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How To Get An Email Address With My Domain Name

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How To Create A Custom Email Address Using Your Own Domain Name

How to set up email at your own domain name

If you dont have a webhost yet, then we recommend Bluehost,DreamHost or GreenGeeks. All are great choices and all offer a free domain along with their secure and affordable web hosting services. If you have more specific needs, then take a look at out full list of best web hosts here.

One benefit of purchasing a domain name and web hosting from the same provider is that you wont have to configure nameservers or adjust your DNS settings. These settings are configured for you.

Can I Share My Domain With Others So They Can Also Have Personalized Email Addresses

If you have a Microsoft 365 Family subscription and a domain connected to, the other people that you’ve shared the subscription with can set up their own personalized email addresses using your domain.

If you remove your domain from, cancel your Microsoft 365 Family subscription, or remove a person from your Microsoft 365 Family sharing group, that person will lose the ability to send and receive email with their personalized email address.

Email Addresses: Creating Your Own Email With Gmail + Any Domain Name

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to create an email address using your own domain name, and learn how you can send and receive emails using Google Gmail.

Written by Frank Moraes

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Your business image is important. Its your companys brand. Everything from your business website to the email address you use is a reflection of your brand. The better your brand looks, the better the relationship youll have with past, present and future customers.

One mistake many first-time entrepreneurs make is using a personal email address. Its hard for customers and clients to take a business seriously if it sends email from an address like or

With modern hosting platforms like Bluehost, you dont need to use these unprofessional email addresess. You can create an email address using your custom domain like and connect it directly to your Gmail account. This means youll get all the convenience of the Gmail platform, but with your business name in the email address instead of

Heres how you can send and receive emails using Gmail so that your customers will see the emails as coming from your own domain name.

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Option 2 Sign Up For Google Workspace

While the first option will save you some money, I do recommend just instead. Its much simpler and more reliable than the first option listed above. In addition to using Gmail with your domain email, youll have access to tons of extra features that make it easier to collaborate, store documents, share files, and even add or remove user accounts for other people on your team that use your domain name in their email addresses:

  • For example, I have multiple emails that I can use depending on the situation, like,, etc.
  • And when I hired a contractor, it took 2 seconds to give them a email so we presented a consistent brand
  • During the contract, I could make files & events shareable with all our employees to easily collaborate
  • Finally, when the contract ended, I could freeze their accounts with 1 click so my info is safe

All of those benefits were possible because I had Google Workspace. They actually offer a 14-day free trial so you get a better sense of what its like to use all their features. In addition, they provide promo codes that help save 10% off for the year.

To receive an exclusive 10% coupon for Google Workspace, submit your email address under the plan thats best suited for you.

Get 10% OFF your 1st year of Google Workspace & first 14 days completely free

Enter your email below to get your coupon code! Google requires that we send them individually.

What You Need To Set Up An Email With Your Domain Name

Do domain names always come with email addresses?

To set up an email address with your own domain you are going to need 2 things:

  • A domain name e.g.
  • Email hosting or web hosting.
  • So whats the difference between email hosting & web hosting?

    Email hosting is a service that provides email accounts and management via email servers. Basically if you have a domain name and want to use an email with that domain, you need some kind of email hosting.

    Web hosting on the other hand provides you with domain management, website hosting and your email hosting. Basically everything you need to have a domain name, a website and a customised email address.

    Now the reason Im even mentioning web hosting is because if you dont have a website, its probably time you had one.

    If you have a business, I honestly dont see the point in having a contact email like for example, without an actual website to visit as well.

    Additionally, there are many other reasons you need to have a website for your business. Check out this post to see exactly what Im talking about.

    Now if you want to get set up with web hosting we highly recommend Bluehost. Not only did we set our very first site up on Bluehost, but you also get a free domain and unlimited email addresses included.

    Its very user friendly especially for non techies and its really affordable. Their plans start at like $3.95 a month.

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    Why Your Email Address Should Match Your Domain Name

    That wolf shirt you love to wear is pretty cool, isnt it? Fits like a glove, too.

    That said, your wolf shirt has no place in an interview or meetings with your customers and clients.

    In the business world, presentation matters. You wouldnt want to lose potential high-value customers just because they didnt take your shirt seriously, would you?

    The same thing holds true for email addresses.

    If your customers and clients cant physically see you to size you up, theyre going to make their assumptions and decisions based on the things they do see like your email address. Your email address is one of the first impressions people will have of you as it has a prominent spot in their inbox. You want that email address to represent you well and show that you mean business.

    How To Create A Mailbox Name

    You can create as many mailbox names as youd like with your domain name, whether youre looking for a more professional email address for yourself or email addresses for 10,000 employees.

    Mailbox names are typically a persons name or a department , so youll need to think about how you plan to use email and what mailbox names will work for your business or brand.

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    How Can You Benefit From Having A Personal E

    Having a personal e-mail domain rather than a freemail address can offer many advantages, as outlined in the following six points:

    • Professional: a polished image is key in having a successful career, and that applies to your online presence as well. While freemail addresses with provider domains often convey an amateur image, successful businesses and entrepreneurs use e-mail domains. By customizing the e-mail, you can ensure that your contact details are coordinated, creating a sleek and professional image which facilitates customers trust. The most effective domains are either company-oriented or personal, for
    • Concise: freemail companies provide e-mail addresses with their domain to their customers, making it difficult to register a name that is unique and concise. Names are usually snapped up very quickly, so users are often forced to come up with long combinations of numbers and letters: john.r.smith1957@freemail-provider.comLong e-mail addresses carry with them the risk of being misspelled or misremembered, whereas custom e-mail addresses can be shorter, making them concise and more memorable.
    • Safer: cybercriminals also need a high hit rate if their malware are to have a big effect. Freemail providers are a common target for hacking and phishing, but this risk decreases significantly with a personal e-mail domain.

    $1 Domain Names

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    Professional Email Address Ideas

    How to setup a custom email address using your own domain name with Google

    Below, we cover a comprehensive list of examples for your business email address. The style of the email address you should choose depends on the domain name youve registered for your business.

    If you are using the company name for the domain name and your email address, you should mix and match it with your first name, last name, or initials. You can also single out your position in the company in the email address if you need the extra authority.

    The most significant variable in your business email is the domain name you choose. If you want to be taken seriously as a business by other companies, the least you can do is register the right domain name.

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    Set Up Email Forwarding

    All new email addresses that you create in your Shopify admin must be forwarded to an existing email address hosted by a third-party, for example, Gmail or Outlook. You can set up forwarding from one or more store email addresses to an existing email address. Each store email address can forward to only one third-party email address.


    Third-party email hosts that enforce Domain Keys Identified Mail can’t be used as an email forwarding address. AOL and Yahoo are examples of email hosts that enforce DKIM.


    To see more videos, visit our YouTube channel.


    Simple Steps To Get You Going

    The migration process from your existing provider to Zoho Mail is simple, and you can create custom domain email accounts for all of your employees with no downtime.

    • Step 1: Add and verify your domain, or buy a new domain with Zoho.

    • Step 2: Add users and create custom domain email accounts Import users from a CSV file or from your Active Directory.

    • Step 3: Create domain-based email accounts for groups, using distribution lists to allow multiple members to receive emails from common accounts like or

    • Step 4: Configure your domain’s MX records to point to Zoho Mail servers, so you can start receiving emails to your domain accounts in Zoho.

    • Step 5: Simultaneously start email migration for your users.

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    How To Make A Professional Email Address With Google Workspace

    Making and registering your first professional email address can seem overwhelming. But it becomes a simple process when you break it down step by step.

    First, if you dont already have a domain name, you need to register one. You will also need premium web hosting with DNS support.

    If you already have a domain and a website, you can skip straight to step three.

    Some Things To Know About Sending Emails This Way

    How to add an email profile picture to any domain email address

    The Gmail portion of this method is 100% free. However, you will need to have an email host to make it work. If you are already working with a web hosting service, they can most likely provide you with email hosting. If not, you can just to receive low-cost, professional web hosting services.

    I recommend them because they are one of the most affordable services on the market. Their plans start at about $2.95 a month, which includes hosting for your website, email hosting and free domain name registration for 1 year. On top of that, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24-hour customer support. If you dont need a website but still want an email domain, you can always just purchase email hosting from another provider.

    Regardless of which provider you choose, once you have email hosting taken care of, you can use the following steps to help you set up Gmail so it works with your custom email at no extra fee.

    In this tutorial, Im going to use screenshots from the customer dashboard at Bluehost, but this method works with any host. It just will have a slightly different graphical interface. I also included step-by-step directions for several other popular web hosts.

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    What Is The Best Way To Acquire A Free Website

    There are many options for creating a free website, including utilizing a site builder like Weebly with a subdomain or using an open source content management system like WordPress. WordPress, which is free to use and allows you to link a custom domain with third-party web hosting, is the greatest choice for those constructing a professional company website. Learn more about how to create a website for your small company.

    Verify Your Google Workspace Domain

    Now that youve created a user, head to and log in with your new credentials.

    Once youve logged in, there is a tutorial that will help you set up Google Workspace. You will start by verifying your Google Workspace domain.

    The default option is adding a TXT record to the DNS records of your business site. Adding the TXT record to your DNS wont affect your website or domain in any way.

    If youre using Kinsta DNS, make sure to check out this tutorial on how to in MyKinsta.

    Once youve selected the TXT option, Google will generate a code that starts with google-site-verify. Click the Copy button to copy the code to your clipboard.

    Now you need to access the DNS tool of your hosting provider in a new tab or window. Dont close the Google Workspace tab.

    Existing Kinsta customers should use the Kinsta DNS tool.

    Select TXT from the Type dropdown menu.

    Copy and paste the verification code into, and press the Add DNS Record button.

    Once youre done, return to the tab with the Google Workspace signup page in it.

    Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Verify my domain button to complete the verification.

    Note: It may take a few minutes for the DNS records to go live, so it will take some time before Google can complete the authentification.

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    How To Use Gmail With Your Own Domain Name

    Want to use Gmail with your own domain name? Gmail is super convenient in so many ways, but it doesnt look very professional to use an address for serious applications.

    So can you use Gmail with your own domain name? And if so, can you do it for free? The answers to those questions are yes and yes. And in this post, youll learn how to do it.

    You can either use a nifty workaround to access your custom email domain from your existing free Gmail account. Or, you can pay for Googles business tools service, called Workspace. Heres a breakdown of the two methods:

  • Free method as long as you already have email hosting , you can connect Gmail to your own domain name for free using SMTP/POP3 credentials . Jump to the tutorial for this method.
  • Google Workspace / G Suite method if youre willing to pay, you can use to have a dedicated Gmail account for your own custom domain name . Jump to the tutorial for this method.
  • Setting Up Your New Google Workspace Email In Mail For Windows 10

    How to Use Gmail (FREE) for Your Custom Domain Email Address

    If you prefer to use your Windows 10 Mail app instead of your browser, its effortless to set up.

    If you havent set up an email account yet, all you have to do is open the app. It will automatically prompt you to Add an account.

    If you already have an active one, log out from it, and click the Add new account link.

    Next, click the Google button, and log in with your Google Workspace credentials.

    Google will prompt you to confirm that you are allowing windows access to the data.

    Just scroll to the bottom and click Allow.

    Once youve done that, you will be able to read and send emails from within the Windows 10 Mail app.

    The setup is done and you dont need to do anything else at all.

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    Verify Your Domain Name With Google Workspace

    Next, youll need to verify your domain name with Google Workspace by adding something called a TXT record. Depending on how you have things configured, you can do this at either:

    • The place where you registered your domain name

    Google Workspace will provide detailed instructions for most popular hosts/registrars.

    Heres what it looks like to add the TXT record using cPanel :

    How To Make A Professional Email Address When Your Name Is Taken

    We covered a lot of templates and alternatives you could use to come up with an email address. But most of them rely on you being able to get either your name or your company name on a .com or other highly trusted domain.

    If all variations of your full name and initials, as well as your company name, are taken, dont give up hope.

    The best approach is to combine your company name or name with your location.

    Not only will this make it easy for people to find you online, but indirectly it will also help your website with SEO for local searches and . Theres a reason why so many businesses are called Your Town + Plumber and other variations, even in 2022.

    If your company isnt based in a location, and youre not going to be staying in your current town for a long time, then you have to get a little bit creative.

    You could start by mixing and matching initials and your names, or add your name or initials to your company name, and see how those sound to you.

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