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How To Bid On A Domain Name

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The Closeout Auctions Are Trash

How to Sell a Domain Names at GoDaddy

Theres a reason nobody has bid on those domains.

Although there may well be a few profitable gems hidden within the Closeout and Bargain Bin, chances are the vast majority are not worth your time.

If youre looking to earn cash by reselling domains, then give these a miss and dedicate your time to perusing the registrar or normal auctions instead.

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What Is The Best Way To Bid On A Website Domain Auction

The deadline is on the 21st. There are currently 3 bids, with the highest bid at $99

Not enough information. Tactics depend on various factors:

the venue, since auction formats differ greatly across domain market places

which of various auction types at a given website you’re looking at

listing settings decided by the seller such as “buy now” options or a minimum reserve

the seller’s past habits with regard to promoting, altering, or even — unfortunately — rigging auctions

Quality of the domain itself relative to the price.

Without knowing the details, no general answer that applies to all situations can be given.

I acquired Referable and other big domains by reaching out to the owner directly when they were not listing it. That’s the best way to get a discount. Regarding Flippa, if you bid and it doesn’t get accepted, try following up with them in 2 months via LinkedIn, email, or phone . They may realize by that point that they are not going to get as much money as they were hoping for and be willing to part with it for less – especially if you establish a personal relationship and rapport, and they believe in your vision for the URL. Funny, but it matters to many people .

If it is a revenue producer, then if nothing happened to improve it, how long will it take to get your money back.

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What Is A Godaddy Auction

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GoDaddy trades millions of domains through three channels:

  • The registrar is the primary platform where webmasters can choose from a seemingly limitless array of options.
  • The backorder service is for savvy drop-catchers looking to snap up profitable expired domains.
  • GoDaddy Auctions is where webmasters go to buy and sell pre-owned domains.
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    Tip #: Start By Searching On Namecheap

    Is the domain available for purchase?Namecheap partners with domain name marketplaces to show domain names that are currently for sale when you search for the domain.Sometimes these domain names are available for immediate purchase at fixed prices above our standard prices. The benefit is that you get the domain name immediately and dont have to worry about haggling. Heres what a domain name looks like when it is available at a premium price:Note that you only pay the premium price once. The domain will renew at our standard prices.Sometimes a name thats for sale at a partner wont have a price. In this case youll see this:There will be a link for you to submit an offer that will be forwarded to the domain name owner.

    Have Realistic Price Expectations

    We all hear in the popular media about those rare six and seven-figure domain name sales like, and, but what folks dont realize is that these deals represent less than 1% of all the transactions.

    Ive seen many first-time sellers both under price and overprice domain names dramatically. For the best traction setup an auction and try to promote it to your connections on LinkedIn or social media.

    The most common issue seen on Flippa are overvalued domains. Certainly a positive attribute for domain parking is that it is extremely cheap to keep that domain for years, essentially just a few dollars to keep it registered. Because of this, many greedy domainers will set their prices unreasonably high, expecting millions of dollars when that perfect buyer comes along. Unfortunately, those buyers are few and far between. So, if you dont want to sit around for years, you might be better off lowering the price to something a bit more reasonable for the quality of the domain.

    The typical secondary market .com domain name sells for around $2,000, and the majority of the rest of the domains that sell change hands for less than $5,000, so keep that in mind when you price your domains.

    You probably arent going to retire on the proceeds of your domain name sales, but it might help you pay off your mortgage faster.

    Also, I would encourage you to read the interview with Tim Mayeur who is one of the most successful domain sellers on Flippa.

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    Where Can You Buy A Bid Domain Extension

    As a generic top-level domain, the .bid extension is readily available from a number of different registrars. There are no use restrictions. Its open to anyone regardless of industry. Because its such a niche market, registration rates are quite affordable. Here are some of the best domain registrars for .bid domains that you should take a look at. .bid Domain Name Price:$3.88 per year .bid Domain Name Price: $2.99 for first year registration, $4.99 per year for renewals .bid Domain Name Price:$34.99 per year

    S To Negotiating For A Domain Name

    ENS Domain Name ETH Bidding using Chrome & MetaMask – how to fix when doesn’t work

    Let’s say you are the owner of a business, Sandwiches Unlimited. You are an established business and you’ve been operating under for years. As your company has grown, you realize that you should buy the “” top level domain name, as well. Why would you do this?

    Your domain name is your home address on the internet. If someone is looking for you online, they can always do a Google search to find you if they can’t remember your exact URL. However, you want to reduce any friction in the process when it comes to your customers and prospects going directly to your website.

    Another reason you might want to buy a new domain is to protect your brand. If someone else owns and your users accidentally land on their website to find $5 sandwich makers , you’ve just confused your brand.

    In what other situations might you need to negotiate for a domain name? Perhaps you are a professional speaker and you want to use your name as your website, but it’s already taken.

    Another reason might be that you have a really long company name and you want something shorter, snappier, and easier to remember. But the domain you like is already taken.

    At this point, you have a few options before you need to start negotiations with the domain owner.

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    How To Grab An Expiring Domain Name

    Michael CygerJune 19, 2011 | Updated: May 4, 2017297

    Years ago, when domain names expired they would drop, or become available for hand registration by anyone. Whoever was the quickest to register a dropped domain would be the new registrant. That is how many of the largest domainers, like Frank Schilling, built their enormous portfolios.

    Today, the story is different. Domain name registrars realized that they could auction expired domain names to the highest bidder and generate additional revenue. If no one wanted the domain names in an auction, the domains would then drop and become available for anyone to register. Much of the time, however, domain names are successfully auctioned.

    Because auctioning domain names is not the core competency of most domain name registrars, they partner with an auction house.

    Bidding On Godaddy Auctions Domains

    Submit offers or bid on domains with GoDaddy Auctions®. Youll need a GoDaddy Auctions® membership to place bids on expired domains or 7-day auctions.

    • Bidding: Enter a starting bid and specify the maximum amount you want to bid for a domain. Our Proxy Bidding Service starts with $5 more than the current bid amount. Then, itll automatically increase your bid by the minimum bid increment required each time you’re outbid, until you reach your maximum bid amount.
    • Submitting offers: Submit one offer amount per domain. The seller is immediately notified and has seven days to accept or counter your offer. A GoDaddy Auctions® membership isnt required for submitting offers.
    • Backordered domains

    To place a proxy bid, bid the highest amount youd like. The proxy will only outbid the current highest bid by the lowest bid increment possible. If that bid is then increased, your proxy bid will continue to try to outbid the other bidders until your limit is reached.

    There is no special interface to enter a proxy bid. Domains that are up for proxy bids wont have a Buy Now price or Offer option available. You’ll need to bid on a traditional auction listing such as a 7-day auction or an expired auction and whoever has the highest bid at the end wins.

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    How To Bid On A Domain Auction At Namesilo

    Disclosure: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links.

    So you want to buy a domain name at an auction. Yes, getting a domain name that’s been around awhile is a good idea, especially if it has existing links to it on the internet. This can help it be found more easily by search engines, which is going to be an advantage when you build a site on it.

    Here I’ll show you step by step the process for how to bid on a domain auction. I’ll use the NameSilo auctions as the example, because it’s a good and well-run domain name registrar with a reliable auction process. It also tends to be easier for me to find higher quality domain names on their aftermarket than at GoDaddy, but that’s a matter of personal opinion.

    First of all, it is going to be much easier if you do this on a laptop or desktop computer. You can technically do it on a phone or tablet, but a drawback of NameSilo is that its marketplace just doesn’t display all that well on phone or tablet. It works but the writing is tiny.

    How To Buy A Domain Name From Someone Who Already Owns It

    Cheap Domain Registration India Buy .COM Domain at 99 ...

    Lets quickly run through a couple of important questions you may have.

    Why should I buy a taken domain?

    You may want to buy a domain owned by someone because it has a huge traffic potential and massive branding value for your business.

    Can you buy a domain name from someone?

    Yes, you can! Only if the owner wants to sell of course.

    How do I buy a domain name?

    There are many ways of buying a domain name but the top ones include negotiating directly with the owner, using a domain broker service or bidding for it in domain auction sites.

    How much should I pay for a taken domain name?

    Well, it depends on the value of the domain. Expect to pay anything from several hundreds/thousands of dollars up to millions even.

    Is domain squatting illegal?

    Domain squatting or cybersquatting is illegal. Anyone found guilty of registering a domain in bad faith can be made to pay damages ranging from $1,000 to $100,000 per domain.

    Now that the essentials are done and dusted, its time to take out your credit card, right?


    When you are itching to land your dream domain, the temptation to rush headlong and wrap up the deal fast is strong.

    Dont yield to it.

    Doing so would be a big mistake. Theres a crucial foundational step to the whole process that pro buyers dont dare skip.

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    What Is An Ethereum Domain Name

    The Ethereum Name Service is a secure an decentralised human readable Ethereum address routing system. One can think about it as a decentralised cousin of the established Domain Name routing system of today.

    It will create a system that will map human readable Ethereum addresses to the numeric versions that we are familiar with. The ENS was launched on the Ethereum main net in May last year and since then, it has become wildly popular and many domains have been traded in the community.

    In a nutshell, the process of buying and using an .eth domain is similar to buying and using a domain for a website. The difference is that instead of using the domain to host a website you use it to receive Ether.

    Respond Promptly To Any Purchase Inquiries You Get

    Everyone seems to be in a rush these days to get stuff done, and purchasing domain names is no different. If someone makes the effort to contact you about buying one of your domain names, try to respond to them within 24 hours. If you dont, they may find another domain name and you will have lost a sale.

    There is nothing more frustrating to a buyer than a non-responsive seller. I have seen domain speculators miss out on potential six-figure deals because they took too long to reply to the buyer, or didnt reply at all.

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    Use A Trusted Domain Broker Service

    One of the easiest ways to buy a pre-owned domain name is to let someone else do all the hard work.


    In case you are wondering, a broker is a person who acts as a go between a buyer and a seller to make a sale happen. Some sellers prefer to sell through brokers so you might as well get used to the idea of working with one.

    Thankfully, most popular hosting companies also have a broker service.

    Heres how to buy domain broker service on GoDaddy.

    First, search for the domain name you want. Click on the domain broker service link under .

    Then click on Select and Continue on the popup window that appears.

    All you have to do now is to wait for them to get in touch with you and tell you the next steps. Hopefully, after several rounds of back-and-forth communication you will get the domain.

    Not interested in using a broker? Then its time to do some digging.

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