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How Do I Change My Domain Name On Shopify

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How To Change Your Shopify Store Name And Domain

How to Change Domain Name in Shopify

Your Shopify stores name is just as important as the products you sell. After all, your Shopify stores name is a key component of your branding strategy. But what happens if you plan to change your stores name? Regardless of the reason, changing your Shopify store name may come in handy at one point or another.

In this article, were going to discuss how you can change your Shopify store name. Also, well be looking at how to change your Shopify store URL and domain name.

Buy A Shopify Domain Using The Shopify Mobile App

1. Open the Shopify App on your mobile device and press the Store icon in the bottom right corner.

2. In the Sales channels section press Online Store.

3. Press Domains

4. Press the BUY NEW DOMAIN button at the top.

5. Type the domain you want to buy into the domain search box and see the domains available.

6. Choose the domain you want and press the Buy button next to it.

7. Add your payment details and complete your purchase.

8. Return to the Domains screen. If your new domain is ready it will be listed here. Press the Change primary domain link.

9. Select your new domain from the list and press Save.

Congratulations! Your new Shopify domain is ready to go.

Your Name Is Unclear Confused And Hard To Pronounce

One of the most typical issues you might encounter is that your clients are unable to properly pronounce or spell your name. As a result, it could have a detrimental influence on your brand recognition.

Your name, owing to the historical and linguistic diversity, may have unusual spelling and/or be tough to pronounce for customers of that language.

It occurs when you operate an internet business in a foreign market, particularly if youre selling online.

Do not utilize a perplexed Shopify company name.

Additionally, your logo design must be highly legible and apparent. This is most effective when you utilize block letters and a horizontal layout, which may be customized for website headers.

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How To Update The Cname Record

You will need to update the CNAME record in your domain providers account. In the management area, you will need to find the settings where you can change its value. It might look something like this:

Set it to If you have a default TTL record, you dont need to update it. You should also set the A record to point to Shopifys IP address:

Should I Hire An Expert For My Shopify Domain Name Change

How to connect your domain to Shopify

There is no need to hire someone to help you with your Shopify domain name change. The process is quite simple if you follow the steps listed above. We have provided you with a detailed guide, that is quite simple. You also dont require coding or programming knowledge nor must you be an IT guru to perform the different procedures.

Hiring someone else to carry out the change for you can be quite expensive and at times risky because you have to grant them admin rights to your Shopify store. If you find the procedure difficult, take time to look for a trusted individual who will conduct the necessary change for you. You can look for professional companies or certified individuals that you can track easily in case of anything. That said, follow the above procedures to change the domain name of your Shopify store and enjoy the benefits.

Once you have updated your domain name you may also need to change the store name depending on the new URL. We also have a guide here on how to change your Shopify store name.

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Choose Your Shopify Domain Name

The choice of your domain name is crucial. Ideally, it says to include your brand or company name and nothing more. However, if it is already used, you must find another extension or try playing with the words. For example, you can add your business area. If you are struggling to find it, you can use the Shopify generator. It should be easy for your customers to remember and write, so they always arrive on your website. The recommendations are as follows:

  • Be original, but not too much. It is better to keep French simple and correct.
  • Limit the number of characters your domain name must not be long.
  • Stay away from the names of your competitors: you have to keep your identity.
  • Prefer the .com extension, even if it will be more difficult to find an available name.

Checklist To Follow When Changing Shopify Domain Name

Always follow the checklist when changing the domain name no matter if you buy a domain from Namecheap, Godaddy, or from any source. Here is the checklist!

  • Website Changes
  • Domain Verification

These are the necessary things to consider for bringing a change to the domain name on the Shopify store. If you make a checklist, you play on the safe side.

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Three: Link Up Your New Domain

Under the domains tab, select either connect to an existing domain,transfer a domain, or buy a new domain, depending on what you need. Well explain each of these in turn:


If you purchased a domain through an external registrar, select this option to connect your domain name to your Shopify store via the third-party registrar.


This option enables you to transfer your domain name directly to your Shopify account from your external registrar.


Here you can buy a new domain through the Shopify website, cutting out the need to visit an external registrar.

Why Do Some People Change The Name Of Their Shopify Store

How to Change Your Shopify Store’s Name and URL

Why would people change the name of their Shopify store?

You might be wondering that right now while reading this.

Well, Ill give you a few reasons below, and I think it will make sense then:

  • Their store isnt working, and they want to start over.
  • They want to go from a general to a niche store or vice versa, and their current name doesnt fit their new store.
  • You could also want to change the name of your store because you came up with a better one.
  • Or youre doing so great that you can purchase an even smaller and catchier domain name and want to change your Shopify name to that as well.
  • Do you see now that there are plenty of reasons why people might want to change the name of their Shopify store?

    Maybe one day , youll get one of these points as well.

    But should you can change the name of your store? Lets find out:

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    How To Use A Third

    If you already have a domain from a 3rd party provider such as Bluehost or Godaddy, you can use it for your Shopify online store so customers or visitors will end up on your website when they type your domain into their browsers. You can employ your 3rd party domain for your Shopify store by connecting it to Shopify or transferring it to Shopify:

    • Transferring your domain to Shopify – Transferring your domain might be the first way to think about when it comes to pointing your custom domain at Shopify stores. Almost all domains can easily be transferred to Shopify. When you transfer a domain, management of the domain moves to Shopify, which means you adjust your domain settings, pay for the domain and renew your domain right in your Shopify admin panel.

    • Connecting your domains to Shopify – Integrating your 3rd party domain to Shopify points your domain name at your Shopify store. You still employ the 3rd party domain provider to have control over your domain settings, pay for your domain and renew it.

    Anyway, Shopify comes with a very easy-to-use DIY platform to help you make changes to the store name into a new Shopify store name address. Once you pay for a new domain, you need to add it to your Shopify web store. Please follow our given instructions below to add a new domain as you expect.

    Buy New Domain From Shopify

    Using the Shopify mobile app, purchase a Shopify domain

  • On your mobile device, open the Shopify app and tap the Store icon in the bottom right corner.
  • In the Sales channels section press Online Store.
  • Press the BUY NEW DOMAIN button at the top.
  • In the domain search box, type the domain you want to buy to see what’s available.
  • Select the domain you want and click the Buy button to purchase it.
  • Complete your purchase by entering your payment information.
  • Go back to the Domains page. Your new domain will be listed here once it is ready. Change the primary domain by clicking the Change link.
  • Congratulations! Your new Shopify domain is now operational.

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    How To Buy A New Domain From Shopify

    Custom domains purchased through Shopify start at $11 per year. After payment, your domain will automatically set up for you. Even if you leave Shopify, you still retain ownership of it.

    Please note that domains purchased through Shopify are registered for one year. You can renew even if you do not use the Shopify platform anymore.

    Also, keep in mind that Shopify does not have unlimited email forwarding accounts for your domain, and domain purchases are non-refundable.

    Follow the steps listed below to know how to change Shopify domain:

  • From the Shopify admin panel, go to Online Store> Domains.
  • 2. Next, select Buy new domain.

    3. Enter the domain name you want to own.

    4. Related available extensions and their prices will be listed. Extension options include popular ones like .com and .net, country extensions like and .us, and premium extensions. Review the options carefully as prices vary.

    5. Click the Buy button beside the domain name you want to buy.

    6. Add your payment details if they ask.

    7. Now, review your personal information to see if it is right. By default, the Shopify store owners information is used to purchase and renew domains.

    8. Tick Auto-renew this domain every year in case you want your domain to be renewed every year.

    9. Confirm if this domain offers WHOIS Privacy. This service will hide your information from WHOIS lookups. So your personal information will not be leaked.

    10. Check the Domain Registration Agreement and the ICANN policy.

    Does Shopify Give You A Domain Name

    Ecommerce University

    When you first create your Shopify store, Shopify uses your store name to generate a URL for your store on domain. Your URL will be

    Shopify does not give you a free custom .com domain. However, you can buy a domain name using Shopify or connect an external domain name.

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    How Store Name And Domain Changes Impact Seo

    Changing your Shopify store name and domain will affect your search engine optimization .

    When done right, the alteration can have a positive impact on your business, but there are still steps to be taken to ensure it doesnât hurt your SEO.

    As a savvy merchant, youâve previously invested in SEO to support the growth of your store.

    The good news is that change can be great for your business, and there are ways to mitigate the impact of a name change while also maximizing your SEO efforts moving forward.

    To mitigate any negative impacts to your SEO, take the following steps.

    Add Or Change A Domain In Shopify

    Got a shopify domain and what to change it? Here are full step by step details on how to change domain name in Shopify

    We will discuss the following topics in this article:

  • What exactly is my Shopify domain?
  • Is it a good idea for me to purchase my domain through Shopify?
  • What is the procedure for purchasing a Shopify domain name?
  • What is the procedure for adding an external domain to Shopify?
  • How do I set up or change the domain for my Shopify store?
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    Select The Domain You Want To Use And Click Save

    Here, youâll see your new or transferred domain. Click the radio button next to it and click the Save button.

    With that, youâve updated your domain and store name to match your updated brand. But, youâll want to make sure that your changes havenât negatively affected how shoppers find you on Google.

    Letâs dig into how you can avoid any negative SEO from changing your store name.

    Set A Shopify New Primary Domain


    The primary domain is visible to search engines and customers in the address bar when they open your store. To configure your primary domain, please, follow the steps below:

    • Go to the Domains section in the Shopify admin panel.
    • Then choose the new domain from the domain list in the Primary domain section. Click the Change primary domain button. Add the checkbox Redirect all traffic to this domain.
    • Complete the process by licking the Save button.
    • Check that everything is correct by loading your storefront. See the right domain in the address bar? Congrats, you did it!

    In this article, we touched the aspect of connecting the domain to Shopify. There is a more complicated option, transferring the domain name to Shopify. This way, you can start managing the domain payments and renewal directly in Shopify. To read more about this, explore articles in the Shopify Help Center or simply contact TenGrowth experts. We will do all the sophisticated tweaks for you!

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    How To Change Your Domain Name On Shopify

    Changing your custom domain name on Shopify is simple. First, make sure the domain name you want to switch to is listed on your Shopify Admins Domains page .

    If the domain you want isnt listed, purchase the domain name using Shopify or add the domain to your Shopify account.

    Once the domain name is listed on the Domains page, click on the domain name you want to use. Next, click Set as Primary.

    Thats it! Your Shopify store will now use the new domain you selected as the stores primary domain.

    You can also change your stores URL once for free.

    What You Should Know About The Domain Name

    Domain name its the address of your website on the Internet.

    According to the official statistics, there are over 350 million registered domains. Therefore, if you want your customers to remember and find you without problems, your domain name should be as simple and memorable as possible. So, it sometimes takes hours or even days to select the domain name for the store, website, blog, etc.

    There are a few recommendations that can help you to choose a good address:

    • Simple and short. Avoid long and difficult-to-pronounce names. It will be easier to remember a short and simple domain name.
    • No digits. Usually, its better to use words. However, if you have digits in the name of your brand, surely you can use them in your domain.

    So, your decision was to make a Shopify store. Let us show you how you can buy, connect, or change domain names. Below you will find our step-by-step instructions.

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    Enter Your New Store Name And Save

    In the âStore nameâ field, youâll enter your new name. Here, you can also update your industry and legal company name, if you want.

    Click Save either at the bottom of the page or in the upper right corner.

    Changing up your store name only takes three quick steps, but if youâre doing a more extensive overhaul, youâll want to update your URL to match.

    #cta-visual-pb#< cta-title> Customize your Shopify store today< cta-title> Use Shogun Page Builder and get the website youâve been dreaming of.Start building for free

    Your Shopify Store Name Is Unclear

    Can I Change My Shop Name On Shopify

    One of the most common problems you can face is that your customers simply cannot fully understand or spell the name correctly. Hence, it could bring a negative effect on your brand recognition.

    Due to the cultural and language differences, your name might have odd spelling and its likely to be difficult to pronounce for native customers of that language. This usually happens when you are in the international market, especially for an online store.

    Besides, your logo design must be very visible and easy to read. This usually works best when you use block letters and a horizontal format, adapted to website headers.

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    Check Your Domain Provider’s Transfer Policy

    In fact, there are a lot of providers that support domain transfers such as Bluehost, Godaddy, Google Domains, and Namecheap. Yet please check your domain providers transfer policy before you begin the transfer process.

    Where to find it? It is very simple. Search in the domain providers help center for the transfer domain keyword.

    How To Buy A Domain Name Using Shopify

    Follow the steps below to buy a domain name directly from Shopify.

    • Log in to your Shopify admin and click Settings
    • On the Settings page, click on Domains
    • Next, click on the Buy new domain button
    • Enter the domain name you want to buy in the text box
    • If the domain name is available, click the Buy button next to the domain name you want. If the domain name isnt available, continue trying other domain names until you find one that is available.
    • If you havent added a payment method to your Shopify account yet, youll be prompted to add a payment method before continuing.
    • Next, youre directed to the domain summary page to review the purchase details
    • If everything looks good, click the Buy Domain button
    • Shopify may send you an email with instructions to verify your domain registration. Follow the instructions to complete the verification process.
    • And thats it! Youve successfully purchased a domain name from Shopify.

    When you buy a domain name from Shopify, your domain name is automatically set up for you and connected to your Shopify store. Note that sometimes it can take up to 48 hours before your new domain name is fully set up.

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