Shares a page has received.
  • The number of root domains linking to the page.
  • The number of root domains linking to the page using partial match anchor text.
  • The number of subdomains that link to the page.
  • The number of quality websites linking to the page.
  • The number of external links a page has.

Check out our recent blog post on how to increase page authority to get the best of both worlds.

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Strengthen Your Social Media Presence

Although social media isnât directly related to SEO, gaining the right exposure can still aid in increasing your site traffic and overall DA.

Choose Your Platforms Wisely

Prior to selecting your social media platforms, you must first understand your audience and where theyâre most active online. For instance, a user base who prefers Instagram over Facebook will need to be targeted using a much different approach.

Encourage Conversations

Whichever social media handles you choose, use your platforms strategically to increase both customer interactions and conversions. To promote greater interactions, you can create contests, respond to users in your comments section and enable user reviews.

Foster Industry Relationships

With more companies on social media than ever before, thereâs an endless amount of opportunities to connect with other companies in your niche. This can range anywhere from leaving thoughtful responses under their posts to collaborating with them through fundraisers and meaningful causes.

Use Your Platforms to Bolster Your EAT

Your website isnât the only place you can bolster your EAT. On social media, you can display your EAT in a variety of facets. One great way to do this is by hosting webinars to intrigue your users, provide them with impactful insight and answer their questions.

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