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How Do I Find My Domain Name

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How Do Domains Work

How do You find Your Computer DOMAIN name [DNS – Domain Name System]

Domain names work because they provide computer users with a short name that is easy to remember. Users enter web addresses into the URL field at the top of their browsers page from left to right. The domain name itself is read from right to left according to the naming hierarchy discussed below. This link provides directions to the network, which ultimately results in a successful page-load at the client end of the transaction.

The common fictitious domain name,, is comprised of three essential parts:

  • .com This is the top-level domain.
  • .example. This is a sub-domain.
  • www. This is a sub-domain prefix for the World Wide Web. The original use of this prefix was partly accidental, and pronunciation difficulties raised interest in creating viable alternatives.

Many servers use a three-letter naming convention for top-level domains, and they are separated from sub-domains by a dot. The significance of the top-level domain is the most important for new users to grasp. It identifies the highest part of the naming system used on the Internet. This naming system was originally created to identify countries and organizations as well as categories.

The most common categories are easily recognized by new computer users, and they include:

  • .com

A significant expansion of the top-level domains occurred, and they now include:

  • .biz
  • .info
  • .name

Find The Information You Need In Whois Records

If the domain owner is interested in selling their domain, their contact information is typically available in the Whois records. However, youll sometimes find that the information youre looking for has been blocked by the domain provider for privacy reasons.

If the domain that youre interested in is being sold by someone who is looking for a willing buyer, the steps outlined above is the easiest way to start negotiating a purchase. But if the seller has hidden their contact information or is not interested in selling their domain, dont despair! There are workarounds for those who are interested in a domain that has already been registered.

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How To Find Your Domain Name Registrar: Whois Search

I Cant Remember Where I Purchased My Domain Name! Who is my Registrar

Update: This article explaining how to use whois search to was written in 2006 and has been updated with a photo illustration because it is one of the most popular articles on the site and continues to attract visitors 11 years after publication.

It wasnt until my third client had called asking how to regain control of her domain name that I realized that it was a common problem for small business webmasters to forget where they had registered their domains. WHOIS my registrar? Why didnt I get an email about renewal? Why did my site stop working today?

People rarely realize how important it is to keep their domain registrar notified of changes to their email address and and other contact information. The registrar will send renewal notifications to the email address last on file. For most domain owners, the only time they think about contacting a registrar is the day they reserve their domain name. If they move to a new city and get a new internet service provider, it doesnt occur to them that the old email address will change and that meeans that the registrar can no longer contact them through the previous address, or phone or fax as each of them change and we rarely notify the controller of our domain of those changes.

The following URL leads to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers discussing the grace period and redemption period rules it enforces.

Domain Name:

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How To Find The Domain Name Of A Server

What Does Domain Mean In Business

I’m having trouble finding the domain name of my school’s server, I read another question similar to this but their commands didn’t work.

I tried to use nslookup and then when I was prompted I entered server. I get the following output. I don’t understand where the domain name is stored. I’m using a wired LAN connection from my university.

Default Server: 127.0.01Address: Server: ::1Address: ::1#53 
  • please would you clarify and then when I was prompted I entered server , you do know the server ip right? thxJan 21 ’16 at 0:28
  • yes I do know the server’s ip

You should nslookup the IP. It will return. Example.

$ nslookup>  bro-ns-01Server:   bro-ns-01.angelsofclockwork.netAddress:> name => 

I’m assuming you’re using dnsmasq or otherwise, because your server address is set to your localhost. If that’s the case, it should still be transparent enough to pull the information.

You could also look at /etc/resolve.conf if you’re on the same network. You’re more than likely being given a reverse DNS entry that has the same domain suffix of static servers.

$ cat /etc/resolv.conf   generated by /usr/sbin/dhclient-scriptsearch

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Who Should Control My Domain Name Registration

Your domain name is one of the most important parts of your online presence. It is your “address” on the Internet, and points to your digital home base: your company website.

The domain name system is not terribly complex, but it’s just complex enough that not everyone understands how it all works. For this reason, many organizations turn over all control of their domain name to an agency or web firm to manage. This has some pros and cons and I’d like to offer a brief overview of how domain names work and then offer some perspective on who should control your domain.

A domain name is an address that defines a “realm of authority” on the Internet. It can be thought of like a physical address for your office. Your address is where mail is sent and where people drive if they want to visit your office. A domain is similar. If someone wants to visit your website, that person will use your domain name to access it. Your domain name “points” to your website just as your physical address “points” to your office.

Yes, very basic stuff. Just setting the stage.

How Do Domain Names Work

Domain names are the main name of any business running online. Without a domain name, you cannot expect a successful business online. It is the main identification of a business that describes everything about a business.

The working of domain names is based on the request sent by the browsers to the domain name system . When a user enters a domain name in the browser address bar, it sends a request to the domain name system that is the global network of servers. It then checks the name server associated with the domain name and sends the request to the matching host. After that, it fetches the files from the matching host to display the content in the browser of the user.

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How Do I Buy A Domain Name

Congrats! You found an available name and youre ready to make it yours. Simply add the domain name to your cart and start the checkout process. During checkout, youll make some decisions like how many years youd like to register it for, if youd like to add site hosting, email, advanced security, auto-renewals, and other features.


Finding Domain Ip Through Command Prompt

How to Find Out Where Your Domain Name is Registered

The first convenient method to find IP of your domain name is from command promt using a single DNS lookup command:

  • Open command prompt by going to Start -> Command Prompt or Go to Start – > RUN -> type “cmd” and press enter.
  • A black screen will come up
  • Type “nslookup” – this command will show DNS information of, replace with your own domain name
  • First two lines show DNS resolver information. Second line will be IP address you will be looking for

Above image shows both DNS resolver information and public IPv4 and IPv6 of the respected domain name

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What Is The Example Of Domain

Domain names are used to identify one or more IP addresses. For example, the domain name represents about a dozen IP addresses. Domain names are used in URLs to identify particular Web pages. For example, in the URL, the domain name is

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What Is The Command For Domain Name

You can use hostname -d command as well to get the host domainname. If the domain name is not set up in your host then the response will be none. In the networking terminology, the domain name is the mapping of IP with the name. Domain names are registered in the DNS server in case of a local network.

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Why Should Registrants Still Utilize Whois Privacy Services

The WHOIS database lists information about each domain registration online and is open to the public. In regards to Registrant information, the amount that is displayed publicly may differ based on a number of factors, including:

  • The specific domain extension
  • The type of Registrant used for the registration

This means that malicious entities are still able to quickly access this public directory and survey for potential pieces of information to exploits. By replacing your information through a privacy service, your information is effectively blocked from public access.

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Other Whois Lookup Tools

.my DOMAIN REGISTRY (MYNIC): Procedure to update .my ...

Other lookup tools can provide WHOIS information about domain name registrants, such as or

Both of these lookup tools work similarly to the WHOIS lookup tool employed by ICANN. Simply enter the web address into the search bar and get the domain registration information about the person that owns the domain name you want.

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How To Find Out Who Owns A Domain Name

Domains have essentially become the real estate of the online world, and just like a suburban dream home, domains tend to pass hands several times over the years. But if theres a domain out there that youre interested in purchasing, how do you go about getting in touch with the owner? Well explain how in this handy guide.

Find Your Domain Host

  • Go to the whois lookup page provided by ICANN, a non-profit organization that compiles domain information.
  • Enter your domain name in the search field and click Lookup.
  • In the results page, look for the Registrar section for the name of your domain host and website. For example:
  • Registrar: Domain Services
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    What Is A Domain Name Registrar

    Domain Registrars are companies that can register and maintain domain name information for customers. That is accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers .

    Any place where one can register a domain name must use a domain registrar. Domain registrars make sure that there are no multiple registrations of identical domain names. Domain name registrars are also accountable for keeping the attached contact information current for the domain names registered through them. That protects the person that purchased the domain name from third-party attempts to steal said domain name.

    After you purchase a domain name from a registrar, you are capable of the following administrative actions:

    • Manage the contact information on the registration entry.
    • Manage the nameservers that your domain uses.
    • Create a Secure Space by adding an SSL/TLS to it.


    Although we often refer to registering domain names as purchasing and owning them, the fact is that registries own all of their domain names, and registrars only offer the opportunity to reserve domain names for as long as the customer keeps paying for that reservation.

    In case you have failed to pay for your domain renewal in time, keep in mind that many registrars honor up to 45 day Auto-Renew Grace period which allows you to redeem an expired domain name.

    How Do I Search For Expired Domain Names

    How to Find Your Domains DNS & NETBIOS Name

    Expiring domain names are just what they sound like: Domain names that were unavailable because they were already registered but are about to expire, making the website name available for purchase again. You can search for expiring domain names using keywords or you can check the list of about-to-expire names. Search domains expiring now

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    Look Up Your Computer’s Domain Name

    To find the Domain for your computer:

    For Windows machines, click on the Start Menu, go to Control Panel, System and Security, then System.

    You’ll see your computer’s domain name at the bottom.

    For any additional questions or concerns regarding proximity settings, computer locking, credential management, or compliance, please contact GateKeeper Enterprise support using the Support Ticket form on or email .

    —————————————————————————————————————————————GateKeeper domain address computer domain name computer username computer user name username for computer domain for computer whoami command which computer domain is this domain name of this computer? how to find out the domain name of this computer? domain name of my computer? find my domain name for my PC laptop domain name desktop domain name

    Make Sure The Domain Is Registered

    You wont know for sure if the domain youre interested in is registered until you check for yourself. The easiest way to check is to search for the domain name at a registrar like That way, if the domain is available, or being resold as Premium Domain, you can easily purchase it directly from the registrar. If the domain is listed as unavailable, it is likely already registered and youll need to turn elsewhere for more details.

    But before you resort to trying to buy a domain that is already registered , its worth looking into alternative options for domain names. You might find that by using a different or new domain extension, you can get the SLD you want for a fraction of the price.

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    Most Popular Domain Name Extensions

    If you want to start your business online, I recommend a .com domain extension as the most preferred option. It is the most popular and must-to-go extension for any type of business.

    People become more familiar with the .com extension. Everything when people talk about a domain name, it is always considered as a domain with a .com extension. To make a business most profitable, a .com domain extension is the best choice for commercial businesses.

    A .com extension is the most favorite extension of search engines that also gets more backlinks, authority, and credits as compared to other extensions.

    Millions of .com domains have already been taken today and there may be chances that your domain name might not be available. So, If you have a domain name in your mind, I recommend registering your domain name immediately before its too late. Otherwise, someone else will take that domain name to start their own new business.

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