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How Much Is A Domain On WordPress

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How Much Does A WordPress Domain Name Cost With Dreamhost

Hostinger – $2 Cheap WordPress Hosting with a Free Domain

If you are looking for a free domain name for the WordPress site you are making, you can consider Bluehost. They have fast hosting and an excellent reputation. With Dreamhost, though, they are another host you might want to think about choosing. With Dreamhost, there are many advantages.

How much does a WordPress domain name cost when you get it through Dreamhost?

As you can see from the included image, it is easy to get with Dreamhost when you want a free domain. There are no codes you need to memorize. These deals are always running. You can quickly sign up, and then you will be all set for the year.

Potential WordPress Theme Cost:

If setting up and customizing a theme is a little beyond what youre prepared to do, or you want something a little more custom, you can still get a reasonably priced design. If you hire a designer or developer to help customize an existing theme, you can expect to pay anywhere from to depending on the complexity of your theme changes and the expertise of the person/agency youre working with.

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Make Your Site Just Right With Wp Engine

Choosing a domain name should be fun and can be one of the most exciting parts of launching a website. Sometimes its not always as straightforward as putting your business name before a .com and calling it a day. Here at WP Engine we want you to benefit from the best developer resources available for WordPress, so your site will be just want you always wanted.

We also have a wide variety of hosting solutions and plans to choose from so you can focus on building an amazing digital experience on your perfectly named website!

Join the 1.5M websites that trust WP Engine as their WordPress host.

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Do I Need To Buy A Domain For WordPress

Instead of having your site on your own domain, youll create a free site on a subdomain, so people will have to type in something like to access your site. With this, you dont have to worry about a domain or hosting. is similar to a site like Typepad, or even Tumblr.

Do I Need A Code For A Free WordPress Domain

How to Install WordPress With Bluehost (2021)

Do you need a code to get your free WordPress domain? Not at all. When you sign up with a service such as Bluehost and Dreamhost, they automatically give you free hosting. Look at their basic plans. These usually run just a few dollars for the month. You can feel free to buy many of these plans. You get the domain name for free with your WordPress hosting when you sign up.

Many times, free domains need a code so you can take advantage of the savings. When you stick with Superb Themes, we will tell you the hosts with free WordPress domains. With our guides, there is no guesswork. We save you both money and time.

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Adding Your Domain/url To A Hosting Account

When you purchase a hosting account, you are required to enter an associated URL. If you use the domain you are attempting to set up then you can skip this step. If you are adding this domain as an already existing hosting account, then follow along below.

Step 1: Log in to your CPanel. . You will probably see 2 URLS: and a series of numbers or letters. You want the one that does not contain your domain name. If you dont see it, check for another e-mail that has it.

Step 2: Youll see a screen that looks like the image above.

  • On the next screen you will need to add your domain. Paste your URL in the New Domain Name field .
  • Choose a password, . Its important to choose a complex password and keep it somewhere safe.

Yay! Youve connected the accounts. Hopefully it wasnt too difficult.

Now, lets install WordPress!

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Secure And Safe Platform

In our day-to-day life, we often notice website attacks, whether it is a personal blog or commercial site. WordPress is a secure platform that offers top-notch security measures as compared to other platforms. Therefore, you can leverage WordPress website development services to build a trustable and secure online presence for your business.

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Your Cheat Sheet To WordPress Website Pricing By Business Type

Estimate your website costs in this breakdown of WordPress website pricing by business type:

Business Type

Thats why your business may pay more or less than these company-specific averages.

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Check out this five-minute video to learn how to create the best possible WordPress site for your business.

Can I Build A Free WordPress Website

How to add a domain in WordPress – Domain Setup Beginners Tutorial

I dont mind limited functionality as long as its free.

When you just need to get a site up and youre not picky about its functionality, theres no price point like free. You can visit WordPress.comand set up a blog in minutes for no money down.

This is perfect for the person who wants a bare-bones blog, but this option does come with some significant drawbacks:

  • A uniquedomain nameisnt included, so your URL will end with
  • Since youre sharing the free resources with all of WordPress.coms other users, you have a very limited amount of bandwidth and storage space.
  • You cant have a custom blog design.
  • will place ads on your site that you cant remove unless you upgrade to a paid account.

As they say, theres no such thing as a free lunch. But if youre willing to go with the flow and dont mind the limitations, a $0 WordPress blog might be what youre looking for.

Free WordPress Website Costs

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Using Cpanel To Enable Debugging In WordPress

Enabling debugging in WordPress causes detailed debugging messages to appear on your site, which can help with troubleshooting and pinpointing errors.

To enable debugging via cPanel, follow these steps:

  • Log into cPanel.
  • Use your browser to reload your website.
  • Debugging messages should now be visible on your site.

    Keep in mind that not all debugging messages are equal. Theres a difference between an error message and a warning message, for example. You can learn more about debugging in WordPress in the official WordPress Codex article.

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    Why Use A Different Domain Name For Landing Pages

    There are many reasons why creating different domains for landing pages is a good idea for your business.

    Here are just a few examples:

    • Website Launch: You could launch a coming soon page from your existing site and use single site domain mapping to set it up on a new domain.
    • Real Estate Business: Instead of listing properties on and, you can create individual page sites, like and
    • Webinar Marketing: You could launch a webinar for your business at and have the webinar page at

    With your landing pages mapped to different domain names, its easier to market them to the right audience and give each page a distinct look, feel, and branding.

    Its also much easier to track each pages performance individually in to see if your marketing efforts are paying off.

    Now that you know the benefits of mapping single landing pages to custom domains in WordPress lets see how to do it!

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    Estimate Your WordPress Website Cost

    Your journey to building an online presence on WordPress is exciting but can also feel slightly overwhelming. Hopefully, you now have a clearer picture of what you need to consider when creating a budget and, ultimately, the cost of maintaining your ideal WordPress site.

    This post was originally published in August 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

    WordPressorg Pricing And Plans

    A Beginnerâs Guide To Creating A WordPress Website â Smashing Magazine

    One of the main benefits of is the fact that it is free, however, as we all know, free doesnt always mean completely free. To build a website with, you will first need to find a hosting company to host your website. There are several different types of hosting plans that can range in price from under $3 per month to $100 per month or more. Security, uptime, bandwidth, storage and customer support all factor into the cost of a web hosting plan.

    Two popular web hosting services, Dreamhost and HostGator, are both official recommended hosting solutions. They are optimized specifically for, have a one-click install for WordPress and provide unique in-house WordPress speed and security solutions. Many top hosting companies include a free domain name. However, for those that do not, you will have to purchase a domain name separately from a domain name registrar for around $12 to 15 per year. includes many free SEO tools, but there may come a time when your site grows beyond what the built-in options can offer. Once youve mastered your on-page WordPress SEO, you can use SEO software to bolster your sites rankings in search results.

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    WordPress Costs For An Ecommerce Website From $1159/month

    WordPress doesnt come with built-in eCommerce functionality like the dedicated eCommerce platforms on the market. However, there is a free WordPress plugin that will add eCommerce functionality to your WordPress website.

    You can simply head to the plugin directory and install WooCommerce from your admin dashboard. The plugin is equipped with basic store functionality, including seamless integrations with various payment gateways.

    Estimating the cost of an eCommerce website is a crucial step when starting an eCommerce business. Doing so will help you anticipate how much youll need to spend.

    To help you calculate your budget, we will show you how much it costs to build a barebones eCommerce website.

    Domain name
    The most affordable premium theme from the best WordPress eCommerce themes list.

    The estimated cost of a WordPress eCommerce website is around $125 for the first month and $11.59 for the next months.

    However, the cost will vary significantly depending on the tools and functionalities your business needs. It is advisable to start with the basic infrastructure before adding more advanced eCommerce plugins.

    Best Time To Get A Free Domain For WordPress

    What is the best time to get your free domain via WordPress? You can feel free to sign up at any time. The free domain deal is always offered when working through Bluehost and Dreamhost. There will be nothing that holds you back from signing up with them. So dont worry about waiting until Black Friday or some other holiday. These two hosts are always offering a great deal to get your free domain name along with excellent hosting for WordPress.

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    Free Domains And Pitfalls

    Some people might see free domains advertised on the internet and be tempted to try these out. As we stated at the outset of this article, a few things in life are truly free, with no strings attached. Companies will give you a free domain name, but they are profiting from you in other ways. For example, a web hosting company will provide you with a free domain name since hosting a site with them. However, they are making their money from the hosting fee and then rolling it into the overall price tag.

    Other websites will promise a free domain, but this comes with strings attached. To fully understand why it would not be desirable for a business website, we must consider a fully qualified domain name with two parts. First, there is the top-level domain, and then the subdomains are associated with it. How do you know if you are looking at a top-level domain? Letters included after the dot will tell you that you are currently looking at the top level. You might see extensions such as .com, .net, or even .de for websites located in Germany and .ge for websites found in the country of Georgia. These are examples of your top-level when you see .com and .net.

    How Much Does A Domain Name Cost

    How to Clone a WordPress website to another domain name

    Most domains will cost between $10 and $45 per yearthough some prices may be higher. Many factors can affect domain prices, so its important to understand your potential return on investment for each option. For instance, though a domain could be expensive, it could give you enough recognition, reputability and organic traffic that resulting sales would pay for the cost many times over.

    Tip: If you put your potential name into the Wix domain name generator, youll get an estimated domain priceand even some alternatives if your desired one is taken.

    Here are five factors that influence domain name cost:

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    How Much Does Managed WordPress Hosting For A Website Cost

    Hosting costs continue to rise when you start looking for WordPress-focused hosting. They are not unreasonable, however. Nearly every web host has a flavor of managed WordPress hosting now. Some of the more popular companies that have hosting specific to WordPress include Kinsta, WP Engine, Pressable, and Pagely. Pricing with these companies starts in a range from and goes up to + depending on your specific needs.

    Some plans include additional services for backups, security, and speed enhancement. For a comprehensive solution, we recommend checking out managed web hosting with Southern Web, which goes above and beyond the typical hosting solution by offering a truly inclusive slate of services at a competitive price.

    Most people starting a WordPress website will be able to utilize one of the above-mentioned options. If you know your website will be attracting Amazon-like volumes of traffic, you may need to look into dedicated servers and enterprise hosting options at a significantly higher cost.

    To learn more about WordPress hosting, be sure to visit our guide comparing several popular hosting companies.

    How To Change Your Domain Name On WordPress

    With more than 366 million domain names already registered online, it can be intimidating to start the process of changing your own domain name.

    For one thing, you might have a hard time finding another unique domain name. And, if you arent entirely sure of how to do it correctly, you could damage your WordPress sites SEO or even completely lose your content.

    Its important to know all the steps to changing a domain name before you get started, from choosing a new domain name to backing up your website to redirecting URLs.

    Follow along for a step-by-step guide on how to change your domain name on WordPress.

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    How Many Sites You Can Host

    Everything we said in the previous section is multiplied if you want to host multiple websites. Instead of needing enough resources to host one website reliably, your host now needs enough to host two or more websites with the same level of reliability.

    Again, that means more resources, which means more money.

    Some cheap WordPress hosts also advertise unlimited websites. However, these are only really an option if each individual website is low-traffic and doesnt use very many resources. If all your websites are high-traffic, youll quickly run through the limited resources in your account.


    • With shared hosting, each site you add still has to share the same resources.
    • With managed WordPress hosting, each site you add also comes with an increase in the resources that are available to your sites.

    Basic Installation And Set

    How Much Do WordPress Websites Cost

    If you have the technical skills, you can install and set up your WordPress website yourself. There are a ton of tutorials online that range from basic tips to how to set up security and data privacy measures. Experienced users would need about half a day for the initial set-up if some pages are already ready to be filled out and go live, the time required will obviously go down. If you want to outsource the initial setting-up, youll likely be looking at a bill of several hundred to a good thousand dollars, depending on whether you go through an agency or a freelancer and depending on what security measures and other services are included.

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    Pick Out A Hosting Plan

    Of course, many hosting plans come with a free domain name. Thats how we approach it here at DreamHost Getting your domain and hosting from the same place can save you time and make managing your site easier in the long run.

    When you review your options for web hosting, youll want to keep in mind a few essential criteria, such as:

    • Included software. If you need one-click installation options or pre-installed e-commerce features, make sure to review what extras your chosen host offers.
    • Provided security.Keeping your plugins and other software up-to-date is crucial for site security. If you know youd rather have those tasks handled by a managed host, youll want to be sure that is an offered service.
    • Available support.Running ane-commerce store can sometimes mean your site has to run smoothly through all time zones, so your tech support should too.
    • Scheduled backups. In case the worst-case scenario does happen, it is a good idea to review your hosts backup and restore protocols.

    Regardless of your final decision, your hosting provider is your sites partner. So its wise to review your options carefully before making a choice.

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