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How To Access Domain Email Through Gmail

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How To Login To Gmail Using Your Domain Email Address

How to Use Your Domain with Gmail

I host email for the majority of my clients and forward their domain email to a Gmail address. The reason I do this is the convenience and functionality of Gmail. Also, most business clients have multiple email addresses and dont want to login multiple different places to check their email. Forwarding email to a Gmail address and using Gmails Send Mail As feature gives my clients the ability to send and receive their domain email from Gmail. I will write an article on that process in the future, but for now, see this article on how to do that.

Being able to sign into Gmail using your domain email address is another way to streamline the entire process. Follow these steps to allow that feature:

  • Login to Gmail
  • Under Contact Info click on Email
  • Once youve added an Alternate Email you will be able to sign into your Gmail account using the domain email address you entered in this field.
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    The Only Flaw Of Using Gmail For Your Domain Email

    This process has one flaw. Gmail does not check for new emails as frequently as Id like. It seems to be a random process. Sometimes Gmail checks every 10 minutes and other time only once per hour. But you can speed up the process if you are expecting an email. Heres how:

  • Click on the Gear on the right side. Then select Settings, then Accounts and Import.
  • Click Check Email Now next to the email account you want to check.
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    Adding Your Domain Email Account To You

  • Click on the gear icon in the top right, then click See all settings
  • Click on Accounts and Import
  • Scroll down to Check mail from other accounts and click Add a mail account
  • Enter your domain email address and click Next
  • Select Import emails from my other account and click Next
  • Enter your Username and Password. Enter your POP server and Port, select Label incoming messages, and click Add Account.
  • Select and click Next
  • Enter the name you want people to see when they receive an email from your domain email address, select Treat as an alias, and click Next Step.
  • Enter your SMTP Server, Port, Username, and Password again. Select Secured connection using TLS and click Add Account.
  • In a separate window/tab on your browser, check your main contact email for a Gmail Confirmation code. It may take a few minutes to arrive. Copy/paste that code and click Verify.
  • Everything should be working now. You can change which address you are sending from when sending an email by clicking on the dropdown menu next to From in the Compose new message window.
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    Confirm That Everything Is Working Properly

    The last step is simply verifying that Gmail is now properly routing email in and out via your domain email address.

  • In Gmail, select Compose near the top left. In the From: drop-down menu, select your new email address. Then write an email and send it to yourself. All new email received via this new email address should be marked accordingly in your Gmail inbox.
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Creating Your Own Email With Gmail + Any Domain Name

    How Do I Access My Webmail Through Gmail

    Is Google Workspace Worth Paying For?

    You certainly dont need to pay for Google Workspace when you start out because all the tools you will need are provided for free. Eventually, however, you may want to upgrade to Google Workspace. One of the major advantages of Google Workspace is that it works well with teams for example, administering your team with a collection of personal Gmail installs would be a nightmare. Google Workspace makes this easy.

    Google Workspace offers several other advantages such as 24/7 technical support, integrated team calendars, additional storage, video conferencing, and more. As your business grows, you should consider upgrading to G Suite. The entry-level plan starts at $6 per person, per month.

    One possible downside of using Google Workspace is that the global setup can be a bit intimidating with things like MX records. However, Google provides you with step-by-step instructions that are specific to your installation so this shouldnt be a problem. And you can use the provided technical support if necessary.

    Is Gmail for Business Free?

    How to Make an Email Address for a Custom Domain?

    What Are the Drawbacks of Using POP3 or IMAP Email?

    Can I Use Gmail with my Own Domain for Free?

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    Confirm Mail To Receive Mails From Domain Mails In Gmail

    This will take you to a page asking confirmation. Click on the Confirm button.

    Confirmation Done.

    You have configured your mail successfully. Now all the mails from domain mail will come to Gmail. You can see confirmation mail t your Gmail which was sent to the domain email account.

    Now if you have done all the process correctly then you willget a message of Confirmation Success!

    Congratulations! Now your domain email account has been completely connected to the Gmail account. And you can easily send and receive messages from custom email on Gmail account.

    How To Connect Domain Email To Gmail Account

    When we start a website, whether it is a personal website or business website, we do also add a custom email address for that domain. Using Gmail accounts for the domain is not considered as a good practice in case we are running a business . However, we check our Gmail accounts on a daily basis as this is our basic mail account. Handling multiple mails is such a very hard task for a person, so why not merge them all? In this article, I will explain How to connect domain mails to Gmail. A complete process telling how to connect a custom email or domain email address to the Gmail account.

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    Setting Up Gmail To Send Email From Your Domain Email Address

  • While still on Gmails Settings / Accounts and Import page, you will see Send Mail As in the left column. To the right of that, click Add an email address you own.
  • Enter the Name that youd like people to see when sending email from this account, and the Email Address of the domain email account. This will be the same email address you setup to receive email from in Step 2.
  • Make sure Treat as Alias is checked. Click Next Step.
  • Make sure that Send through Gmail is checked. Click Next Step.
  • Read the info in the next box, then click Send Verification.
  • Login to your email account via , select RoundCube and then look in your Inbox for an email with a verification code.
  • Type in the code and click Verify.
  • Still on the Accounts and Import page, find the When replying to a message and make sure the box is checked for Reply from the same address the message was sent to.
  • If You Cant Change Your Name

    How to access domain email through Gmail business email merger with Gmail

    If you get an error that says This setting cant be changed for your account, it may mean:

    • Youve changed your name too many times during a short period of time.
    • Youre on a Google Workspace account and your admin doesnt allow you to change your profile name. Your admin may be able to help change your name. Who is my administrator?

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    How Can I Import My Old Emails

    If your old emails are still available in your account, they will automatically be imported. IMAP protocol syncs your emails and folders with the email server, making it possible to manage your emails on any device that is connected to your account.

    Once you add your account to Mailbird, it will grant you access to your emails immediately, no further action is required.

    Note: If your emails are from your local server, it wont be possible to import them because of IMAP protocols.

    What Does Port Mean In My Email Settings

    You can think of the “port” like an address number. The same way that an IP address identifies the location of a computer, the port identifies the application operating on that computer.

    There are a few common port numbers, always use the recommended settings to configure your email server to Mailbird.

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    Importing Your Domain Email Account Into Gmail

  • Open your Gmail account.
  • At the top right, click the Settings icon.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select the Accounts and Import tab.
  • In the Check mail from other accounts section, click Add a POP3 mail account you own.
  • Enter your domain email address, then click Next Step.
  • Enter your account username. Your username is your full email address
  • Enter the email accounts password.
  • Enter your accounts POP server information. This is the Incoming Server information on your View Email Client Info settings. Make sure you enter the correct mail server name and the corresponding port number.

    If you are using the Secure SSL/TLS settings, make sure you select Port 995 from the Port drop-down menu.

    If you are using the Non-SSL settings, select Port 110 from the Port drop-down menu.

  • Select the desired options:
  • Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server check the box if you are also accessing your emails on another email client or device , otherwise the emails in your domain email account will be deleted and you will only be able to access them in Gmail
  • Always use a secure connection when retrieving mail if you are using the Secure SSL/TLS settings, then you need to check the box. If you are using the Non-SSL settings, then uncheck the box.
  • Label incoming messages check the box if you have more than one email account set up in your Gmail this way, you can easily see which emails in your inbox come from your domain email account.
  • When ready, click Add Account.
  • Create A Gmail Account

    How to setup your domain

    If you already have a Gmail account for yourself, leave that alone, and create a new free email address for your business.

    1. Go to

    2. Click on Create account. If you already have an account you will be taken to that. Click on the icon for your account in the top-right of the screen and click on Add another account in the drop-down menu. The add account procedure is the same for creating a new Gmail account.

    3. Enter a name, email address, and password for your new Gmail address.

    Dont worry if your email address has to have numbers on it to make it unique no one will see this address.

    Press the blue Next button to move on.

    4. Enter account recovery and identification information on the next screen.

    Press the blue Next button.

    5. Google will send a verification code to the phone number you gave.

    Fill in the verification code and then press the blue Verify button.

    6. Press Skip on the next screen, which is about extra services.

    7. Check the two boxes at the bottom of the Privacy and Terms screen and press the Create Account button.

    A popup window will ask you to go back to the extra services screen. Ignore this and press the Confirm button.

    8. In the account creation confirmation screen, press Continue to get to your new accounts Inbox.

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    Bluehost Cpanel Email Settings

    Lets go back to cPanel and find your email settings.

  • Go back to the home page, click the Advanced tab from the side navigation menu to the left.
  • Under the Email section, click the Email Accounts icon.
  • Click the Create button.
    • Under Domain, choose the specific domain where you would like to create an email account.
    • In the Username text box, type the user you would like to use.
    • In the Password text box, type the password you would like for this email account.
    • The Password StrengthMeter will tell if the password you have entered is strong enough. We highly recommend you use a strong password.
    • The Mailbox quota text box is used to specify the amount of your overall hosting storage allocated for that specific email account. The default that should be listed is 500 MB. You can increase or decrease this number as you desire, depending on the hosting package that you currently have.
    • Once the User, Password, and Quota are all accurate, click the Create button.

    Youll need to have these settings in front of you to be able to configure Gmail to send and receive emails

    Which Is Exactly How I Feel When I Send And Receive Email Using My Website Email Address

    Like Im all sparkly and elegant, running my own business. And proud!

    And when I work with other entrepreneurs using a Gmail domain for their email address, I feel a little sad that theyre not as professional. So here, please, take a little glitter and set up your domains address via Gmail.

    Note: When you purchase your hosting, you likely get an email address, too. If you need help setting it up, let me know.

    Head over to your Host to find your email configuration. Heres where you find it on Bluehost:

    Log in to your Bluehost account, choose Hosting, then email. Choose the email configuration tab and record the name of your mail servers and supported ports.

    From your inbox, choose the gear symbol on the right. Choose settings.

    If you are using Siteground, login, head to your cPanel and the Email section to choose Email Accounts. From there, you should see a list of your emails. Click on the more button for the applicable address.

    When you choose Configure Email Client, you will see the account details. Leave the tab or screen open to aid you as you continue setting up your account in Gmail.

    Heading back to your Gmail

    Choose the Accounts and Import tab. Choose Add a POP3 mail account you own.

    Enter your email address.

    Upon completion, you have the opportunity to send email from Gmail on behalf of your domain account.

    Ensure your name is showing, and yes, treat as an alias. Move forward by clicking Next Step.

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    Create A G Suite Account And Follow The Wizard

    To get started, website and follow the account setup wizard to configure the basic details, like which custom domain you want to use with G Suite. This will be the domain name at the end of your email address e.g.

    If youre the only person who will be using Google Workspace , youre finished once you complete the wizard. If you want to give other people custom email addresses, you can also do that after completing the initial setup wizard:

    Does Mailbird Support Imap / Does Mailbird Support Pop3

    How to Set up Your Domains Email Address in Your Account

    Yes. Mailbird uses IMAP or POP3 to connect to most email providers. Mailbirds technology can detect the server settings automatically when you enter your email address.

    If it is unable to detect the settings, you can set up your email manually by entering the details your provider has listed for their server settings: like the IMAP or POP3 Port and IMAP or POP3 Security.

    You will also need to enter the username and password you have assigned with your email provider.

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